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An new exotic design from Sascha Frangilli, with an exotic name, ZieZo

~ ZieZo ~

Brilliant jewel-coloured dresses with a variety of skirt options

~ ZieZo ~

An exceptional design, elegant in its simplicity

~ ZieZo ~

A colour to suit every taste

~ ZieZo ~

I think the purple would have to be my favourite!

~ ZieZo ~

A close view of my beautiful neckalce from Alchemy Immortalis



Dress: ZieZo from Sascha’s Designs

Skin: Laura from Ugly Duck

Hair: Agata No. 5 from W&Y



) AI ( – “Ami amet deli pencet” French Brooch Necklace from Alchemy Immortalis

Rorschach Piece-raw emerald necklace from Alexander Fine Jewelry

Shooting Stars necklace from Bliensen

Crystal Bloom necklace from Paper Couture

Poses: Leafy

From a rugged field far away, i hear the gentle baaaaaaaing of sheep, calling me back to a place I know…

I Hear the Sheep Call My Name

The two has become three! Empress & Hierophant has gained a sister sim, Inis Caiseal

I fly to the sheep, and land at their feet, hitting the ground running. They appear to be only slightly peeved

I Hear the Sheep Call My Name

I Hear the Sheep Call My Name

We talk and talk, about changes that have ocurred and those that are yet to come. We talk as the sun goes down and day changes to night. Quoting directly from the creators, I am told

“I want to share the direction I am going in my builds because I welcome feedback directly. In the future I plan on adding a country pub, alongside a historical castle which I will use as my retail storefront. I plan on specialising in prefabs and building in a rustic country manner. The pub will likely be called “Three Sheeps to the Wynd”. This is mainly because I love the sheep and want them to have a humourous presence on the sim as they have on Empress. Haggis is not served in the pub.

Alchemy and I also want to sponser celtic folk artists in the future in the pub and in the centre of the new standing stone ring on Inis Caiseal. We’re interested in traditional session style events. If you can play fiddle, tin whistle, bodhran, and/or sing traditional folk songs please contact AlchemyImmortalis Cyannis. That is our joint business account and by archiving business related notecards and IMs there, it helps us organise better. Thank you”

I Hear the Sheep Call My Name

I receive quite a lecture from the Grand Dame sheep because of my infrequent visits in recent times, however I promise this will change

I Hear the Sheep Call My Name

she gently reminds me of the beauty here

I Hear the Sheep Call My Name

There’s nothing quite like a remote cottage upon sunset

I Hear the Sheep Call My Name

I am forgiven by all the sheep concerned, and bid a fond farewell, with a promise to return soooon


Location: Empress & Hierophant , Inis Caiseal

Skirt: High waist skirt Bella from G Field

Blouse: Silky blouse Charlotte in Ivory from G Field

Hair: Hathair from Gritty Kitty

Jewellery: ) AI ( – “Ami amet deli pencet” French Brooch from Alchemy Immortalis

Boots: ROT Test boots from Gutterblood Spoonhammer

I Gave My Love

I gave my love a diamond, a ten cent stone,
I gave her lonely teardrops and nights alone.

I Gave My Love

I gave my love a promise that had no truth,
What good is a promise without no truth ?

I Gave My Love

I gave my love a fortune in silver and gold,
I gave it to her lie by lie by lie by lie that I had told

I Gave My Love

I gave my love a story that had no end,
What good is a story that’s got no end ?

I Gave My Love

Goodbye baby,
I’m feelin’ so alone I’m movin’ on.

I Gave My Love

Ghosts of memories


Dress: ‘Marry’ from RFyre

Jewellery: “Ami amet deli pencet” French Brooch Necklace and Dangle earrings from Alchemy Immortalis

Hair: UPP382 by BooN

Skin: Lucy with grape doll lips from Ugly Duck

Poses: Del May and

Lyrics from Van Morrison – I Gave My Love A Diamond

Nardya Rousselot has some new releaases at her store – dresses and shoes, all beautifully coordinated too ๐Ÿ˜€

New at Nardcotix

The Victoria dress, richly textured scarlet, perfectly offsets my Ugly Duck skin( number 8 from the Gacha)

New at Nardcotix

Split skirt permits the new release shoes to display – these are Rebekah pumps in Strawberry

New at Nardcotix

This is the best pixie style of hair I have seen yet

New at Nardcotix

Rebekah range of shoes available in various colours

New at Nardcotix

The exotic Andaluz dress complete with headdress


All clothing and shoes from Nardcotix

Skin: Ugly Duck Gacha No. 8

Hair: Nick (boy hair) from Uncleweb Studio

Jewellery: “Ami amet deli pencet” necklace and earrings from Alchemy Immortalis

Lashes: No Alpha lashes No.4 from Miamai

I’ve been going through my inventory and discovered quite an array of stunning gowns I have accumulated over the past months. Considering the post-Christmas budgetry issues that always happen this year, I thought I’d show you some of the things I have unearthed. These designs are from Azul

*~*New Year Party Time*~*

This delicate cocktail length dress, ‘Josephine Leger’ is so whimsical and light, it floats around you. I have added purple ballet shoes from DeLa and jewellery from my old favourite, Muse. The hair is a new release from Detour which I spotted on Cajsa’s blog yesterday

*~*New Year Party Time*~*

A close up of the Dauphine jewellery from Muse. The skin is the ‘Bella Painted – blue eye shadow with grape doll lips’ from Ugly Duck. My lovely lashes are from Miamai

The second dress, Aida, is shown full length.

*~*New Year Party Time*~*

I have added the stunning jewellery from Alchemy Immortalis, “Ami amet deli pencet” French Brooch Necklace and Vine Earrings and used the options to alter the metal to silver.

