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Today’s post is named after the blusher maker up layer made by Fade Lei of Ugly Duck. she has recently released lip tattoos: this is to be followed by more blush tattoos and eye makeup tattoos.




And of course, I had to find a pretty dress to go with this look. Sn@tch has some of the most delicately made dresses, always beautifully textured, and in quite an array of colours.


I was very pleased to find this delicate necklace, from Undefined Lilies, a new store for me.


Hair: Lucia in Ivory from Truth

Skin: Swan – Emily from Ugly Duck

Tattoo Layers: Blushroom blusher and lips from Ugly Duck

Dress: Junior Prom dress in powder blue from Sn@tch

Shoes: Babvy Ts in silver from Pixel Mode

Poses: all poses from !Bang

Necklace: Spring Has Fever from Undefined Lilies

Nails: Japanese Soul Blue from Candy Nail

I thought Posy Trudeau’s store, Homespun, had disappeared from the grid. However, I FOUND IT! at Festivale sim 🙂

Homespun Posy

She had a delightful range that is reminiscent of quiet afternoons, pleasant shopping expeditions, meeting up with friends

Homespun Posy

The Homespun range is original and different, catering for both men and women

Homespun Posy

The Truth Hair Pia, combined with my Emily skin from Ugly Duck is a perfect match

Homespun Posy


Clothing: from Homespun (including socks)

Shoes: Montsegur from Mon Tissu

Hair: Pia from Truth

Skin: Emily – Red – from Ugly Duck

Poses: Socially Awkward from LAP

Andromeda Spaceways InFlight Service

Ready for another rostered flight aboard Andromeda Spaceways

Andromeda Spaceways InFlight Service

Welcome aboard, don’t trip as you climb the ramp, and remember to strap yourself in securely for take off and anti-grav freefall

Andromeda Spaceways InFlight Service

*No* pushing please!

Andromeda Spaceways InFlight Service


Dress: Includes hat, Mile High by Djinn & Tonic

Boots: Over the Knee boots from Coco

Hair: Miaa from Truth

Poses: from Still Life and Del May

Today, I’m on a secret mission, so thought I’d better dress appropriately

Secret Mission

I’m wearing the Secret Hat from Donna Flora, quite fitting I think. I’m also wearing my Soviet Sleeper specs from Deco, perfect!

Secret Mission

This outfit, the Foxer dress from Ducknipple, is definitely the thing to outfox anyone tailing me

Secret Mission

And these Stucker boots, also from Ducknipple, make super sleuthing elegant in pink

Secret Mission


Dress: comes with necklace, from Ducknipple

Boots: Stucker Boots from Ducknipple

Hat: The Secret Hat from Donna Flora

Glasses: Soviet Sleeper glasses from Deco

Stockings: You’re So Vein tights from Djinn & Tonic

Hair: Miaa from Truth

Poses: from Dare and Still Life


Can’t read my,Can’t read my, No he can’t read my bloggerfayse…bl-bl-bl-bloggerfayse,bl-bl-bl-bloggerfayse  (Mum mum mum mah) bl-bl-bl-bloggerfayse,bl-bl-bl-bloggerfayse (Mum mum mum mah)

As I am a blogger that likes to keep abreast of current trends in fact anticipating them, I just knew I had to write this blog to keep you all educated. I’ve made sure to make this photo nice and shadowy because as you know this is a popular trend for now

You Can't Read My Bloggerfayse

I’ve just woken up, I love this t shirt so much I sleep in it. Hate the fucken cat.

You Can't Read My Bloggerfayse

Dressed and ready for a day cruising the grid. Someone called me a whore but I slapped that bitch down. Slut if you please, or hoochie. Its much more tasteful :D. Look closely, and you can almost see what I had for breakfast!

You Can't Read My Bloggerfayse

Close up of this really latest trend skin from Al Vulo. I found it in a toilet at some Garret. It’s amazing what you find in people’s shit. It was at a sale thing at Barcelona, which is named after Barcelona near Paris France, not to be confused with Paris Texas which is just a figment of someone’s imagination in a bad movie

You Can't Read My Bloggerfayse

Ready for an evening of scamming …err I mean working. Gotta get my blogging gear!

You Can't Read My Bloggerfayse

This is my pleading face, used successfully to bring great fashion to U! I especially love my fishy pout, it seems to get an immediate reaction!

You Can't Read My Bloggerfayse

Now this is definitely hot stuff, clothes coordinated with skin lippy. This is for hanging out with other not-very-successful bloggers where I boast about my stuff and name drop designers and event previews 😉

Credits So You can Spend Money, Suckers!

