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Bubbles Clawtooth has released some superb new hair, worthy of my actually dressing up all elegant and stylish – Paper Couture no less!

Bubbles of Fun

Serene and jaunty all at once – Something TYo Say from PAper Couture combined with Onyx jewellery

Bubbles of Fun

The matching hat sits atop the new hair quite happily – Call The Lions hair

Bubbles of Fun

Loiuse Brooks also from Clawtooth


Clothing: Paper Couture as noted

Jewellery: Onyx jewellery from Paper Couture

Hair: All hair from Clawtooth by Clawtooth

Shoes: Chunky mary janes from Evoke

Glasses: Love glasses from Tonktastic

Skin: Milk series from Ugly Duck

Cruising through Nomine today, I found a few treasures to share with you…

Nomine Finds

Gingham Set in Red

Nomine Finds

Milkmaid Dress left, Dust Storm Dress right

Nomine Finds

My lucky chair prize, Sarah dress – this is actually a white dress with black trim


All clothing by Nomine

Skin: Laura by Ugly Duck

Hair: Nanako by Diva

Red Shoes: Chunky Maryjanes by Evoke

Black shoes: C.Edo by Truth

Jewellery: Viva by Ticky Tacky

Poses: All poses from special pack consisting of pose contributions of exhibitors at Pose Fair 2010

Purple Street

Waiting for a bus

Purple Street

Danger? There’s no danger here….

Purple Street

A sound?

Purple Street

A movement in the shadows


Skin: Lisa – Purple by Ugly Duck

Hair: Bea by Pocket Mirrors

Outfit: Estelle – dress and hat by Prelude

Jewellery: Spider Set by Donna Flora

Shoes: Chunky Maryjanes by Evoke

Stockings: Wrinkled silk stockings by Sheer

Bag: Leeza purse in liquid gold by Pixel Mode

Poses: All poses by /Geez at Pose Fair 2010

Two new skins from Ugly Duck today, both dark complexioned with a variety in each pack

Faye and Lisa

Lisa is just gorgeous, beautifully shaded, finely drawn, painstakingly coloured to a natural pigment

Faye and Lisa

Faye is a slightly different tone although still dark. She is equally as well drawn, with many hours spent perfecting skin tone

Faye and Lisa

Lisa dressed by Surf Co, hair by Mirone

Faye and Lisa

Faye dressed by Bijou, hair by Mr Sigmund

Faye and Lisa

Faye and Lisa


All skins from Fade Lei at Ugly Duck

Eyes: Shiny Eyes Pro by Endeavour

Poses:all poses from Body Language by Sweet Lovely Cute


Tank, jeans, shoes by Surf Co

Hair Jamila by Mirone


Dress: Fate by Bijou *new*

Hair: Languid by Mr Sigmund

Shoes: Chunky Maryjanes by Evoke

One of the best parts of blogging, is making up a mish mash out various items to make a unique look. It’s something I haven’t done much lately, so I thought a lazy, quiet sunday afternoon (in my world) was a perfect opportunity 🙂

So Very Many Styles

I’ve become awfully fond of the hair from I Love Olive. Its really well made, easy to adjust and yummy textures. This is where today’s mishmash begins

So Very Many Styles

I was steaming along happily with a blues theme, and suddenly realised it needed a highlight, so we also have crimson tights!

So Very Many Styles

This is a group gift skirt from So Many Styles

So Very Many Styles

New skirt, new hair, the rest hibernating in my inventory

So Very Many Styles

Walking on sunshine

So Very Many Styles


Skin: Laura by Ugly Duck

Hair: All hair from I Love Olive , except where stipulated

Poses: All poses from Del May

1st Look in blues

Skirt: Layered skirt blue from SMS

Top: blouse portion of Evening Top blue from SMS

Cardy: Open Cardigan blue from SMS

Tights: Ohmai Basic sheer leggings in Maroon from Ohmai

Shoes: Chunky Maryjanes in black from Evoke

Glasses: Demolition sunglasses from Shade Throne

Jewellery: Necklace and hairpiece from A&A

2nd Look

Skirt: Layered skirt blue from SMS – group gift

Tank – blouse part of Inner Ballerina from Nylon Outfitters

Socks: Dot socks in salmon by SMS

Glasses: Steampunk XTX goggles by A&U – no longer in world or xstreeetsl

3rd Look

Skirt: Chiffon skirt red-blue from SMS

Blouse: blouse part from Fishy glitter dress from SMS

Jacket: Open Cardigan blue from SMS

Tights: Cotton border tights from BP*

Shoes: from Zero Number – now closed

Hair: Wonderfully whimsical hair from Clawtooth as part of Stumblebum – Shaken Not Birds

