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Today’s outfit I built around the hair, which is available as part of 50 Linden friday from !Lamb in two colours.

I have added this very versatile feather skirt from SMS. This is different, exceptionally well made and goes with so many things. My red tank is from Ohmai and was part of a recent Starlust hunt. I felt I needed the tank as my shape is rather small breasted and the lovely deep V shirt from This Is a Fawn (also part of this week’s 50 Linden friday) would plunge away to nowhere without it. Anyway, on to the look!

She's A Mod

I’ve also added this absolutely yummy belt from Mandala, it sits very well on my hips without interrupting the swing of the skirt. My scarf was a group gift from Miel

She's A Mod

As you can see there is a nice swishiness to the skirt. The fishnet tights are from Blowpop

She's A Mod

I thought the Bella Painted red lips from Ugly Duck was the perfect accompaniment to my red and black theme. Also the paleness of the skin offsets well.

My earrings are from a sale currently going on at Glow Studios. Hurry and go before it finishes!

She's A Mod

Lastly, my boots I have selected in black leather from the multi colour option. These are from Kalnins Footwear

Jewelry Fair 2009 debuts a new designer, Jori Watler and her creations, A La Mood. Very modern in design, yet evoking the mysteries of history, I have two pieces to show you:

Jewelry Faiir 2009 Part 4 - A La Mood

Akhal Teke Set – necklace, earrings and cuff

Jewelry Faiir 2009 Part 4 - A La Mood

Closer view

Jewelry Faiir 2009 Part 4 - A La Mood

Bantu Dark Bronze necklace and earrings

Jewelry Fair 2009 Part 4 - A LA Mood


All jewelery from A La Mood at the Jewelry Fair 2009, Autumn booth 13

Skin: June series from Curio

Hair: Anep in golden from Tukinowaguma Hair Style

Clothing for Bantu – Cali tank, top and cords new from Miel @ The Deck

Clothing for Akhal Teke – gift from Solange @ SpaceJunky (no longer available in this colour, but many others to choose from)

A new find for me, beautifully crafted jewellery with a very modern touch

Jewelry Fair 2009 Part 3 - Mandala

Luck Necklace in Brown

Jewelry Fair 2009 Part 3 - Mandala

A slightly closer view

Jewelry Fair 2009 Part 3 - Mandala

Pearl Rain set in Pink

Jewelry Fair 2009 Part 3 - Mandala

Dress up or dress down

Jewelry Fair 2009 Part 3 - Mandala


All jewellery from Mandala at Jewelry Fair 2009, booth 32 Summer

Skin: April series from Curio

Hair: Pearl Rain photos – Genie in seaspray from Truth

Hair for Luck: Sunday by Miel @ The Deck

You know, sometimes it really pays to go peeking in people’s profiles, you can find some absolute gems. I have bought some hair at the Clawtooth Sale, and was looking at the profile of the maker, Bubbles Clawtooth. There I found a link to one of Bubbles’ picks, Tyranny. I clicked the link and found this:


Technicolour jeans and Sweetcakes top – the front skirt prim fits PERFECTLY


A rainbow of colours


Looks good at any angle


Close up of jeans leg details


All clothing from Tyranny Designs

Skin: Lake Betty in tan by &Bean

Hair: A Little Lift in Starlet Blonde by Clawtooth by Clawtooth

Jewellery: BowBowBow necklace by FabulouS

Shoes: Ant Flat in Merlot by Miel @ The Deck

Eshi Otawara has a new release, ‘Heather’.

This is a versatile outfit, comprising short sculpted skirt, long flex skirt, long sculpted skirt trim, exquisitiely detailed sculpted jacket, jewellery!

Oh, and Eshi also has a LOOKBOOK now, pick up your copy by dropping by the store and clicking the NEW subscribe system


This view shows you the level of detailing in the sculpts of the outfit.


A longer look


Short and long skirts


Long skirt with sculpt trim


Showing jewellery detail


Clothing and jewellery are ‘Heather’ from Eshi Otawara

Skin: Yet to be released Portia from Adam n Eve

Brown hair: BM hair in reds from Miel

Black hair: Oh My Life in black from [OH]

Shoes: Pinup pumps in black from Stiletto Moody

Photographed at Bladerunner City

Joy of Joys! No sooner had i logged in, than I received a notice telling me of the new release at Miel. Known for their realistic use of sculpty prims on clothes, this combination is sure to delight. Available in an array of colours 🙂


I’ve paired this with Miel Ant Flats I purchased some time ago


Closer photo to show you detailing on the pockets and belt



Shirt: Mo tube top in lapis by Miel @ The Deck

Pants: Mo Linen Pocket Pants in Driftwood by Miel @ The Deck

Shoes: Ant Flats in Merlot by Miel @ The Deck

Skin: Suntan Misty in Smokey by League

Hair: PAper Tiger in Black Brown by Curio

Take 3 girls, 3 stunning outfits from Miel, 3 pairs of boots from the astounding Aki Shichiroji of Kitheres and a fun afternoon, and what have you got?

Girls On Film

We had an entertaining time getting ourselves ready, but I think the results are worthwhile. Here follows some of the better photographs I took. My co-conspirators are Sasy Scarborough and Whimsy Winx, all photographed at The Deck

Girls On Film

In each photograph, from left to right is Sasy Scarborough, Whimsy Winx, Arabella Steadham

Girls On Film

Girls On Film

Girls On Film

Girls On Film

These are stomping Juggernaut boots 😉


I am wearing:

Dress: Hi Bar Tank in Charade by Miel at The Deck

Shrug: Botton Sweater Shrug in Autumn by LalaFoofoo

Socks: Corazon stockings in Silver by Leezu

Boots!: Backlaced Bootsd in oxblood by Kitheres Industries

Hair: Moon in Charcoal by Maitreya

Poses: Recent releases from Lost Angels

Skin: June in Sundust Daylily2 by Curio

Shape: by me!!

Photographed at The Deck at the publicly available photographic and posing area. We used VR pose stands.

Details of what Whimsy is wearing is here

Details of what Sasy is wearing is here

June 2023



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