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As the northern spring arrives, designers are showing us their honed skills, and also their ability to price extremely reasonably. I’ve shown you a few selections below:

A Nice Spring Frock

This dress I acquired as part of the Mix n Match hunt, from AT Design. Its been blogged elsewhere, but it is such a refreshing dress I had to show it too.

A Nice Spring Frock

This little gem is from Bottlebird for this weeks Project Themeory. I am assured that all sculpts used are made by the designer, not pre purchased blanks!

A Nice Spring Frock

This Collete skirt is new from Sn@tch and comes in a pack with a range of colours. I’ve teamed it with the Nylon Outfitters ‘Inner Ballerina’ tank

A Nice Spring Frock

This Barrens dress is also from Sn@tch, and although not a new release, I’ve included because it such a lovely floaty dress, with detailed drapery across the back.


1st Photo – hunt prize from AT Design

2nd photo: Jive dress from Bottlebird

3rd photo: Collette skirt from Sn@tch with tank from Nylon Outfitters outfit, Inner Ballerina

4th photo: Barrens dress from Sn@tch

Jewellery: from Magic Nook, Glow Studios, Artilleri

Hair: Evangeline from Exile

Poses: LAP Gown poses

[Emerald] 1626 Release Candidate

We are thrilled to announce that the former Data Linden has joined the Emerald Support Team.

If you’ve ever filed a support ticket to LL and it was resolved to your satisfaction, chances are it was handled by this man. Please welcome Vortex Saito, formerly known as Data Linden to our support team!

Welcome to the team Vortex!

Beetlebones has a new main store location at Pookie’s Promenade. Here’s what you’ll find:

Beetlebones @ Pookie Promenade

Slouchy Tunic dresses and Tote bags

Beetlebones @ Pookie Promenade

Lucia High Waisted skirts

Beetlebones @ Pookie Promenade

Dainty Brocade tops

Beetlebones @ Pookie Promenade

And the special opening dollar dress in a range of colours


All clothing from Beetlebones at Pookie’s Promenade

Skin: Laura from Ugly Duck

Hair: Oh My Mohawk from [OH] at Pookie’s Promenade

Shoes: Dianthus from Ingenue

Poses: New from Fine Line @ Pose Fair 2010

Fade Lei has mad a uniform for her group, Ugly Duck. It is *perfect* for attending laggy events like the upcoming Pose Fair, just ditch the tail feathers if you do this. It’s also free for group members…

The Duck Brigade

Miss Ugly Duck herself, Fade Lei

The Duck Brigade

The Ducklets

The Duck Brigade

Rear view

The Duck Brigade

And the always elegant, Miss Fine Caliber


Duck costume: By Ugly Duck

Membership to Ugly Duck group is by payment of a one-off joining fee. The group gifts are numerous and generous so well worth your while. You should pop into her store, Ugly Duck and see what’s there!

All other accessories shown belong to the individuals!

One of the best parts of blogging, is making up a mish mash out various items to make a unique look. It’s something I haven’t done much lately, so I thought a lazy, quiet sunday afternoon (in my world) was a perfect opportunity 🙂

So Very Many Styles

I’ve become awfully fond of the hair from I Love Olive. Its really well made, easy to adjust and yummy textures. This is where today’s mishmash begins

So Very Many Styles

I was steaming along happily with a blues theme, and suddenly realised it needed a highlight, so we also have crimson tights!

