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Living in the Southern Hemisphere, I am enjoying the delights of warm sunny days, balmy nights, gentle breezes on the beach and vibrant gardens throughout the city. The dress I will show you here reflects all of these 🙂

Hot Summer Nights

Chloe dress in Pink from Indyra Originals

Hot Summer Nights

Coordinated accessories also available from Indyra Originals

Hot Summer Nights

Moxie shoes in Pink Python available as an extra

Hot Summer Nights

The ensemble

Hot Summer Nights

Earrings also from Indyra Originals

Hot Summer Nights


Clothing: Chloe dress in pink from Indyra Originals

Shoes: Moxie coordinating shoes from Indyra Originals

Earrings: Adele earrings from Indyra Originals

Hair: Chelsea Hotel from Tiny Bird

Poses: Glitterati

A new release from Indyra Originals is the Malice Dress Duo, both sheer and solid versions included. I have chosen to show you the purple of this non malicious dress

Absence of Malice

Complemented by the Digna boots from Kalnins Footwear

Absence of Malice

A diagonal challenge

Absence of Malice

closer detail

Absence of Malice

A dress with attitude

Absence of Malice

Hair from Tiny Bird


Dress: Malice duo from Indyra Originals

Boots: Digna from Kalnins

Jewellery: Stillmatic from FabulouS

Hair: Winter by Tiny Bird

Poses: Del May

Apple May has been in world almost has long as me, and I am coming up for my 3rd Rezz Day later this month. She has developed her style and techniques over this time, to deliver a diverse range, something for all tastes.

Apple May Designs

Mina is Sky

Apple May Designs

With She’s a Star earrings

Apple May Designs

The versatile Exquisite skirt paired with Alabama on the left and Cordy on the right

Apple May Designs


Apple May Designs

Candy Jacket


All clothing from Apple May Designs

Skin: Beach Osprey from Curio

Hair: Allison and deena from

Shoes: strap: Cocquette Noir Josephine by Indyra Originals

: Strap and Wrap: Marquise Sandals by Courtisaine

Apple May also provided a large range of clothes for Under 30 day old Avatars at her store

For the funkiest retro 60’s clothing, get yourself to Cashmere. Designed by Gianni Broda, this line is bright, outspoken, detailed, hand drawn, unique and definitely fun!


Oh and hello!!! to Kit Upshaw who I met a few nights ago in world. Kit reads my blog, and was kind enough to say she enjoyed it.


Yummy yummy Oga dress


The glitz of Passion


In Another Vein…


Snow Leopard top and Bizitch skirt


Swedish Dress on the left and Scottie on the right


All clothing from Cashmere

Hair: Allison and Deena from

Skin: Beach Osprey from Curio

Jewellery: Necklace and Earrings set 122 from Kraftika

Shoes: Silver Elven sandals from Yabusaka

: Black strappy Querelle from Baiastice

: Black single strap Phoebe Noir by Kookie

: Boots Ankle boots Black Patent from Bax

That incredible builder Garbage Prototype has done it again, and built a full sim at lightning speed. Elliott is the newest addition to Starlust Extended. The theme is swamp land, with numerous and diverse stores for your shopping pleasure.

I made a discovery (yay me!) of a great store named Madsy. Although stock is small in number it is high in quality. Here are some examples:


Acid wash jeans and Xoxo cardy


Lost Sheep leather jacket and Sheer Tank Top


Megan Minidress


Pants: Acid wash jeans in splotchy from Madsy

Jacket: Xoxo cardigan in green from Madsy

Leather Jacket: Lost Sheep LEather Jacket and sheer tank from Madsy

Dress: Megan minidress in fuschia from Madsy

Hair: Minx in mahogany by Truth

Skin: June Sundust Doe by Curio

Shoes: Cocquette Noir Josephine by Indyra Originals

Boots: Yorick in Mottled by Kitheres Industries

Things have gotten a little too world weary and serious lately, so I figured I needed some lighthearted fun. Swine flu is doing the rounds at my Physical work (as opposed to my Virtual work), the ‘net was awash with rumours (unfounded) of a ban on Australians, and there’s been too many famous deaths recently.Time to lighten up a bit 🙂


What better way to escape than be the filling in a hamburger?


Or some exercise in jumping the old tyre collection…


Mini tramp will get the blood pounding and heart racing, for sure!


Or some old fashioned hopscotch – yay me! I won!


I often neglect the rear view of a pretty frock. Here you can see the same attention to detail in this lovely ensemble from Mimikri.


Skirt: K.I.T skirt, Gabrielle in black by Mimikri

Jacket: K.I.T jacket, Gabrielle in black by Mimikri

Tank: Beater tanktop in pinky by VG Republic – no longer available

Shoes: Coquette Noir by Indyra Originals

Hair: Drucilla in Black – midnight by Sirena

Skin: My lovely skin is Suntan Misty Twilight by League

Photographed at The Deck
– for all your fun and games needs!

While spending a pleasant evening at Sn@tch a few nights ago, trying to fish all the pieces of the Glory dress ( shown here), I couldn’t help but camera around the store. I spied a treasure I just HAD to have!

The Apprentice

Beautifully drawn with a fine attention to detail, this compliments perfectly my yummy shoes from Indyra Originals

The Apprentice

These photographs are taken at my old stomping ground, Hobo Island. I received a TP from an old friend and jumped at the opportunity to revisit.

The Apprentice

We settle in comfy chairs to watch some old episodes of “Dragnet” woohoo!

The Apprentice

Time to go, so I waved a cheery goodbye 😀


Dress: The Apprentice by Sn@tch

Shoes: Coquette Noir by Indyra Originals

Hair: Drucilla in Black – Midnight by Sirena

Jewelry: Necklace and Earrings No. 122 by Kraftika

Skin: Suntan Misty Twilight by League

Photographed at Hobo Island

Sometimes it’s important to remember your roots.

Mimikri have some whimsical floral themed dresses, and I have displayed two of them here.


This dress, appropriately named Blossom, has a delightfully froufrou effect.


My second choice is K.I.T. Gabrielle in black. This is available to purchase as two separate pieces, skirt and jacket


I’ve teamed it with a VG Republic beater tank in pinky.



Dress 1: Blossom in yellow from Mimikri

Shoes1: Malama in Gold from R2

Skirt: K.I.T. Gabrielle in black from Mimikri

Jacket: K.I.T. Gabrielle in black from Mimikri

Tank: Beater tank top in pinky from VG Republic – no longer available

Shoes 2: Josephine in Black from Indyra Originals

June 2023



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