*~*New Year Party Time*~*

This skin is the Bella – Painted (green eyeshadow – blue doll lips) from Ugly Duck, lashes again from Miamai.

I hope my photos give you some ideas for your own inventory raid. You’d probably be surprised to see what you unearth ๐Ÿ™‚

New hair from Kavar Cleanslate of Exile. This is Monica style


Available in a multitude of colours, however this sets of the Sasha Skin from Adam n Eve


New release clothing from Phoenix Rising


Photographed at Empress & Hierophant



Hair: Monica from Exile

Skin: Sasha from Adam n Eve

Boots: Enginner boots from J’s

Clothes: Brittany from Phoenix Rising

Jewellery: from Alchemy Immortalis

The road, still winding up and on
Over the bare, brown endless hills
Is empty now. The sheep are gone,
And slowly silence comes and fills
The trees, the hills, the hour, the day
With something far more sweet than sound.
While on the sky-line far away
A filmy saffron veil is found.
And slowly now the sun goes down
And gradual shade with gentle hand
Soothes with a smile the fretful frown
And brusque hot-temper of the land.

โ€”Isobel Andrews


Eventide at Alchemy Immortalis


The incomparable comfort of an open hearth


The Lady of the House


Ready for the Ball


Dress: Evening Splendor in Forest Green by Deliverance

Hair: Cajsa in Treacle by Truth

Skin: Beach Osprey by Curio

Jewellery: Ami amet deli pencet French Brooch Necklace and Earrings by Alchemy Immortalis

Here follows and example of New Zealand contemporary music. This is because the beauty of the Alchemy Immortalis sims remind me so much of where I live, New Zealand.

The Last Day of June – Jonny Love (A local boy;))

I return again to visit my Friends The Sheep, as I have heard on the grapevine that a choir is being formed, and as I love to sing, I am anxious to try out. I’m quite confident that my years of singing in the shower will hold me in good stead.

Singing In The Rain

The sheep seem quite happy to allow me to do a bit of conducting to begin with.

Singing In The Rain

It’s easy to harmonise with bleatings, once I pick up the Rhythm

Singing In The Rain

Suddenly the happy bleatings change to cries of pain. “Cease and desist!” they cry, “who ever told you that you could sing? It’s no more than caterwauling!”

Singing In The Rain

Humbled by the sheep, I ponder for a while, humming a little tune to myself.


Dress: Colleen in Red by Surf Couture

Jewelry: Cube shell necklace and earrings, no longer available

Hair: Baby’s on Fire by !Lamb

Skin: Suntan Misty Fuschia by League

Photographed at the Beautifully growing Empress and Hierophant Bed and Breakfast!

I bought a lovely princess dress from Deviance a few days ago, whilst on one of those fun shopping trips with some girlfriends. Justice Infinity was wearing new leather pants, totally awesome, so she TPed me and Sasy Scarborough to the store. Well, what a find this was – incredible textures on a fairly small collection. Lovely gowns and fairy/elf costumes, the amazing leather pants, and some other delicacies.

I photographed this at the home of The Dream Merchants, and became immediately surrounded by sheep, hence the title of the post ๐Ÿ™‚

Meet The Sheep

I get the feeling I’m being lectured by a sheep

Meet The Sheep

I made the mistake of labelling the sheep as Suffolk, rather than Swaledale cross. For my error I have my ear chewed out.

Meet The Sheep

I promise not to do it again, and make my excuses to run off.

Meet The Sheep

Just in time to change clothes and accept a lovely fresh apple that a kindly old lady brought to my door ๐Ÿ™‚

Only For Sheep from The Bureau. I could not resist adding this, it charted at number 6 in Australia back in the 80s and I loved it. A british band consisting of ex-Dexys, I don’t think it charted there. Says something about Australians, maybe ๐Ÿ˜‰


Ist Photos:

Dress: EveningMajesty in Blue by Deviance

Jewelry: Earrings and Necklace “Ami amet deli pencet” by AlchemyImmortalis

Hair: Darci in Brown by Adam n Eve

Skin: Suntan Misty in Silver by League

2nd Costume photo:

Dress: Snow White by Deviance

Hair: Linda in Treacle by Truth

Photographed in the ever growing sims of Alchemy Immortalis and Empress and Hireophant. You should pay a visit, it’s simply stunning and very inspirational to watch these talented makers at work! Find it here

p.s. If you’re in the subscribe-o group, you can get your very own sheep avatar ๐Ÿ™‚

Hey Mr Dreamseller, where have you been,
tell me have you dreams I can see?
I came along, just to bring you this song,
Can you spare one dream for me?


Again I return to the realm of The Dream Merchants, to revel in the growing environment being created.

You won’t have met me, and you’ll soon forget me,
so don’t mind me tugging at your sleeve.
I’m asking you, if I can fix a rendezvous.
For your dreams are all I believe.


This world is growing before my eyes…

Meet me on the corner when the lights are coming on,
and I’ll be there, I promise I’ll be there.
Down the empty streets we’ll disappear until the dawn
if you have dreams enough to share.


I find a notice nailed to a post – this is intriguing

Lay down your bundles, of rags and reminders,
and spread your wares on the ground.
Well I’ve got time, if you deal in rhyme,
I’m just hanging around.


I know I must return soon, to see the magic created by Dream Merchants, Alchemy and Immortalis Cyannis


Dress: Glory in Champagne, fishing prize (13 pieces) at Sn@tch

Hair: Moon in Charcoal by Maitreya

Skin: Suntan Misty ~ Apricot Glow from League

Shoes: Malama in Gold by R2

Photographed at the marrying up of two sims, Alchemy Immortalis and Empress and Hierophant

Lyrics: ‘Meet Me On the Corner’ by Lindisfarne from the album Fog On the Tyne (1971)

June 2023



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