So Very Many Styles

This is a group gift skirt from So Many Styles

So Very Many Styles

New skirt, new hair, the rest hibernating in my inventory

So Very Many Styles

Walking on sunshine

So Very Many Styles


Skin: Laura by Ugly Duck

Hair: All hair from I Love Olive , except where stipulated

Poses: All poses from Del May

1st Look in blues

Skirt: Layered skirt blue from SMS

Top: blouse portion of Evening Top blue from SMS

Cardy: Open Cardigan blue from SMS

Tights: Ohmai Basic sheer leggings in Maroon from Ohmai

Shoes: Chunky Maryjanes in black from Evoke

Glasses: Demolition sunglasses from Shade Throne

Jewellery: Necklace and hairpiece from A&A

2nd Look

Skirt: Layered skirt blue from SMS – group gift

Tank – blouse part of Inner Ballerina from Nylon Outfitters

Socks: Dot socks in salmon by SMS

Glasses: Steampunk XTX goggles by A&U – no longer in world or xstreeetsl

3rd Look

Skirt: Chiffon skirt red-blue from SMS

Blouse: blouse part from Fishy glitter dress from SMS

Jacket: Open Cardigan blue from SMS

Tights: Cotton border tights from BP*

Shoes: from Zero Number – now closed

Hair: Wonderfully whimsical hair from Clawtooth as part of Stumblebum – Shaken Not Birds

Jewellery: Long Beaded Bow necklace from Paper Couture

4th Look

Dress: Neon Babydoll from SMS

Tights: Pink seamed tights from Khush

Socks: Floppy Bow tights from Scribble

gloves: White fishnet gloves from A&A

Jewellery: from A&A

Shoes: Chunky Maryjanes from Evoke

In the past 24 hours, I acquired a number of things, all in a variety of colours. The beautiful new release dress from Zaara, Mahari, some fun hair from W&Y with colour chgange HUD, and the ACR gun from Gun Porn. This gun is colour change, has multi attachments and actions all HUD controlled also.

So… i decided to colour coordinate all of these, and here are the results 😀

Kiss My Gun

This is the Mahari dress in Bloom – coordinating ACR and hair, shoes from Evoke

Kiss My Gun

Mahari in Bordeaux

Kiss My Gun

Mahari in Ice

Kiss My Gun

Mahari in Indigo

Kiss My Gun

Mahari in Kohl and green coordination

Kiss My Gun

Mahari in Apricot

Please note, this is a serious weapon shown here with many capabilities, much more so than my frivolous use of it as a fashion accessory!


Dress: Mahari in all colour range from Zaara

Skin: Rachel from Ugly Duck

Hair: Agata no. 5 from W&Y

Shoes: Chunky Maryjanes from Evoke

Weapon: ACR from Gun Porn. this weapon has multi colour change adaptability, (13 colours), a multitude of attachments, adjustable speed, ammo indicator and more. Worth your time to take a look.

Photographed at Insilico

Sales fever continues. This time it’s DCNY with 50% off the summer range. Do try and get to this one, it will certainly be worth your effort. As you can see from my photos below, the designs are rich and varied, also available in a multitude of colours.


Anessa dress


Kathryn, Cristal and Elise


Vivy, Marlene and Sahla


Gisela front, Anessa, Gisela back


All clothing from the Sale @ DCNY

Skin: Beach 2 by Curio

Shoes: Elven silver sandals by Yabusaka

Hair: Tina in honey blonde by Hal*hina

I revisited the hauntingly beautiful creation of Alchemy Immortalis today.

If you go through the store and up a little rise, you will find a dance area with singles and couples dances loaded into a pillar. If you are dancing singly, select the dance ‘thunderstorm’ and have your media player set LOUD to play the music.
Whirling Dervish
Whirling dervish

The outfit is a combination of Digit Darkes, Nardcotix, Maitreya and Alchemy Immortalis. Here are some close ups of the exquisitely crafted brooch. It is set to place at the throat, however I have adjusted it somewhat
Whirling Dervish
Whirling dervish

And to the credits for the talented makers:-

Hair: Mimi blacks by Iren found here

Skin by the wonderful Gala Phoenix of Curio, in June Sundust Doe1 found here

Boots: Dune Red by Maitreya found here

Jacket: part of Serina dress purple by Digit Darkes, found here

Dress: Nardya Noir No.7 Skirt Ruby from Nardcotix found here

Exquisite brooch: “Ami Amet Deli Pencet” French Brooch by Alchemy Immortalis, found here

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