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If you build, create, purchase or wear anything that contains scripts, you need the Rescale, a single-script tool for customizing no-modify attachments and other objects through menus.

Why one script?
Because of the new scripting tools in simulator 1.38, there is now a DRASTIC REDUCTION IN RESIZE TIME!
The entire goal of Rescale is to cut down on the amount of scripts that must be worn per attachment, thus preventing lag.
For very primmy objects, for example more than 128 prims, the simple method would be to keep a script in each prim.
This means 128 or more scripts just to resize such an object, which means 2MB or more of simulator memory will be in use (A LOT for one object).
Having several such objects worn or rezzed piles on yet more memory usage.
Not only does this degrade sim performance in general, it is particularly destructive during teleports.
Teleports must transfer each script’s state to another sim, and transferring all those scripts causes a large delay in some cases.
This delay is extremely noticeable, and often painfully so.
Avatars wearing hundreds of scripts can cause a sim to hang for even as much as 10 seconds when they teleport in or out of the sim.
To avoid all of this, Rescale can replace hundreds of resize scripts by having one per whole object rather than one per prim.
In other words, there is now absolutely no reason to accept anything but the best of both worlds.
The solution is finally here — no sim lag, and no minutes-long waits for resizes.

Resize a whole object
Resize a single prim on all axes at once, or in a single dimension
Move individual prims
Restore the whole object to its original state
Restore individual prims to their original state
Coordinate multiple, separate objects to resize or restore all prims simultaneously
One script
Highly reliable
Extremely sim-friendly
Free support and updates for life

You can get this in world here

and on marketplace here

All enquiries to Nicocci Denfu or Discrete Dreamscape in world.

Shine On My Friends

This post is based around the pair of pants above. These are actually paint spattered pants, but with my super dooper new NVIDIA GE Force GTX 580 card, they looked to me to be spangled. I got them from the Chic Limited event, and they are made by Bliss

After wandering around Chic Unlimited for a while, I saw another store close by and went to look. It was Peqe, and the first thing that rezzed was the shirt I am wearing, which I thought was just an absolute perfect match for the pants. Thus the look came to be.

Shine On My Friends

I’d bought the hair some time back from Purple Moon – if you want some really exotic arty hair, this is definitely the place to find it!

Shine On My Friends

The jewellery is from Mandala, and I love the pierced earrings. My skin of course is from the talented artist Fade Lei.

Shine On My Friends


Pants: Tutu Paint Stain Bell Bottoms by Bliss at Chic Limited

Shirt: Kate Glitter from Peqe

Hair: Era in platinum includes hair tattoo base from Purple Moon

Jewellery: Sinra necklace and earrings from Mandala

Skin: Lucy in Bubblegumm from Ugly Duck

Miaow is a store specialising in clothing for cuddly shapes, however I think this blouse works well for any shape.


Yet again, I’ve added my Johanna shorts from Artilleri and new ears tights from Mystyle


The necklace is also from Miaow, and this really fun style hair is from Love Soul, specs from Dark Mouse


These boots I quite like with the hand painted craft look to them, the Summer of Love boots from Bottle Bird


All put together, this look has a bit of a retro feel to it. But I do think the hair makes it 🙂


Look Ma! My hair doesn’t fall off!


Blouse: Lourdes blouse in Ruby from Miao

Shorts: Johanna high waisted shorts from Artilleri

Hair: Hair number 50 from Love Soul

Necklace: Abernathy Locket from Miao

Boots: Summer of Love boots from Bottle Bird

Earrings: Paradise Earrings from Donna Flora

Specs: Audrey Cateye from Dark Mouse

Tights: Ears tights from Mystyle

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