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As I am a blogger that likes to keep abreast of current trends in fact anticipating them, I just knew I had to write this blog to keep you all educated. I’ve made sure to make this photo nice and shadowy because as you know this is a popular trend for now

You Can't Read My Bloggerfayse

I’ve just woken up, I love this t shirt so much I sleep in it. Hate the fucken cat.

You Can't Read My Bloggerfayse

Dressed and ready for a day cruising the grid. Someone called me a whore but I slapped that bitch down. Slut if you please, or hoochie. Its much more tasteful :D. Look closely, and you can almost see what I had for breakfast!

You Can't Read My Bloggerfayse

Close up of this really latest trend skin from Al Vulo. I found it in a toilet at some Garret. It’s amazing what you find in people’s shit. It was at a sale thing at Barcelona, which is named after Barcelona near Paris France, not to be confused with Paris Texas which is just a figment of someone’s imagination in a bad movie

You Can't Read My Bloggerfayse

Ready for an evening of scamming …err I mean working. Gotta get my blogging gear!

You Can't Read My Bloggerfayse

This is my pleading face, used successfully to bring great fashion to U! I especially love my fishy pout, it seems to get an immediate reaction!

You Can't Read My Bloggerfayse

Now this is definitely hot stuff, clothes coordinated with skin lippy. This is for hanging out with other not-very-successful bloggers where I boast about my stuff and name drop designers and event previews 😉

Credits So You can Spend Money, Suckers!

Skin: Al Vulo skins, one from the store here and one from The Fashion Garret

Pale Skin: Gum by Jesylilo


Blonde: Coralee II by Amacci

1st photo: Larissa by Amacci

3rd photo: Moon by Govil

6th photo: Sarita by Truth

7th photo: from BC322


Blue shoes: Pelaje pumps by Vive9

Boots: Puddle Stompers by AJA


Photo 1: T Shirt from Arnadi

Photo 2: Jeans from Khush, top from Silenced

Photo 4: Dress 1 from Son!a, Dress 2 from Khush, Top from Crazy, skirt from Garage

Photo 7: Bra and knickers from Luxuria, skirt from LINC


fag: Primitive Design, jewellery variously from A&A, Glow Studio, Shade Throne, The Fashion Garret, Zaara (ring), Lagyo , lashes from Cheap Makeup, teeth from Amacci

variously from Del May, Glitterati, Clique, Reasonable Desires, everglow

My shape is a custom job from Anara **Edit** Now available in store

Disclaimer: This post is written very tongue in cheek and is not intended to cause offence to anyone.

EaHH Extend a Helping Hand Quick Information

As many of you will be aware, a number of states in Australia, particularly Queensland, are enduring tremendous flooding on a massive scale. Towns, villages and cities have been inundated on an unprecedented scale, causing loss of life and property – in the city of Toowoomba alone, damage is estimated at $A6 billion. 75% of the entire state has been declared a disaster zone.

Australians are generally very resilient to disasters, being a nation prone to the full range of nature’s onslaught from bushfire through to floods. However, this disaster has left such a trail of destruction that I would urge you to please donate funds to assist these people to recover their livelihoods.

Sanura Sakai has organised in a very short timeframe, a fund-raising event in world. Sanura herself is a resident of a Queensland city facing its second inundation and evacuation in a week. The event, ‘Extend A Helping Hand’ has a great range of goods kindly donated by a wide range of creators. These include:

A.D.D Andel!
This is a Fawn
Evie’s Closet
(fashionably dead)
Intrigue Co.
Whippet and Buck
* Deviance *
*Dilly Dolls*
Mango, Mango!
Violent Seduction
Weather? or Not!
Young Urban
RezIpsa Loc
Creative Insanity
Thistle Homes
The Stringer Mausoleum
FD Decor
[.Zombie Fetus.]
Shades of October
C&D Designs
~*By Snow*~
:+:Studio Sidhe:+:
The Black Canary
Kahli’s Closet
AA Garden Center
Polygon Fashion House
[Ellie’s Attic]
Mer-Elf Creations
Ocsycat Designs
Fallen Gods Inc.

Donation Booths can also be found set up at these locations:

Royal Living Magazine HQ
The Deck
Breedables Inc. HQ
Cocan Rois Estates
Outpost 13, Industrial Music Club

And this vendor has an item set up at their mainstore location:

Magic Pets HQ.


