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I felt a bit dotty, so put these together:

The Dot Girls

I made this based around the Duboo hair, which I just love to bits!

The Dot Girls

And this was based around the orange socks, a gift from LaViere

The Dot Girls

Some new and older from the irrepressible Jane!


1st Look:

Hair: Myogsil pyorong from Duboo

Dress: Fleur de Sakura dress from Manna

Shoes: Dolled Up from Atomic

Specs: Brenda from Donna Flora

Tights: Dotz tights from Mstyle

Necklace: Gouache necklace from Manna

2nd Look

Skirt: Chase skirt in navy from Jane

Belt: Glam belt from Garage

Shirt: Layering tee from Jane

Jacket: Chase sweater in Lilac from Jane

Necklace: Gouache necklace from Manna

Shoes: Callia flats from Tee*fy

Specs: Brenda from Brenda from Donna Flora

Hair: Myongsil Toki from Myogsil pyorong from Duboo

Tights: Laundry Leggings from Duboo

Socks: Gift from LaViere

3rd Look

Dresses and Jackets: All from Jane

Tights: All from Mstyle

Hair: From SFBH, CriCri at KDC Mall, Love Soul

Socks: Cuffed socks from Boom

Shoes: from Mon Tissu and G Field

Here are a few girly girly frothy and fluffy looks:

Froth and Fluff

This dress comes from Lo*Momo, and is a fundraiser for the Donate for Japan appeal

Froth and Fluff

It is a fun dress, and comes with two length skirts

Froth and Fluff

Another fluffy pretty girly dress, from Ambrosia

Froth and Fluff

I’ve added new ruffled lace tights from G Field

Froth and Fluff

And a quirky necklace from Deviant Girls


First Look

Dress: Fundraiser from Lo*Momo

Shoes: Montsegur from Mon Tissu

Hair: Number 087 from Love Soul

Second Look

Dress: Dark Rose Red from Ambrosia

Shoes: Bow Strap shoes from G Field

Tights: Rose Lace Leggings from G Field

Necklace: White Rabbit Necklace from Deviant Girls

Hair: Number 087 from Love Soul

Vitabela Dubrovna is participating in Designers United 4, with her dress ‘I Love Yellow Me’

Vita's Joy

This dress come in short and couture length

Vita's Joy

Teamed with new hair from Dernier Cri for Hair Fair 2010, Saddie

Vita's Joy

Background from Scribble, flowers also by Boudoir
Vita's Joy

Jewellery by Dark Mouse

Vita's Joy


Dress: I Love Yellow Me by Boudoir at Designers United 4

Shoes: Ribbon Slingback by G Field

Hair: Saddie by Dernier Cri at Hair Fair 2010

Flowers from Boudoir at Designers United 4

Background: Scribble at Designers United 4

Skin: Valentina by Ugly Duck

Poses: All poses from Del May

Jewellery: Dark Mouse

An assortment of delicious designs thrown together to make a great look:


Based around this beautifully executed system skirt from Coco


Added this wonderful blouse from G Field


And finished with these most delectable shoes from Pixel Mode


This is the lace sock version, available seperately without the socks.


And a dreamy portrait to finish off!


Skirt: pencil skirt – grey from Coco

Blouse: Silky Blouse from G Field

Skin: Laura from Ugly Duck

Hair: Play It Again Sam from Clawtooth

Shoes!!: Baby T from PixelMode

Poses: Style Warrior set from A Fine Line

Today was a pink day for me..a change of season day; preparation for the coming cooler months and then what will probably be a snowy winter, relaxation on a particularly long weekend, and attendance at a party for my friend Skills Hak who celebrated her 2nd Rezz Day today. If you want to see some photos, go here

Anyway, on to the pink:


This look started around these beautiful earrings, newly released from Earthstones, Basket of Spring. the ethereal skin of course is from Ugly Duck, a prize from Gacha 2


This amazing hair is a lucky board prize from *BC322 Skull&Bones* Hair

The dress was acquired at the RFL Clothing Fair from G Field, exquisitely detailed as are all the garments


All poses used here are from the terribly talented Del May. she has the ability to capture snapshot emotions in her poses that i particularly enjoy. Del is at Pose Fair 2010


An excellent example of Del’s poses



All items have been credited throughout this post. If you like what you see, please patronise the creators, who spend many hours developing their skills and their products, and in so doing, give us many hours of joy!

Fade Lei has done it again, and released another skin – this one I think is her best yet. It is understated yet expressive, delicately hued.


