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This is the most difficult thing I have ever written in my life. The symbol above is of Pi. This is what my son Jesse had tattooed not that long ago. It held a great deal of meaning for him on a number of levels.

I will not be writing posts for some time, I have no idea how long. I send my apologies to those of you reading this who have expectations of posts. I fail you and for that I am sorry.
Last night I received a phone call from my daughter in Australia to tell me that my son had died. My brilliant, beautiful son is gone from this world. I will fly to Australia this week so my children and I may bury him with love. Chestnut Rau has written a loving tribute here which breaks my heart to read, but I read it over and over.

My mind is bubbling over with images of my son’s life: a series of frozen moments of time that refuse to stay buried, churned up to the surface by the sharpened knife of grief as it twists in my heart.


Below is a favourite piece of music, from a movie that we watched over and over so much when Jesse was a child that we wore out the video tape. The still photos are irrelevent, the music is not.

A little while ago I was invited to review a new-to-me skin designer, trading under the name Inaya. I agreed to this, and was most pleasantly surprised to receive a substantial review pack. Because of the sheer variety of skins, i will be doing a short series.

The first skin I found to my great delight is Maori, named for the indigenous people of New Zealand where I live. The has got to be one of the most beautiful brown skins i have seen yet. Not only that, this skin tone has been created with care, so that it is not just another lightened black skin, but truly reflects the unique pigment of the Maori. see for yourself…


Maori by Inaya. Hair by Miamai. Bikini is Infinity series by Boom.Jewellery by Dark Mouse


The body textures are well constructed with no misplacing. the breast shading is realistic and does not artificially uplift.


The face is attractive without a barbie look. The brows arch nicely. I am also wearing lovely brown eyes from Exodi, Zbilja in Rowan, and new lashes from Exile.


So..I dressed up to go dancing. Clothing by Plastik, jewellery new from Morantique, hair from Vanity.


As show, from these stores Inaya, Vanity Hair, Exodi, Exile, Boom, Plastik, Miamai, Morantique, Dark Mouse

And for those of you still reading, below is a youtube video of a much loved Maori band, playing live. it is typical of music in this country. Enjoy!

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As many of you may know the Second Life Community Convention was/is being held in San Francisco this year. Incredibly, we were able to enjoy a livestream of the Musicians’ Night, streamed at livestream

The venue in world was Molaskey’s Pub

SLCC 2009

As you can see, the video quality was very good

SLCC 2009

The beautiful Keiko singing with Shebang. Isn’t she gorgeous 😀

SLCC 2009

This was awsome – we were in world watching a screen where people joined in dancing with us, while watching ourselves dancing on their screen!

SLCC 2009

I see myself….

SLCC 2009

The lovely and talented Keiko again.


livestream for streaming this event into SL. It will also be available on demand at that link

Molaskey’s Pub for hosting

All the Entertainers and musicians including Cylindrian Rutabaga, Beth Odets, Mashie, Keiko, Lauren Weyland, and many others whose names I do not know.

You can see more photos here

Be warned – I will be at next year’s SLCC even if i have to paddle across the Pacific Ocean to get there!

June 2023



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