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Sunday Shopping

Welcome to my latest weekend shopping excursion!

Mimikri has a number of new releases, perfect for whiling away balmy sunday afternoons.

Sunday Shopping

Cool and breezy ‘5th Ave’ dress

Sunday Shopping

and in pink

Sunday Shopping

The ‘Starlet’ range consists of bikini and coordinating pareo. Available in a range of summer colours

Sunday Shopping

My beautiful skin is the latest release of 3rd Gen Ugly Duck, Valentina’


All clothing from Mimikri

Short Hair: Sleepyhead from Lamb

Long hair: Alex II from Maitreya

Skin: Valentina from Ugly Duck

Poses: A Fine Line

A beautiful dress and cloak, magnificent scenery, an excellent cause…..

Mimikri has created an unbelievable dress and matching cloak (available seperately) that I will show you here. These photographs were taken at Virtual Africa, an open savannah wildlife experience inSL, where Uthango Social Investments (a registered nonprofit in South Africa) pursues access to virtual worlds.

Out of Africa

Helena Dress and Leather Cape

Out of Africa

Moves with you

Out of Africa

A variety of colours available

Out of Africa

Beautiful backdrop

Out of Africa


Out of Africa


Clothing by Mimikri

Hair: Fay by Mirone

Skin: ‘Life’ by Pulse

Shoes: Silvera in black by DeLa

Jewellery: Set 122 by Kraftika

Location: Virtual Africa

Part 2 of my review of Glamour Expo 2009

Glamour Expo 2009

Cotton and Satin Drape from Baiastice

Glamour Expo 2009

Beautiful detailing

Glamour Expo 2009

Margerita Gown from SLC and Lila Cocktail dress from Ibizarre

Glamour Expo 2009

Sweet Jasmin from Earth & Sky and Lulu in wine from Mimikri

Glamour Expo 2009

Wild Roses from Ibizarre, Little Red from La Rosa and Splatter Dress from SD Wears

Glamour Expo 2009

Romance sheer silk blouse in white from Nova


All garments have designer listed. All available at Glamour Expo 2009

As Summer fades from the Northern Hemisphere and drifts into autumn, people like me in the Southern Hemisphere prepare for the coming warm months, crawling out of our wintry caves. The grid of SL reflects the diversity of our physical environment seasons in the broad range of fashions available. Mimikri has sometihng for all seasons:

Mimikri Versatility

Luz outfit – skirt, tank, shrug

Mimikri Versatility

From the K.I.T RANGE – Gabrielle in white

Mimikri Versatility

Variations on a theme – Sina x two

Mimikri Versatility

Mimikri Versatility

Summer nights

Mimikri Versatility

and Summer days

Mimikri Versatility


Mimikri Versatility


Mimikri Versatility


All clothing from Mimikri Couture

Skin: Lakes Series, new from &Bean

Hair: Deena from

Boots: Ankle boots from J’s

Gold shoes: Metallic pumps in gold from Detour

White shoes: Dalia pump in white from Armidi

White tank: white beater tank from VG republic – no longer available

Red necklace – gift from Zaara

Gold jewellery: Set 122 from Kraftika

Things have gotten a little too world weary and serious lately, so I figured I needed some lighthearted fun. Swine flu is doing the rounds at my Physical work (as opposed to my Virtual work), the ‘net was awash with rumours (unfounded) of a ban on Australians, and there’s been too many famous deaths recently.Time to lighten up a bit 🙂


What better way to escape than be the filling in a hamburger?


Or some exercise in jumping the old tyre collection…


Mini tramp will get the blood pounding and heart racing, for sure!


Or some old fashioned hopscotch – yay me! I won!


I often neglect the rear view of a pretty frock. Here you can see the same attention to detail in this lovely ensemble from Mimikri.


Skirt: K.I.T skirt, Gabrielle in black by Mimikri

Jacket: K.I.T jacket, Gabrielle in black by Mimikri

Tank: Beater tanktop in pinky by VG Republic – no longer available

Shoes: Coquette Noir by Indyra Originals

Hair: Drucilla in Black – midnight by Sirena

Skin: My lovely skin is Suntan Misty Twilight by League

Photographed at The Deck
– for all your fun and games needs!

I stumbled upon a great store, Reale, some time back and it’s now a firm favourite.

Mallu Mayo is the creator behind this Label – her designs are detailed, lavish, high quality textures and piecing, as well as cute! Here is her latest release, in sky blue.

New At Reale

This is a perfect combination for fine country walks, or city shopping.

I’ve teamed the new Reale blouse with crisp white pants from Mimikri

New At Reale

Closer viewing shows you the delicate crochet work at the throat also

New At Reale

And of course, come in a full range of summery colours.

New At Reale


Blouse: Crochet Ruffle Top in Lilac from Reale

Pants: Zoe pants in white by Mimikri

Shoes: Malama in blue by R2

Hair: Twiggy in Treacle by Truth

Skin: June in Sundust Allium2 by Curio (I think I have every skin that Gala Phoenix ever made)

Mimikri have some whimsical floral themed dresses, and I have displayed two of them here.


This dress, appropriately named Blossom, has a delightfully froufrou effect.


My second choice is K.I.T. Gabrielle in black. This is available to purchase as two separate pieces, skirt and jacket


I’ve teamed it with a VG Republic beater tank in pinky.



Dress 1: Blossom in yellow from Mimikri

Shoes1: Malama in Gold from R2

Skirt: K.I.T. Gabrielle in black from Mimikri

Jacket: K.I.T. Gabrielle in black from Mimikri

Tank: Beater tank top in pinky from VG Republic – no longer available

Shoes 2: Josephine in Black from Indyra Originals

Dutch Touch has released a range of beautiful skins, exclusive to The Deck. I absolutely loved the Cream range. I am shown here wearing ‘The Deck Cream MU1.

close up deck_004

Credits :-

Skin by Dutch Touch Exclusively at The Deck

Hair – Portia by Philotic Energy

Earrings – L’Chaim silver/lapis by Earthstones

Snapshot scs_009

The picture above shows the timeless elegance captured in this enchanting skin. Most apropriately enhanced by the dress Moo! in grey from Mimikri

AND…..I was advised by Mia Linden that Friday was Volunteer Appreciation Day, and I was given the gift below in thanks. Hand made by Mia Linden no less! I am wearing Sea Blue Aztec Resort Dress from the Niven Collection, found here

Snapshot scs_011

June 2023



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