You can make direct donations to The Queensland Premier’s Appeal

You can keep up to date with the Australian ABC

Messages of support and assistance have been received from around the world, including the governments of Great Britain, People’s Republic of China, European Union, USA, and a most compassionate message from the US Ambassador in Canberra, Australia, which I will quote from:

“American readers may not realize that the affected area is larger than Texas, and already these floods have taken at least 19 lives, destroyed hundreds of homes, and displaced hundreds of thousands of people.

Many of us have family, friends, colleagues, and counterparts living in this region, and each day presents special challenges. Yesterday, we worked with a group of Americans trapped by rising waters in the town of Gympie, who were helicoptered out to safety. But we know that when the waters finally subside, an even greater task lies ahead. Secretary Clinton, Consul General Niels Marquardt, and I have pledged our Mission’s support to the Prime Minister and to Queensland Premier Anna Bligh. Among other things, our Embassy personnel are donating to the Premier’s Flood Relief Appeal, volunteering to help affected communities clean up, and connecting with American businesses that are interested in donating food, clothing, furniture, or expertise to those in need.”

So, please go along to Extend A Helping Hand Fundraiser event to donate to this most worthy cause.

Extend a Helping Hand Event Hall

Images courtesy of Kat Johnston

The Inworldz Interview

During this past week, I was fortunate enough to interview Elenia Llewellyn, and she was kind enough to find time in her hectic schedule to allow for this. Elenia is one of three founders of the virtual world, Inworldz.

The Facts

The three Founders are:

Elenia Llewellyn (InWorldz name) – Beth Reischl
Legion Hienrichs (InWorldz name) – John Arnolde
Tranquillity Dexler (InWorldz name) – David Daeschle

Login URI:

Current number of registered accounts: 18,484+

Economy: 500 I’z = $1US. Currency purchased and sold via paypal account

The Interview

Thank you for agreeing to this Q & A interview, I do understand you are extremely busy. How many new accounts can you handle immediately?

New accounts are not an issue. Even if there is an issue for them registering, we handle it very quickly with a simple note to us in the forums or emailing

How many logins can your grid cope with? What would happen if 5,000 people attempted to create an account and login this weekend?

I would love to say we could handle it no problem, but that would be very unrealistic. Right now, the back end hardware can handle easily 1000-1500 avatars spread out over the grid. If they all logged in at one time as first time registrations, I know InWorldz Desert Isle would be very unhappy until we are ready to start our revolving regions for welcome area.

Do you see an upsurge in interest in Inworldz in recent weeks?

We track our registrations pretty closely, and we do see spikes in registration depending on the outside metaverse news. We are aware of the interest of other groups, seeing where we go, what we do, and we’re fairly sure that interest is just going to continue to grow.

Do you want there to be a move of the education stream from SL to IW?

The education sector is very welcome here, and we’re aware that there are education groups looking very closely at us as a viable alternative. With that in mind, it’s important to make sure that we’re all aware that InWorldz is growing, and we don’t have staff dedicated to Education at this time, and some of the things they are looking for may or may not be readily available just yet. We hope that as we nail down the stability further, that we’ll be able to provide them with more of the standard features they’ve become accustomed to, and take their other needs into consideration for the entire grid as a whole. There’s a lot of good ideas that come out of the varied groups out there.

Do you welcome all communities (child avatars, Gor, BDSM)?

We currently have Gor sims, and BDSM and we even have child groups as well. InWorldz Kidz (by Kristobell Jiminy) was created and a charter was put together with our input to ensure that nothing inappropriate could be misconstrued, and we state very clearly sexual ageplay is simply not tolerated here. We also have many PG groups here, and we work with any group on their various charters to make sure that nothing violates ToS and we’re active with the community when there are questions about these groups and charters.

When do you plan to have voice capability?

I seem to get asked this a lot! We had started work on the Freeswitch voice module, however, there were some serious integration issues with it. Looking at the Whisper/Mumble system, it also has integration issues, such as the users would have to replace their SLVoice module to use their favorite viewers. We have not determined yet, whether we’ll have to just create a custom viewer for voice as of yet, so a timeline is very difficult to give on that. We had hoped to have it much sooner, but at this point, we’d rather look at a solution that doesn’t require custom coding our viewer unless we’re absolutely forced to do so.

