Shine On My Friends

This post is based around the pair of pants above. These are actually paint spattered pants, but with my super dooper new NVIDIA GE Force GTX 580 card, they looked to me to be spangled. I got them from the Chic Limited event, and they are made by Bliss

After wandering around Chic Unlimited for a while, I saw another store close by and went to look. It was Peqe, and the first thing that rezzed was the shirt I am wearing, which I thought was just an absolute perfect match for the pants. Thus the look came to be.

Shine On My Friends

I’d bought the hair some time back from Purple Moon – if you want some really exotic arty hair, this is definitely the place to find it!

Shine On My Friends

The jewellery is from Mandala, and I love the pierced earrings. My skin of course is from the talented artist Fade Lei.

Shine On My Friends


Pants: Tutu Paint Stain Bell Bottoms by Bliss at Chic Limited

Shirt: Kate Glitter from Peqe

Hair: Era in platinum includes hair tattoo base from Purple Moon

Jewellery: Sinra necklace and earrings from Mandala

Skin: Lucy in Bubblegumm from Ugly Duck