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From The Sea

She comes from the sea

From The Sea

And dances from dusk till dawn

From The Sea

And loves the rain

From The Sea


Hair: Rykiel, new from Lelutka

Skin: Sophie Glow Gothic from Ugly Duck

Shirt: Maillin Blouse from Leezu

Skirt: Zarah skirt from Leezu

Poses: Del May

Jewellery: Marquessa set from Earthstones

Winglets: Ever After set from Scribble

Help Japan

The Help Japan Fundraiser continues, with new stores added. Some of my favourite designers have special releases, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do, and contribute to this most worthy cause.

Help Japan

Hope Dress from Deviant Girls

Help Japan

Hysteria Raspberry Cake set from Nonko

Help Japan

Pumehana boots from R2

Help Japan

pour toi et pour Japon – PRAY from Tomoto


All designers as listed, available from The Help Japan Fundraiser

Hair: from Vita’s Boudoir, Ammaci

Poses: Dare, Dawn @ Pose Fair 2011, Still Life

Winged hair and winglets from Scribble

Vitabela Dubrovna is participating in Designers United 4, with her dress ‘I Love Yellow Me’

Vita's Joy

This dress come in short and couture length

Vita's Joy

Teamed with new hair from Dernier Cri for Hair Fair 2010, Saddie

Vita's Joy

Background from Scribble, flowers also by Boudoir
Vita's Joy

Jewellery by Dark Mouse

Vita's Joy


Dress: I Love Yellow Me by Boudoir at Designers United 4

Shoes: Ribbon Slingback by G Field

Hair: Saddie by Dernier Cri at Hair Fair 2010

Flowers from Boudoir at Designers United 4

Background: Scribble at Designers United 4

Skin: Valentina by Ugly Duck

Poses: All poses from Del May

Jewellery: Dark Mouse

The Blur

The blur between sleep and awake, the little death

The Blur

The realm of tattered remnants of dreams

The Blur

The knowing of a moment

The Blur

The Awakening


Skin: Valentina by Ugly Duck

Hair: Enix by Truth

Clothing: Her Ghost by Scribble at Blur

Photographed at Blur – A Mirror Installation


Allegory Malaprop
Apatia Hammerer
Bryn Oh
Daelia Dollinger
Jojorunoo Runo
Juliette Westerburg
Lyndyn Tzara
Miel Nirvana
Moo Money
Note Buaku
OMGWTF Barbecue
Radio Signals
Redd Columbia
Riki Yifu
Sanura Sakai
Selavy Oh
Serj Enoch
Sienia Trevellion
Stoic Ixchel
Surrealia Anatine
Vintage McMillain
And others.

Some more pose makers I just had to show, its now open!

Pose Fair 2010

Pose Fair 2010


Iris M. for This Is A Fawn

Fine Line Style Warrior

Fine Line Style Warrior, above and below

Fine Line Style Warrior

All poses available at Pose Fair 2010

Mime skin by Ugly Duck for Pose Fair at Del May

Black outfit: Miss Quin from Barerose

SDpotted Bum in purple from Scribble

Low prim, low lag hair from Coif, no longer available

Pose Fair 2010

Just a few more hours to go! Here’s some more yummy poses to see:


Adorkable – part of the HUGE range available

do re mi

Do Re Mi




All poses from Pose Fair 2010

Mime Low Lag avi from Del May at Pose Fair 2010

Clothing shown from Scribble

Library hair

More goodies to show you from Pose Fair 2010! 99 stores to choose from, so much to see and try. Remember, wear low lag to make your experience and that of others so much more enjoyable.

Pose Fair 2010

I’m wearing today a selection of clothing from the delectable Radio Signals of Scribble, to show you how easy it is to go non prim and remain stylish. I’m also wearing the Mime skin from Ugly Duck (also available at Pose Fair 2010) and hair from the newly released selection from the Library in your inventory. Great finds there!

Miamai Coco

New from Miamai, the Coco range

Miamai Coco

And below, from Posemaster



Credits as shown throughout. All poses available from Pose Fair 2010

Myface Pose Phone from RC Cluster at the Fair!

Miamai Coco

If you have not seen this notice, please read:


And then hop over here for one of the best sales this spring. Good comfy, practical and pretty clothes to be found. Here is a small sampling:


Outfit and shoes from Scribble, accessories from Tomoto Gacha


Green green, everything green on sale



All clothing from Scribble. Jeans are from Scribble but not on sale as they are not green

Shoes: from Scribble

Accessories: Necklace and hair corsage from Tomoto gacha

Hair: Cat hair by AY.Line

Skin: LAura from Ugly Duck

Poses by Leafy

One of the best parts of blogging, is making up a mish mash out various items to make a unique look. It’s something I haven’t done much lately, so I thought a lazy, quiet sunday afternoon (in my world) was a perfect opportunity 🙂

So Very Many Styles

I’ve become awfully fond of the hair from I Love Olive. Its really well made, easy to adjust and yummy textures. This is where today’s mishmash begins

So Very Many Styles

I was steaming along happily with a blues theme, and suddenly realised it needed a highlight, so we also have crimson tights!

So Very Many Styles

This is a group gift skirt from So Many Styles

So Very Many Styles

New skirt, new hair, the rest hibernating in my inventory

So Very Many Styles

Walking on sunshine

So Very Many Styles


Skin: Laura by Ugly Duck

Hair: All hair from I Love Olive , except where stipulated

Poses: All poses from Del May

1st Look in blues

Skirt: Layered skirt blue from SMS

Top: blouse portion of Evening Top blue from SMS

Cardy: Open Cardigan blue from SMS

Tights: Ohmai Basic sheer leggings in Maroon from Ohmai

Shoes: Chunky Maryjanes in black from Evoke

Glasses: Demolition sunglasses from Shade Throne

Jewellery: Necklace and hairpiece from A&A

2nd Look

Skirt: Layered skirt blue from SMS – group gift

Tank – blouse part of Inner Ballerina from Nylon Outfitters

Socks: Dot socks in salmon by SMS

Glasses: Steampunk XTX goggles by A&U – no longer in world or xstreeetsl

3rd Look

Skirt: Chiffon skirt red-blue from SMS

Blouse: blouse part from Fishy glitter dress from SMS

Jacket: Open Cardigan blue from SMS

Tights: Cotton border tights from BP*

Shoes: from Zero Number – now closed

Hair: Wonderfully whimsical hair from Clawtooth as part of Stumblebum – Shaken Not Birds

Jewellery: Long Beaded Bow necklace from Paper Couture

4th Look

Dress: Neon Babydoll from SMS

Tights: Pink seamed tights from Khush

Socks: Floppy Bow tights from Scribble

gloves: White fishnet gloves from A&A

Jewellery: from A&A

Shoes: Chunky Maryjanes from Evoke

June 2023



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