I have been told that your physics engine will be Nvidia PhysX – is this correct and when do you plan to introduce it

Yes, we are going with the Nvidia PhysX engine. Tranquillity’s current timeline for it, is to be started around Jan. 1. His roadmap right now is to handle the network stack rewrite, then scrap the script engine and rewrite it so physics can become a reality. I think people will really like the physics engine, we’ve spent alot of time studying it and going through it’s capabilities and we’re fairly sure the residents will love what they’ll be able to do. Not to mention, we’re excited to see where we can take the script engine side of things and what neat things we’ll be able to do with the various options in PhysX.

Are you working with standard back-end protocols for everything?

Our backend protocol for assets is custom designed for maximum throughput and built in load balancing. other communications are done via SOAP, XMLRPC and other standard internet protocols.

What are your biggest technical challenges, at the moment?

Managing the many, many bugs that need fixing

Where is your funding coming from?

Our funding is strictly from our residents. Have we discussed other venture options? Of course. However, while we may debate the options occasionally, we feel very firmly that we answer to our residents, and anything else would sidetrack us from giving them the grid they want to see develop.

What sort of stability can you offer on your grid, especially for people keen to invest in land purchases?

Over the course of the past few months, stability has been our number 1 priority, and to that end, we have spent alot of time cleaning up memory leaks, streamlining code, completely rewriting the assets, and all of these things have greatly enhanced stability. Originally when we started, we would run rolling restarts daily, now we average a rolling restart every 3 days for regions. Stability is always at the top of our list, if our residents can’t get to their regions, then they have no reason to be here. If this means we monitor their region, pull scripts, or patch areas of concern, then that’s what we do.

Other grids have come and gone, which initially showed promise. You seem to be working at a steady pace, rather than providing all the bells and whistles immediately. What are the medium and long term plans for IW?

Bells and whistles are great if you have a solid stable foundation. Our feeling is until we’re at that point, the bells and whistles can stay as goals while we work out the core issues.
Short-mid term goals: stability, the new script engine with better controls, PhysX implementation.
Long term goals: Custom loadable modules for customers (we’d love to create an RP module for various forms of RP, and other modules our residents have ideas on), peer reviewed interoperability, and to actually bridge the 2D/3D gap between the web and Virtual Worlds

I would love to see an Arts community, live music, radio, and a diverse fashion industry here in IW. do you think all this is possible?

Interestingly enough, we have one resident already with two sims dedicated to the Arts, Stefanik Dagostino with Artlandia and West Artlandia. There’s also Jeri Rahja who has been working with some artists as well. Then we have soror Nishi who came over, and she’s just great, her work is amazing. We have dj’s in world, and music urls and streaming work fine here. Our fashion is really starting to get pretty diverse, as you blogged about. Although I think the gentlemen in our world may disagree, as they need far more variety.

Thank you again for your time!

Set up fee for a private isle is $75US, monthly tier is $75US, so an initial payment of $150Us. This gives you 35,000 prims for your sim.

Inworldz has a mentor programme to assist your entry into the environment.

The Inworldz Interview

Inworldz Arrival area – Inworldz Desert Island (IDI)

More information and FAQ on Inworldz can be found here

Metaverse Interview video here

Elenia’s blog here

Prims can be exported from SL and imported into Inworldz IF you are the creator of the prims. However, textures do not import and must be reapplied to prims in world.

Inworldz Servers

Inworldz Servers

Inworldz has huge room for growth, at a surprisingly reasonable cost. There is a rapidly growing market for creators wares: clothing, shoes, hair, AOs, furniture, botanical, jewellery, skins, shapes, accessories – in fact, you name it, there is a place for it. The demand is for high quality and known SL brands (although not only known brands). There is a growing arts community, music, live music, education, business and government sectors. Come and see for yourself!


This morning upon waking, before any attempt to log in to Secondlife, I checked my email. To my amazement I found this email (twice – to make sure I got it at least once I suppose):-

Your Second Life Account Has Been Terminated



This email is notification that Linden Lab has terminated
your access to the Second Life virtual world due to severe
or repeated violations of the Second Life Terms of Service
or Community Standards. Your (account name ‘Arabella
Steadham’) and alternate Second Life accounts have been
made permanently inaccessible.

Appeal Process: The decision to terminate your Second Life
access was reached after investigation of your use of the
Second Life software and service. If you would like to
appeal your termination, you may contact Second Life
Support, by opening a new support ticket with a subject of
“abuse appeal,” or in writing, at the address below:

Second Life Support
Linden Lab
945 Battery Street
San Francisco, CA 94111

Please provide relevant information that you believe would
explain the above violation. Linden Lab reserves sole
discretion in considering whether to take any action on a
written appeal.


