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Today’s post is named after the blusher maker up layer made by Fade Lei of Ugly Duck. she has recently released lip tattoos: this is to be followed by more blush tattoos and eye makeup tattoos.




And of course, I had to find a pretty dress to go with this look. Sn@tch has some of the most delicately made dresses, always beautifully textured, and in quite an array of colours.


I was very pleased to find this delicate necklace, from Undefined Lilies, a new store for me.


Hair: Lucia in Ivory from Truth

Skin: Swan – Emily from Ugly Duck

Tattoo Layers: Blushroom blusher and lips from Ugly Duck

Dress: Junior Prom dress in powder blue from Sn@tch

Shoes: Babvy Ts in silver from Pixel Mode

Poses: all poses from !Bang

Necklace: Spring Has Fever from Undefined Lilies

Nails: Japanese Soul Blue from Candy Nail

Once you have your new Andrej skin and shape that I blogged here, you need to dress him up. I’ve tried a range of different looks, here’s the first:

About The Boy

Hair is from Buried, earring from Gems n Kisses

About The Boy

Shirt from Cheerno

About The Boy

Pants from Sn@tch, boots from Hoorenbeek


Skin and shape, Andrej, from Ugly Duck

Hair: Cody from Buried

Shirt: T shirt Lux from Cheerno

Pants: Striped Lyric Jeans from Sn@tch

Boots: Earthkeeper from Hoorenbeek

Earring: Ankh in gold from Gems n Kisses at Accessories Fair 2011

Poses: All poses from Del May

As my part of the world wanders into the autumn months and the northern summer surges, we all enjoy sunny days, for at least a while

Sunny Days

My dress is available from Sn@tch at Culture Shock. I’ve matched this with the ribbon leggings from Atomic, and some spirited shoes from Action

Sunny Days

The luscious hat hair is new from KIK, the hat coming with multiple colour options. My magical skin is of course from the new series from Ugly Duck

Sunny Days


Dress: Sarah Jane by Sn@tch at Culture Shock

Leggings: Ribbon leggings by Atomic

Hair: Madelyn IV by KIK

Skin: Swan – Emily – neutral by Ugly Duck

Poses: Behavior Body

Shoes: Retro MJs by Action

I’ve a variety of interesting things to show you today…

A Springy step

New hair from Elikatira and jewellery from a new store on the Elikatira sim, Je Suis

A Springy step

A really colourful set of dresses, or tunics as I prefer, from the Sn@tch riot-vend. This was indeed a bargain, and well worth your while to join the Sn@tch VIP group in world for notices of bargains, new releases etc. Ivey is a most generous creator!

A Springy step

Yes, these are cats on my leggings, which I purchased some time back from GATO. The boots are a FLF from Reek

A Springy step


Tunic/dress: Shiki from Sn@tch

Leggings: Cats from GATO

Hair: Paper (new) from Elikatira

Jewellery: Douce from Je Suis, which you can reach from the TP point at Elikatira

Boots: Boston boots from Reek

Poses: by Clique

As the northern spring arrives, designers are showing us their honed skills, and also their ability to price extremely reasonably. I’ve shown you a few selections below:

A Nice Spring Frock

This dress I acquired as part of the Mix n Match hunt, from AT Design. Its been blogged elsewhere, but it is such a refreshing dress I had to show it too.

A Nice Spring Frock

This little gem is from Bottlebird for this weeks Project Themeory. I am assured that all sculpts used are made by the designer, not pre purchased blanks!

A Nice Spring Frock

This Collete skirt is new from Sn@tch and comes in a pack with a range of colours. I’ve teamed it with the Nylon Outfitters ‘Inner Ballerina’ tank

A Nice Spring Frock

This Barrens dress is also from Sn@tch, and although not a new release, I’ve included because it such a lovely floaty dress, with detailed drapery across the back.


1st Photo – hunt prize from AT Design

2nd photo: Jive dress from Bottlebird

3rd photo: Collette skirt from Sn@tch with tank from Nylon Outfitters outfit, Inner Ballerina

4th photo: Barrens dress from Sn@tch

Jewellery: from Magic Nook, Glow Studios, Artilleri

Hair: Evangeline from Exile

Poses: LAP Gown poses

While spending a pleasant evening at Sn@tch a few nights ago, trying to fish all the pieces of the Glory dress ( shown here), I couldn’t help but camera around the store. I spied a treasure I just HAD to have!

The Apprentice

Beautifully drawn with a fine attention to detail, this compliments perfectly my yummy shoes from Indyra Originals

The Apprentice

These photographs are taken at my old stomping ground, Hobo Island. I received a TP from an old friend and jumped at the opportunity to revisit.

The Apprentice

We settle in comfy chairs to watch some old episodes of “Dragnet” woohoo!

The Apprentice

Time to go, so I waved a cheery goodbye 😀


Dress: The Apprentice by Sn@tch

Shoes: Coquette Noir by Indyra Originals

Hair: Drucilla in Black – Midnight by Sirena

Jewelry: Necklace and Earrings No. 122 by Kraftika

Skin: Suntan Misty Twilight by League

Photographed at Hobo Island

Sometimes it’s important to remember your roots.

Hey Mr Dreamseller, where have you been,
tell me have you dreams I can see?
I came along, just to bring you this song,
Can you spare one dream for me?


Again I return to the realm of The Dream Merchants, to revel in the growing environment being created.

You won’t have met me, and you’ll soon forget me,
so don’t mind me tugging at your sleeve.
I’m asking you, if I can fix a rendezvous.
For your dreams are all I believe.


This world is growing before my eyes…

Meet me on the corner when the lights are coming on,
and I’ll be there, I promise I’ll be there.
Down the empty streets we’ll disappear until the dawn
if you have dreams enough to share.


I find a notice nailed to a post – this is intriguing

Lay down your bundles, of rags and reminders,
and spread your wares on the ground.
Well I’ve got time, if you deal in rhyme,
I’m just hanging around.


I know I must return soon, to see the magic created by Dream Merchants, Alchemy and Immortalis Cyannis


Dress: Glory in Champagne, fishing prize (13 pieces) at Sn@tch

Hair: Moon in Charcoal by Maitreya

Skin: Suntan Misty ~ Apricot Glow from League

Shoes: Malama in Gold by R2

Photographed at the marrying up of two sims, Alchemy Immortalis and Empress and Hierophant

Lyrics: ‘Meet Me On the Corner’ by Lindisfarne from the album Fog On the Tyne (1971)

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