Time to prepare for Summer shopping; lazy hazy days, blissfully browsing stores with friends and finding bargains along the way

Summer Shopping

One of a series of Soft Pastel shirts from Ohmai for the opening of Pookie’s, paired with the new denim skirt from Pixeldolls, shoes from Truth

Summer Shopping

Top from Cockles, Featherprint dress from Tee*fy with cropped cardy from UFO, Spring Green dress from UFO

Summer Shopping

Chalk Dress from Tee*fy, Vintage Flower in pink from UFO

Summer Shopping

Tess from UFO

Summer Shopping

Pastel tops from Ohmai – paired with new denim skirt from Pixeldolls

Summer Shopping


UFO available here

Cockles available here

Tee*fy available here

Ohmai available here

Oh my Mohawk hair available here

Cherry C.Edo shoes from Truth here

Rose Dianthus shoes from Ingenue here

Laura skin from Ugly Duck available here

Poses from Fine Line here

Poses from my AO from SLC available here