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I enjoyed the Albero Home & Garden shopping experience today, and thoroughly enjoyed wandering through the stores, which featured furniture, housing, decorations for your home, accessories and more. A few things caught my eye particularly…

Albero Home & Garden - Izzy and Trace

This delightfully whimsical piece, the Suitcase Shelf from Arcade is a perfect table piece for your home, sure to be a talking piece. The case opens and closes on touch, and has a discrete collection inside

Albero Home & Garden - Izzy and Trace

The Dreadfully Bored table comes with elegantly bored leaning pose in the table. Also available from Izzy’s store, Arcade

Albero Home & Garden - Izzy and Trace

I then slipped next door to Trace Osterham’s Theosophy, where I picked up some Really Useful tables. This is one, with the Rog Jeleni photo stand atop. you can add your own photos here

Albero Home & Garden - Izzy and Trace

The second part of the Berwick console package

Definitely worth a visit in your leisure time, to update your decor or simply add those accessories you’ve always wanted. You will find (Elate!) Home,Artilleri Home,The Loft,True Love Never Die,Phi,Blah to Wah,Theosophy,=HooT=
Turnip’s Homes & Stuff,Rootbeer,Penny Dreadful Arcade (yardsale),Beloved,Abode,Molto Bene!,MIASNOW,Napoliy,blonde*,:::teal:::…and more!

Albero Home & Garden

Fade Lei from Ugly Duck has done it again, with her new range, themed ‘Le Cirque Diabolique’.

Le Cirque Diabolique

the Bone Dancer

Le Cirque Diabolique

The Razor Eater

Le Cirque Diabolique

The Mime

Le Cirque Diabolique

The Lion Tamer

Le Cirque Diabolique

The Clown

***Photographs used with kind permission of Fade Lei***

Originals can ber seen at her flickr page

All skins include a number of varieties in the pack, and also eyes.

Available at Fade Lei’s Cirque Diabolique, part of the Ugly Duck store

*~*Originals Fair*~*

Only 36 hours or so to get yourself here and see some amazing original content!


Also, only 1 day to get your answers to me in world for this competition….

*~*Originals Fair*~* Competition Too!

Photgraph 1

*~*Originals Fair*~*

Photograph 2


If you can correctly guess the designer of each garment and accessory shown (excluding skin and hair), put your answer in a notecard, labelled like this:-

Photograph 1 – 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc
Photograph 2 – 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc

and drop it to me in world – Arabella Steadham. The correct notecards will go into a draw and the first drawn will be awarded as follows:-

1st drawn – $2,000L!

2nd drawn – $1000L!

3rd drawn – $500

4th drawn – $500

Hurry, not much time left!

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