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Believe me, it’s not. I’ve been labelled many colours in my time, but particularly red and green.

It's Not Easy Being Green

This rather luscious skirt comes from Royal Blue, and is the basis for this look

It's Not Easy Being Green

The hair is on offer from Clawtooth this week as part of 50L Friday

It's Not Easy Being Green

GOS posh booties complete the outfit


Skirt: Frou Frou skirt from Royal Blue

Top: Paint Filled Dreams bodysuit from Royal Blue

Tights: Colour Blocking tights from Royal Blue

Jacket: The Conductors Jacket from Boom

Hair: Blown Away by Clawtooth

Jewellery: Crisalida set by Kunglers

Shoes: Posh booties from GOS

Poses: poses from LAP and Glitterati

I felt a bit dotty, so put these together:

The Dot Girls

I made this based around the Duboo hair, which I just love to bits!

The Dot Girls

And this was based around the orange socks, a gift from LaViere

The Dot Girls

Some new and older from the irrepressible Jane!


1st Look:

Hair: Myogsil pyorong from Duboo

Dress: Fleur de Sakura dress from Manna

Shoes: Dolled Up from Atomic

Specs: Brenda from Donna Flora

Tights: Dotz tights from Mstyle

Necklace: Gouache necklace from Manna

2nd Look

Skirt: Chase skirt in navy from Jane

Belt: Glam belt from Garage

Shirt: Layering tee from Jane

Jacket: Chase sweater in Lilac from Jane

Necklace: Gouache necklace from Manna

Shoes: Callia flats from Tee*fy

Specs: Brenda from Brenda from Donna Flora

Hair: Myongsil Toki from Myogsil pyorong from Duboo

Tights: Laundry Leggings from Duboo

Socks: Gift from LaViere

3rd Look

Dresses and Jackets: All from Jane

Tights: All from Mstyle

Hair: From SFBH, CriCri at KDC Mall, Love Soul

Socks: Cuffed socks from Boom

Shoes: from Mon Tissu and G Field

Here are a few girly girly frothy and fluffy looks:

Froth and Fluff

This dress comes from Lo*Momo, and is a fundraiser for the Donate for Japan appeal

Froth and Fluff

It is a fun dress, and comes with two length skirts

Froth and Fluff

Another fluffy pretty girly dress, from Ambrosia

Froth and Fluff

I’ve added new ruffled lace tights from G Field

Froth and Fluff

And a quirky necklace from Deviant Girls


First Look

Dress: Fundraiser from Lo*Momo

Shoes: Montsegur from Mon Tissu

Hair: Number 087 from Love Soul

Second Look

Dress: Dark Rose Red from Ambrosia

Shoes: Bow Strap shoes from G Field

Tights: Rose Lace Leggings from G Field

Necklace: White Rabbit Necklace from Deviant Girls

Hair: Number 087 from Love Soul

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