Rachel is one of three new lines from skin designer Fade Lei. Her store Ugly Duck is brim full of new releases, including more great group gifts!

Introducing Rachel

Here is Rachel, styled by Donna Flora for dress and hair. Chunky red shoes by Evoke

Introducing Rachel

A sashay of Rachels!

Introducing Rachel

And Rachel being a little moody.

And if you’ve ever wondered how Fade makes her lovely makeups, below is a hint, and the models don’t look too happy

Introducing Rachel

These skins are the latest group gift


All skins by Ugly Duck

Dress: Jazzy by Donna Flora

Hair: Isabel by Donna Flora

Shoes: Chunky cherry maryjanes by Evoke

Glasses: Demolition glasses by Shade Throne

Earrings: Hard Knock earrings in red glitter from Shade Throne