Customer Support
Linden Lab

Now, this is nonsensical. Lindenlab is very well aware from their own logs that I have never breached any TOS. They are also aware that I did not attempt to log in with a blacklisted viewer, as the email was sent to me prior to even attempting to log in. What did I do to warrant this?

Perhaps it was yesterday’s post. Perhaps because I called them out on their irrational behavior in recent weeks. Perhaps because Linden Lab wants to ‘teach me a lesson’?

So, I proceed to follow the instructions to lodge an appeal, only to find I cannot log into the website to lodge said appeal. I can only log in as ‘guest’ and select from a pathetic list. I fill out the proforma, and receive this:-

A new case has been created

Type: Web Login Issues
Status: New

To comment on this case, either Reply to this email, or visit:

(To view the Case online, you will need to log into with this Avatar: )

But I cannot log in to view the case.

Not only have I been account banned (including an alternate account I made 3 years ago) but it would appear the long finger of Lindenlab has reached out to NZ and banned my IP address as well. And appeal processes appear to be closed off.

I am stunned that Linden Lab has taken this approach. Living in a strongly westernised country and being a citizen of an even bigger one, like many of you I have enjoyed growing up and living in countries where rights are enshrined not only in our constitution but in our way of life. Freedom of speech and expression has long been an expectation and seen as a right of all citizens. To write a blog post – entirely out of the jurisdiction of lindenlab – and have the resultant effect of permanent banning is breathtakingly arrogant on the part of lindenlab. To deny this was the cause of my permanent banning would be a lie. Linden Lab is well aware I do not and have never breached any of the TOS, which indicates that rules are not there for any purpose but decoration.


I doubt my appeal will be successful, because true to form it has been done in a shoddy manner. I am not surprised.

So even though I have lodged this appeal, do I really want to be part of a virtual environment where lackeys of the Board of Directors hunt down those who dare to criticise? Do I want to participate in a world where users are abused by bullying standover tactics and unexplained termination of accounts? Linden Lab as a private company can create their own rules as they see fit, however to ignore at least some of the expectations we have of supposed rights if we operate by the rules- to shift the goalposts mid game – reduces their virtual world to nothing more than a game, a game where childish antics reign supreme in a desperate move to force conformity and mediocrity in an ever shrinking user base.

See you around the metaverse

Arabella Steadham

Rezz date: 23rd August 2006

Permaban date: 8th September 2010.

Reason: Thinking

Today, Emerald underwent a complete restructure of the Development Team.

The most obvious result is that there is no specific individual Project Leader – we have determined the best course is to operate democratically and with clear transparency.

This series of events has ocurred because of an intolerable abuse of trust. From today forward, Fractured and Modular Systems will have no association with the Emerald Viewer. Due to his own actions, he was left in an untenable position and was given no option but to resign, which he did.

For users, we anticipate a smooth seamless transition, however if there is a hiccup or two please be patient with us as we move the viewer to its new home.

We ask for your understanding and patience during this time, and ask you to put your trust in this move, as we put our trust into you, the user.

Please contact Emerald Support via the Emerald Viewer group if you have questions. You can also contact any of these people in world:-

Lonely Bluebird

Jessica Lyon

Arabella Steadham

Thank you for your continued support,

The Emerald Rebirth Team

Post Script

As at Sunday 22nd August, 6pm SLT:

The Emerald viewer project and its development team have undergone a massive and necessary restructuring in response to recent incidents caused by the project leader.

This restructuring is designed in such a way as to prevent anything like this from ever happening again.

From this point on, there will be no ONE single person running Emerald Development.

We are all going to be on a level playing field. All decisions, changes, and alterations to any code or anything at all, will be done transparently and democratically.

Part of this restructuring process also involved the necessary removal of the developer who is responsible for these past incidents; as a result Fractured was invited to resign and has done so today.

As of NOW, All affiliation between Modular Systems/Fractured Crystal and the Emerald Viewer have been permanently severed. A new domain has been purchased and we are currently getting our new website online.

The website will be hosted at and should be online and operational shortly.

Ownership and control of the servers used to host the Emerald Viewer downloads and website have been transferred to Arabella Steadham who will maintain the hosting as a neutral party for the project.

Aside from the downtime of the website, our users should experience no changes that will affect them directly.

