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Dancing on my rooftop, courtesy of group gifts….

Suburban Ballerina

This dress from the Vinyl Cafe Addicts group, is free now

Suburban Ballerina

the shoes which are not free, are from The Abyss

Suburban Ballerina

The skin is the group gift from Ugly Duck

Note – the hair is not free. I have also added my own knickers as there are no glitch panties with this garment.


Dress: Ballerina group gift dress from Vinyl Cafe

Skin: Blue Lily from Ugly Duck

Shoes: Hydrogen ballet shoes from The Abyss

Hair: Iren from Boudoir

Poses: Black Swan series from Clique

I’ve a variety of interesting things to show you today…

A Springy step

New hair from Elikatira and jewellery from a new store on the Elikatira sim, Je Suis

A Springy step

A really colourful set of dresses, or tunics as I prefer, from the Sn@tch riot-vend. This was indeed a bargain, and well worth your while to join the Sn@tch VIP group in world for notices of bargains, new releases etc. Ivey is a most generous creator!

A Springy step

Yes, these are cats on my leggings, which I purchased some time back from GATO. The boots are a FLF from Reek

A Springy step


Tunic/dress: Shiki from Sn@tch

Leggings: Cats from GATO

Hair: Paper (new) from Elikatira

Jewellery: Douce from Je Suis, which you can reach from the TP point at Elikatira

Boots: Boston boots from Reek

Poses: by Clique

An eloquently simple dress from Elate to welcome the northern spring and summer. Eve is beautifully made with blended prims and subtle shading.

Eva in Spring

Combined with a casual hair style from Lelutka

Eva in Spring


Dress: Eva Spring from Elate

Jewellery: Luxury Necklace from Glow Studios for The Dressing Room

Hair: Wilamina from Lelutka Hair

Poses: Dawn at Pose Fair 2011 and Clique


Can’t read my,Can’t read my, No he can’t read my bloggerfayse…bl-bl-bl-bloggerfayse,bl-bl-bl-bloggerfayse  (Mum mum mum mah) bl-bl-bl-bloggerfayse,bl-bl-bl-bloggerfayse (Mum mum mum mah)

As I am a blogger that likes to keep abreast of current trends in fact anticipating them, I just knew I had to write this blog to keep you all educated. I’ve made sure to make this photo nice and shadowy because as you know this is a popular trend for now

You Can't Read My Bloggerfayse

I’ve just woken up, I love this t shirt so much I sleep in it. Hate the fucken cat.

You Can't Read My Bloggerfayse

Dressed and ready for a day cruising the grid. Someone called me a whore but I slapped that bitch down. Slut if you please, or hoochie. Its much more tasteful :D. Look closely, and you can almost see what I had for breakfast!

You Can't Read My Bloggerfayse

Close up of this really latest trend skin from Al Vulo. I found it in a toilet at some Garret. It’s amazing what you find in people’s shit. It was at a sale thing at Barcelona, which is named after Barcelona near Paris France, not to be confused with Paris Texas which is just a figment of someone’s imagination in a bad movie

You Can't Read My Bloggerfayse

Ready for an evening of scamming …err I mean working. Gotta get my blogging gear!

You Can't Read My Bloggerfayse

This is my pleading face, used successfully to bring great fashion to U! I especially love my fishy pout, it seems to get an immediate reaction!

You Can't Read My Bloggerfayse

Now this is definitely hot stuff, clothes coordinated with skin lippy. This is for hanging out with other not-very-successful bloggers where I boast about my stuff and name drop designers and event previews 😉

Credits So You can Spend Money, Suckers!

Skin: Al Vulo skins, one from the store here and one from The Fashion Garret

Pale Skin: Gum by Jesylilo


Blonde: Coralee II by Amacci

1st photo: Larissa by Amacci

3rd photo: Moon by Govil

6th photo: Sarita by Truth

7th photo: from BC322


Blue shoes: Pelaje pumps by Vive9

Boots: Puddle Stompers by AJA


Photo 1: T Shirt from Arnadi

Photo 2: Jeans from Khush, top from Silenced

Photo 4: Dress 1 from Son!a, Dress 2 from Khush, Top from Crazy, skirt from Garage

Photo 7: Bra and knickers from Luxuria, skirt from LINC


fag: Primitive Design, jewellery variously from A&A, Glow Studio, Shade Throne, The Fashion Garret, Zaara (ring), Lagyo , lashes from Cheap Makeup, teeth from Amacci

variously from Del May, Glitterati, Clique, Reasonable Desires, everglow

My shape is a custom job from Anara **Edit** Now available in store

Disclaimer: This post is written very tongue in cheek and is not intended to cause offence to anyone.

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