Laura with new hair – The Chills – from Lamb


This perfect spring shirt is a group gift from G Field; it beautifully compliments the skin



Skin: Laura from Ugly Duck

Hair: The Chills from !lamb

Shirt: Off the Shoulder Chiffon Top, one of many colours available from G Field

Pants: Baggy pants in meadow from Glow Studio

From a rugged field far away, i hear the gentle baaaaaaaing of sheep, calling me back to a place I know…

I Hear the Sheep Call My Name

The two has become three! Empress & Hierophant has gained a sister sim, Inis Caiseal

I fly to the sheep, and land at their feet, hitting the ground running. They appear to be only slightly peeved

I Hear the Sheep Call My Name

I Hear the Sheep Call My Name

We talk and talk, about changes that have ocurred and those that are yet to come. We talk as the sun goes down and day changes to night. Quoting directly from the creators, I am told

“I want to share the direction I am going in my builds because I welcome feedback directly. In the future I plan on adding a country pub, alongside a historical castle which I will use as my retail storefront. I plan on specialising in prefabs and building in a rustic country manner. The pub will likely be called “Three Sheeps to the Wynd”. This is mainly because I love the sheep and want them to have a humourous presence on the sim as they have on Empress. Haggis is not served in the pub.

Alchemy and I also want to sponser celtic folk artists in the future in the pub and in the centre of the new standing stone ring on Inis Caiseal. We’re interested in traditional session style events. If you can play fiddle, tin whistle, bodhran, and/or sing traditional folk songs please contact AlchemyImmortalis Cyannis. That is our joint business account and by archiving business related notecards and IMs there, it helps us organise better. Thank you”

I Hear the Sheep Call My Name

I receive quite a lecture from the Grand Dame sheep because of my infrequent visits in recent times, however I promise this will change

I Hear the Sheep Call My Name

she gently reminds me of the beauty here

I Hear the Sheep Call My Name

There’s nothing quite like a remote cottage upon sunset

I Hear the Sheep Call My Name

I am forgiven by all the sheep concerned, and bid a fond farewell, with a promise to return soooon


Location: Empress & Hierophant , Inis Caiseal

Skirt: High waist skirt Bella from G Field

Blouse: Silky blouse Charlotte in Ivory from G Field

Hair: Hathair from Gritty Kitty

Jewellery: ) AI ( – “Ami amet deli pencet” French Brooch from Alchemy Immortalis

Boots: ROT Test boots from Gutterblood Spoonhammer

I’m so glad to see so many people read my blog, I have had so many in world queries about my photographs and the items themselves. My earlier Tres Beau post caused concern for some as there were issues in world with assets, transactions and logins. However the generous Kimmera Madison has now sent another gift for us to enjoy!’

Another Tres Beau Gift for Christmas

This is a 1L free item

Another Tres Beau Gift for Christmas

The skin is a group gift from Ugly Duck group, the shoes part of a gift from G Field

Another Tres Beau Gift for Christmas

This photo does not look like Kate Moss


Dress: 1L dress from Tres Beau

Hair: Alex II from Maitreya

Skin: Group gift from Ugly Duck

Shoes: group gift from G Field

Necklace: Pebbles from SiSSi

Well we know where were goin
But we dont know where weve been
And we know what were knowin
But we cant say what weve seen
And were not little children
And we know what we want
And the future is certain
Give us time to work it out

Road to Nowhere1

We’re on a road to nowhere
Come on inside
Takin that ride to nowhere
Well take that ride

Road to nowhere2

Maybe you wonder where you are
I dont care
Here is where time is on our side
Take you there…take you there

Road to Nowhere3

heres a city in my mind
Come along and take that ride
And its all right, baby, its all right

And its very far away
But its growing day by day
And its all right, baby, its all right

Road to Nowhere4

They can tell you what to do
But they’ll make a fool of you
And its all right, baby, its all right

Road to nowhere5

We’re on a road to nowhere

Road to Nowhere6

Credits for those who brought me here:-

Dress: Stitch by Stitch Cherry Baby by Sevenstar Amat can be found here

Hair: Bondgirl in black by Stitch by Stitch also found here

Shoes: G Field Strap Sandal Floria Red Rose can be found here

Vehicle: 1930 Rat Rod by AM Radio, available for purchase here

Photographed at AM Radio’s new space above the Quiet (Alexandar Vargas’ lands) called “Towards the Sky” – found here

June 2023



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