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Some time today, according to Tizzy Teardrop:

“Linden Lab decided it would be a good idea to completely wipe everything Woodbury related from the grid this morning including our group, all of our sims, and all of our upper management.”

rip woodbury

These are the Woodbury University sims, shown as offline. My understanding is that the group has also been disbanded and many accounts perma banned.

Further info here

Uniform issues, please direct to me

[Emerald] 1626 Release Candidate

“According to Linden Lab’s policy here
On the 30th of April you will not be allowed to connect to the SL grid unless you use a TPVP complaint viewer.
You must download and use Emerald version 1634, please install it from here
Use of version 1634 puts your viewer in complete compliance with the TOS and the TPVP, so you can continue to enjoy Emerald far into the future.”

Download of new compliant viewer is available here

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