Jewellery: Long Beaded Bow necklace from Paper Couture

4th Look

Dress: Neon Babydoll from SMS

Tights: Pink seamed tights from Khush

Socks: Floppy Bow tights from Scribble

gloves: White fishnet gloves from A&A

Jewellery: from A&A

Shoes: Chunky Maryjanes from Evoke

In the past 24 hours, I acquired a number of things, all in a variety of colours. The beautiful new release dress from Zaara, Mahari, some fun hair from W&Y with colour chgange HUD, and the ACR gun from Gun Porn. This gun is colour change, has multi attachments and actions all HUD controlled also.

So… i decided to colour coordinate all of these, and here are the results 😀

Kiss My Gun

This is the Mahari dress in Bloom – coordinating ACR and hair, shoes from Evoke

Kiss My Gun

Mahari in Bordeaux

Kiss My Gun

Mahari in Ice

Kiss My Gun

Mahari in Indigo

Kiss My Gun

Mahari in Kohl and green coordination

Kiss My Gun

Mahari in Apricot

Please note, this is a serious weapon shown here with many capabilities, much more so than my frivolous use of it as a fashion accessory!


Dress: Mahari in all colour range from Zaara

Skin: Rachel from Ugly Duck

Hair: Agata no. 5 from W&Y

Shoes: Chunky Maryjanes from Evoke

Weapon: ACR from Gun Porn. this weapon has multi colour change adaptability, (13 colours), a multitude of attachments, adjustable speed, ammo indicator and more. Worth your time to take a look.

Photographed at Insilico

Rachel is one of three new lines from skin designer Fade Lei. Her store Ugly Duck is brim full of new releases, including more great group gifts!

Introducing Rachel

Here is Rachel, styled by Donna Flora for dress and hair. Chunky red shoes by Evoke

Introducing Rachel

A sashay of Rachels!

Introducing Rachel

And Rachel being a little moody.

And if you’ve ever wondered how Fade makes her lovely makeups, below is a hint, and the models don’t look too happy

Introducing Rachel

These skins are the latest group gift


All skins by Ugly Duck

Dress: Jazzy by Donna Flora

Hair: Isabel by Donna Flora

Shoes: Chunky cherry maryjanes by Evoke

Glasses: Demolition glasses by Shade Throne

Earrings: Hard Knock earrings in red glitter from Shade Throne

Were you enthralled with the novels of Lewis Carroll as a child? Did you dream of following Alice’s adventures, joining into the dreamlike visions created? Perhaps you are off to see
Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland as soon as you can.

To inspire you, BareRose has beautifully made costumes by the unendingly talented June Dion. Take a look…


Close up of Lady Hatter (male costume available)


Two colours and two variations included


Flower ALice – close


In blue


And pink – two colours included in pack


Trumpet Bunney – 3 colours in pack



All clothing from BareRose

Boots: Wo boots by [ON]

Shoes: Chunk heel maryjanes from Evoke

Hair: new86 from W & Y

All poses from Leafy

My beautiful skin is a new release from Ugly Duck, named Rachel. I will be blogging further about this

There’s some new pretty tops at Lark, and some recent really colourful things too..

Just for A Lark

Satin Party Dress, Bustier dress and tights(Red Cross Fundraiser) and Cropped Sweater paired with Zaara Larin skirt

Just for A Lark

Karen tops! With Zaara classic jeans

Just for A Lark

Bustier Dress detail


Lark clothes where noted available here

Zaara clothing where noted, available here

Shoes: Chunk Heeled Mary Janes from Evoke

Hair: Nicole 2 from

Jewellery: Here Comes The Sunm in Silver from Dark Mouse

June 2023



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