Also today, as a result of the incidents in question, Linden Lab removed Emerald from the TPVD. We expected this might happen and have since provided the Lab with information regarding our new changes, structure and goals. We hope to be back on the TPVD soon.

Our two biggest regrets are first and for most that these incidents ever took place, and second, that we failed to take this radical action sooner.

We sincerely hope that these significant internal changes will help us restore some trust and faith from our users and from Linden Lab in regards to the integrity of the Emerald Viewer Development team.

Thank you
The Emerald Team

[Emerald] 1626 Release Candidate

Jessica Lyon, Head QA and Support for Emerald, and Arabella Steadham, Communications Manager for Emerald will be appearing on “Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe” at 6pm Sunday SLT.

They will have a rather important announcement to make regarding the future direction of the Emerald Viewer.

You can read Paisley’s blog about it here

The Show will be made at Northpoint Studio, however there are a number of overflow areas which will show a live telecast. these will be here:-

Next door to the Studio

Emerald Point

The Studio itself will probably be quite full, so check your map first and if it is, head for an overflow area.

Both Jessica Lyon and Arabella Steadham will be appearing to answer questions, so come along, we look forward to seeing you there!

Oh, the amazing Keiko Takamura will also be there, she has a divine voice, and quite a twitter and youtube following, as well as SL. The latest release from Keiko and The Shebangs can be seen here

[Emerald] 1626 Release Candidate

We are thrilled to announce that the former Data Linden has joined the Emerald Support Team.

If you’ve ever filed a support ticket to LL and it was resolved to your satisfaction, chances are it was handled by this man. Please welcome Vortex Saito, formerly known as Data Linden to our support team!

Welcome to the team Vortex!

[Emerald] 1626 Release Candidate

There’s been a number of activities in recent days to fill you in on. Some very positive, some a little sad.

* A short time ago, I wrote about the departure of an Emerald Dev here, and assured all readers that Emerald would continue to provide you the user with the best possible viewer we could make.

Overnight, another dev has decided to leave the team. This was because of his dissatisfaction with the consensus of the majority of the team, and his inability to accept that consensus. Unfortunately, he did this in a way to deliberately try to bring the Team’s reputation into disrepute, by posting private conversations and drawing incorrect conclusions.
You can be assured that Emerald will maintain it’s high standard of integrity, honesty and ethics that have contributed to it’s development thus far. Alas, part of being a success is having detractors, however we wish him well on his next legitimate venture.

* The good news is, a new beta version will be available to download very soon. Please be assured the Emerald Team is alive and thriving, and will continue in this way.

* Emerald will be appearing on Treet.TV on 22nd August. Stay tuned for more info!

* The Emerald Team is excited at the prospect of a new high profile developer joining us. More details to come!

You can also read this at Modular Systems

Mark Kingdon is going to step down as CEO, and I am going to return as interim CEO, working side-by-side with former CFO Bob Komin, who is being promoted to COO.

This is a big, tough change but one the board of directors and management team deeply believes in. We owe Mark great thanks for the many things we’ve accomplished in these last two years — most notably a great improvement in the stability of Second Life, and also the hiring and nurturing of a strong team of new leaders who are now ready to do some amazing work together.

Returning to the Lab
Posted by Philip Linden on Jun 24, 2010 9:04:47 AM

Our thinking as a team is that my returning to the CEO job now can bring a product and technology focus that will help rapidly improve Second Life. We need to simplify and focus our product priorities — concentrating all our capabilities on making Second Life easier to use and better for the core experiences that it is delivering today. I think that I can be a great help and a strong leader in that process.

It is an honor to have a chance to help more directly again, and I come to this mission with energy, excitement, and an open mind about what we need and how we need to do it. I want to see Second Life continue to grow, amaze, and change the world. It’s what gets me up in the morning. Despite the challenges of such a big change, I am happy to be drafting this blog post while sitting in our San Francisco office, surrounded by the many Lindens who have made it all possible.

More to come, as soon as we all get settled and figure out how best to work together!

Read it here

New news, has M Linden been fired, to be replaced by Philip Linden?

As a CEO, this is not as simple or straightforward as sacking a contractor or even a permanent staff member. Following on from M Linden’s noticeable absence at a speech at SL7B this morning, and emergency replacement by Philip, rumour mills have been working overtime.

Read more here

and here

and no doubt at numerous other places also. Morning may tell us more….

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