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Saturday afternoon, what to do? Yet another fashion show, party, canned music. I know…come on over to Cookie sim to hear LIVE MUSIC!! These two performers will get you dancing in your chair!

Home-cooked music presents: a Saturday night in the country.
Saturday August 1st, 7PM SLT
Each week we bring you a heaping helping of Country and Bluegrass music from the country store on cookie.

Blues n Bluegrass

7PM Bart and Whirl
These two specialize in good old folk, country, and blues. Playing and singing Those great songs from years gone by.

Blues n Bluegrass

8PM Cosmic Haystack
Good ‘ole Country Bluegrass banjo pickin’ with a Cosmic twist! Jazz/Funk/Rock fusion virtuosity . . . on the banjo! Impossible, you say? Open your mind and your ears to Cosmic Haystack! Taking a traditional musical instrument and warping it around adventurous noodling, Cosmic must be heard to be believed.

Blues and Bluegrass

This is me

Blues and Blue grass

And these are some others

My Clothes

Jacket by Lookr

Skirt by Apple May

Boots by Kitheres Industries

Hair by !lamb

Skin by Curio

Be here!

“Cute, colorful, pretty, hipster, unique, glam, retro, nifty, stylish, sculpted, awesome outfits and dresses” – this is how Manatee McMillan describes her store Narwhal. I agree.


This outfit is a gift for subscribing to the group – no group space taken!


Relax-a-ma-cat Outfit


The very adaptable Super Skirt and Pumpkin Crop outfit


The versatile Taff Taff outfit


All outfits shown are from Narwhal

Skin: Beach Osprey from Curio

Hair: Hair with Crown from Noju

Boots: All boots – Yorick mottled grey boots and Backlaced boots in oxblood – from Kitheres Industries

That incredible builder Garbage Prototype has done it again, and built a full sim at lightning speed. Elliott is the newest addition to Starlust Extended. The theme is swamp land, with numerous and diverse stores for your shopping pleasure.

I made a discovery (yay me!) of a great store named Madsy. Although stock is small in number it is high in quality. Here are some examples:


Acid wash jeans and Xoxo cardy


Lost Sheep leather jacket and Sheer Tank Top


Megan Minidress


Pants: Acid wash jeans in splotchy from Madsy

Jacket: Xoxo cardigan in green from Madsy

Leather Jacket: Lost Sheep LEather Jacket and sheer tank from Madsy

Dress: Megan minidress in fuschia from Madsy

Hair: Minx in mahogany by Truth

Skin: June Sundust Doe by Curio

Shoes: Cocquette Noir Josephine by Indyra Originals

Boots: Yorick in Mottled by Kitheres Industries

A cute outfit I just had to share 🙂


Perfectly coordinated with my Kitheres boots


Typical excellent texturing from Bijou


This is not a game!!


Outfit: Starry in Game from Bijou

Boots: Backlaced boots, multi colour chage, in oxblood from Kitheres Industries

Skin: June Sundust Daylily2 from curio

Hair: Piper II in charcoal from Maitreya

One of my favourite stores is back at last! The talented and generous Chloris Hathor has emerged unscathed from the alien takeover last year, thankfully. Here are a few of her recent creations:

Viva la Glam

Comfy combo

Viva la Glam

Perfect with my Kitheres ‘Yorick’ boots

Viva la Glam

A little more upscale

Viva la Glam

Back detail


Dress: Halcyon Dress in lilac

Shirt: V Cardigan in eggplant

Pants: Spandex tights in wine

All clothing from Viva la Glam

Boots: Yorick in mottled by Kitheres Industries

Skin: June Sundust Daylily2 by Curio

Hair for 1st outfit: Apple II gift from Maitreya at Hair Fair 09

Hair for 2nd outfit: Piper II in charcoal by Maitreya

I received a notice a day or two ago from Solitude Hermit, creator of Gypsy Soul, announcing a new release.

Today was my first opportunity to take a jaunt over, and I was not disappointed. My first selection was ‘Americana’ which is on sale.

Gypsy With Soul

This summery attire neatly inspires my boots to behave as a fairly good girl should.

Gypsy With Soul

For a more dressy outing, I chose ‘Forever’ with its swishy array of pleats set off well by my Leezu socks.

Gypsy With Soul

My third selection is an older release from February this year, titled ‘Gerbera’. I just adore this, with its friendly feel of summer. so much so that you get two photos of this one 🙂

Gypsy With Soul

Pay a visit to Gypsy Soul, you will be pleasantly surprised, I promise!


‘Americana’ Look

Dress: Americana by Gypsy Soul

Shoes: Yorick boots in mottled by Kitheres Industries

Hair: Dog Roses in Snickers by !Lamb

Skin: Suntan Misty in Silver by League

‘Forever’ Look

Dress: Forever by Gypsy Soul

Boots: Yorick boots in mottled by Kitheres Industries

Socks: Corazon stocking in black by Leezu – alas no longer available

Hair: Dog Roses in Snickers by !Lamb

Skin: Suntan Misty in Silver by League

‘Gerbera’ Look

Dress: Gerbera by Gypsy Soul

Shoes: Strappy Stilletto multi colour change by House Of Curios (HOC)

Hair: Dog Roses in Snickers by !Lamb

Skin: Suntan Misty in Silver by League

I was thrilled to attend Hair Fair 09 and make discoveries. One of these was the design house ! Wasabi Pills!, the work of the talented MissAllSunday Lemon. Here are some examples of her talent:

Wasabi Pills

Shown here and below is the delectable Ailith style in Jet black


Another tempting creation is Lulu also in Jet Black, in the following two photographs.



These are available at the Hair Fair 09 now at Wasabi Pills booth

Credits Ailith Hair look

Hair: Ailith Hair in Jet Black by Wasabi Pills Hair Fair 09

Clothing: Breeze in Green and Red by Sweetest Goodbye

Skin: June Sundust Dayliliy2 by Curio

Credits Lulu Hair look

Hair: Lulu hair in Jet Black by Wasabi Pills at Hair Fair 09

Dress: Day Dream in red by Sweetest Goodbye

Boots: Backlaced boots in oxblood by Kitheres Industries

Skin: June Sundust Dayliliy2 by Curio

Take 3 girls, 3 stunning outfits from Miel, 3 pairs of boots from the astounding Aki Shichiroji of Kitheres and a fun afternoon, and what have you got?

Girls On Film

We had an entertaining time getting ourselves ready, but I think the results are worthwhile. Here follows some of the better photographs I took. My co-conspirators are Sasy Scarborough and Whimsy Winx, all photographed at The Deck

Girls On Film

In each photograph, from left to right is Sasy Scarborough, Whimsy Winx, Arabella Steadham

Girls On Film

Girls On Film

Girls On Film

Girls On Film

These are stomping Juggernaut boots 😉


I am wearing:

Dress: Hi Bar Tank in Charade by Miel at The Deck

Shrug: Botton Sweater Shrug in Autumn by LalaFoofoo

Socks: Corazon stockings in Silver by Leezu

Boots!: Backlaced Bootsd in oxblood by Kitheres Industries

Hair: Moon in Charcoal by Maitreya

Poses: Recent releases from Lost Angels

Skin: June in Sundust Daylily2 by Curio

Shape: by me!!

Photographed at The Deck at the publicly available photographic and posing area. We used VR pose stands.

Details of what Whimsy is wearing is here

Details of what Sasy is wearing is here

June 2023



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