Prelude’s Foyer is the new group announcing releases and information for the newly re-opened Prelude Mainstore. Joining is free for now but will incur a 150L fee any day now, so hurry!

The New Season

A new release, Caraibes Soleil above and below, jewellery from A&A

The New Season

The New Season

Disco Rouge, also available in other colours

The New Season

Double Jeu Violet with 3 skirt variations. Jewellery by Alamood

The New Season

Jewellery by A&A


All skins from Ugly Duck

Blonde hair: Nisha from Mirone

Red Hair: Ogre girl from *BC322 Skull&Bones* Hair

Boots: Prestige Boots from Bax Coen Designs

All clothing from Prelude Mainstore

Jewellery where stated from Alamood

Jewellery where stated from A&A

Poses from Geez and Miyoko at Pose Fair 2010