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Polaire Aeghin has released the first Prelude gift, it is available in store by clicking the photograph at the front desk.

The Gift

Comme au Cinema Noir

The Gift

The Gift


Clothing from Prelude

Hair: Juliette by Exile

Skin: Laura by Ugly Duck

Shoes: Silvera by DeLa

Stockings: Shop Toshy

Jewellery: Victorian Locket and earrings from Dark Mouse

Poses: Adorkable

Prelude’s Foyer is the new group announcing releases and information for the newly re-opened Prelude Mainstore. Joining is free for now but will incur a 150L fee any day now, so hurry!

The New Season

A new release, Caraibes Soleil above and below, jewellery from A&A

The New Season

The New Season

Disco Rouge, also available in other colours

The New Season

Double Jeu Violet with 3 skirt variations. Jewellery by Alamood

The New Season

Jewellery by A&A


All skins from Ugly Duck

Blonde hair: Nisha from Mirone

Red Hair: Ogre girl from *BC322 Skull&Bones* Hair

Boots: Prestige Boots from Bax Coen Designs

All clothing from Prelude Mainstore

Jewellery where stated from Alamood

Jewellery where stated from A&A

Poses from Geez and Miyoko at Pose Fair 2010

Purple Street

Waiting for a bus

Purple Street

Danger? There’s no danger here….

Purple Street

A sound?

Purple Street

A movement in the shadows


Skin: Lisa – Purple by Ugly Duck

Hair: Bea by Pocket Mirrors

Outfit: Estelle – dress and hat by Prelude

Jewellery: Spider Set by Donna Flora

Shoes: Chunky Maryjanes by Evoke

Stockings: Wrinkled silk stockings by Sheer

Bag: Leeza purse in liquid gold by Pixel Mode

Poses: All poses by /Geez at Pose Fair 2010

Polaire Aeghin of Prelude is having a sale that you really need to see, there are bargains aplenty.

Prelude is having a Sale

All the shops are discounted (except the Collection Privée) at very low prices, 40L, 50L, 100L.

Prelude is having a Sale

A small sampling of what you can find

Prelude is having a Sale

Variety of colours and styles

Prelude is having a Sale

For the entire montrh of January!

All the stores have sales:

Prelude Main Store

Prelude at Copley Square

Prelude at Malt Village


All clothing from Preule, see links above

Hair: Alex from Maitreya

Shoes: Silvera from DeLa

Skin: Lucy from Ugly Duck

This week marks the 3rd anniversary of my entry into this virtual world. I was so busy, the day passed before I realised, so I had a sort of remembrance of the past three years a little belatedly.

I arrived in world when the maximum avatars peaked at 13,000 on the best days, when crashing was a very regular event, when I thought graphics were restricted to about 5 colours because I had such a crappy graphics card, before voice, before the great influx of European people, long before the arrival of people from the Asian countries, and when the maximum frame rate I achieved fluctuated between 2 and 4. I look back and wonder what it was that drove me to keep coming back, as it was actually quite difficult with the computer I had at the time. I’m quite sure I was convinced that I had discovered a great thing, having been a chat junkie for years, I saw this as the next evolutionary step that I needed to take.

The Prelude

Pretty pretty Wisteria dress from Prelude

The Prelude

scrumptious textures!

The Prelude

In my world, spring is on the way 😀 – Sorbet Dress

The Prelude

Perfect for dancing the night away – Ambrosia

The Prelude


All clothing from Prelude

Hair: All hair from

Skin: Beach 2 from Curio

Shoes: purple Chi Chi pumps by Maitreya

Shoes: Fresh Pink shoes from Pixel Mode

Shoes: Mahie in Orange from R2

Jewellery: L’Chaim Necklace and Earrings from Earthstones

And finally, a thank you to all the people I have met during the past 3 years. It is you who brought me back, again and again. Through friendships, disagreements, debates, discussions, creations, artistry, exhuberance and joy, I would not have missed it for the world!

I watched Chakryn Forest being built a couple of years ago now, with much love and endless energy of Bettina Tizzy. It has grown since I first saw it, so there is so much more now through which to wander.


Come with me! Let us commune with the Water Elemental and undertake a grand heroic quest of epic proportions:


A beautful sim for photographic shoots, Chakryn Forest is well worth a visit. You can also enjoy the quest/game laid out there.


I am wearing:-

Dress – Twiggy Red by Polaire Aeghin of Prelude

Hair – Linda by Truth

Photographed at the Beautiful Chakryn Forest

July 2020



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