Skin: Al Vulo skins, one from the store here and one from The Fashion Garret

Pale Skin: Gum by Jesylilo


Blonde: Coralee II by Amacci

1st photo: Larissa by Amacci

3rd photo: Moon by Govil

6th photo: Sarita by Truth

7th photo: from BC322


Blue shoes: Pelaje pumps by Vive9

Boots: Puddle Stompers by AJA


Photo 1: T Shirt from Arnadi

Photo 2: Jeans from Khush, top from Silenced

Photo 4: Dress 1 from Son!a, Dress 2 from Khush, Top from Crazy, skirt from Garage

Photo 7: Bra and knickers from Luxuria, skirt from LINC


fag: Primitive Design, jewellery variously from A&A, Glow Studio, Shade Throne, The Fashion Garret, Zaara (ring), Lagyo , lashes from Cheap Makeup, teeth from Amacci

variously from Del May, Glitterati, Clique, Reasonable Desires, everglow

My shape is a custom job from Anara **Edit** Now available in store

Disclaimer: This post is written very tongue in cheek and is not intended to cause offence to anyone.

Today is a day to put doom and gloom, sadness and woe, misery and catastrophe, behind me.

Sunshine Follows Me

Wearing the beautiful Narcissus dress by Tram at Designers United 4, you can’t help feeling the world is a great place after all

Sunshine Follows Me

The dress, collar and head piece are included

Sunshine Follows Me

Dress detail

Sunshine Follows Me

Hair piece detail


Dress: Narcissus by Tram at Designers United 4

Umbrellas: both umbrellas shown by Weather Or Not

Shoes: c.edo by Truth

Skin: Valentina Opheliac by Ugly Duck

Poses: all poses by Del May

Hair: Kira by Dernier Cri at Hair Fair 2010

Big events opened this weekend, including Hair Fair 2010 and Designers United 4 – Narcissus. . I’ve combined a few things to make a Serenade on Mars

Serenade on Mars

Beautiful Narcissus dress from mijn.t. This dress has multiple optons included

Serenade on Mars

Accessorised with frilled socks, Hair piece and narcissus flowered chest piece. Shoes are c.edo by Truth
Serenade on Mars

Emmie Hair from Amacci at Hair Fair 2010


Dress: Narcissus from mijn.t at Designers United 4 – Narcissus.

Hair: Emmie by Amacci at Hair Fair 2010

Skin: Valentine Opheliac by Ugly Duck

Shoes: c.edo by Truth

Poses: All poses by Del May

The Blur

The blur between sleep and awake, the little death

The Blur

The realm of tattered remnants of dreams

The Blur

The knowing of a moment

The Blur

The Awakening


Skin: Valentina by Ugly Duck

Hair: Enix by Truth

Clothing: Her Ghost by Scribble at Blur

Photographed at Blur – A Mirror Installation


Allegory Malaprop
Apatia Hammerer
Bryn Oh
Daelia Dollinger
Jojorunoo Runo
Juliette Westerburg
Lyndyn Tzara
Miel Nirvana
Moo Money
Note Buaku
OMGWTF Barbecue
Radio Signals
Redd Columbia
Riki Yifu
Sanura Sakai
Selavy Oh
Serj Enoch
Sienia Trevellion
Stoic Ixchel
Surrealia Anatine
Vintage McMillain
And others.

I found this dress at Badoura Design – the skirt reminded me of bells so that is what I have named the post 🙂


The dress and bolero jacket come as two seperate pieces – Liah dress (new) and Glitter Bolero


Closer view shows you the rather lovely work in the prims which fit quite sleekly


My necklace is Shelly by KessKreations. KessKreations Shelly necklace is a large chain necklace with various charms hanging from it. It is scripted to texture change for a variety of options. The script was written specifically for KessKreations by Gigs Taggart, Linden Lab’s 2007 Hippo Award winner for Best Bughunter, and with sim resources in mind. this will be available from Etheria – When jewelers dream…. On June 13, 2010 at 3:00 p.m. join SL’s Dreamiest Jewelers for a very special & collaborative fashion event! Please go to KessKreations blog for landmark to this special event.

My hair is Nicola, new from Truth


The swingy bell skirt allows for good freedom of movement without embarrassing moments!


My perfectly matched shoes are Dream.booties from, with Cuffed socks in beige from Boom


Skin: Laura in Milk 2 from Ugly Duck

Hair: Nicola from Truth

Dress: Liah from Badoura Design

Jacket: Glitter Bolero from Badoura Design

Shoes: Dream Booties from

Socks: Cuffed Love Socks from Boom

Poses: All from my AO from Oracul

We all need our SL hair, and i have so much it drowns my inventory. I thought I’d share some of my favourites with you:


Poppyseed from !lamb


On the left and middle is Model 20 from W&Y, on the right is new Bella from I Love Olive


From left: Isa by I Love Olive, Wed by Miel, Star Me Kitten by Shag


All Clawtooth!

From left: Twinkle Toast, La La Lamb, more Twinkle Toast


Marnie by Truth


Dress from Ingenue

Jewellery: Travelers Charms by Yummy

Hair as credited:



I Love Olive




Skin: Laura Milk from Ugly Duck

June 2023



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