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[Emerald] 1626 Release Candidate

For your viewing pleasure, another release from Emerald. Go here for Emerald_Viewer_1.23.5.1632

Go here for release notes

Fade Lei from Ugly Duck has made multiple releases this week. I truly believe she draws and paints until her eyes bleed…

The New Ugly Duck

Rachel – a soft delicate skin, the darkest tone yet from Fade. Her skins are not overly stylised nor high glam fashion. In my opinion, thse faces particularly have a refreshingly natural look, with skin blemishes such as moles and tired eyes.

The New Ugly Duck

The new range includes Beth and Emily along with Rachel. Beth and Emily are made specifically for blonde, red and brunette har, and the skin tones reflect this.

The New Ugly Duck

Each pack includes a variety of makeups, including two lip shapes. Both are beautiful! I will post further on these skins over the coming days.

Meanwhile, take a trip to Ugly Duck and see for yourself the natural beauty of these skins


All skins from Ugly Duck

Hair: Kelly from Zero Style

Earrings: Silver bamboo heart earrings from Shade Throne

Skirt: Larin skirt from Zaara

Shirts by Zaara

Tank by 5th & Oxford

From Lindenlab….

Today, in addition to the Viewer 2 Beta, we are announcing the launch of the Third-Party Viewer Directory and the Third Party Viewer Policy governing third-party viewers in general. Last year, we announced these efforts in blog posts on Our Content Management Road Map and Upcoming Third-Party Viewer Policy. Since then we have collected a great deal of important feedback from Residents, merchants, and third-party developers alike, all of which has helped guide our development and decisions on the new Third-Party Viewer Directory and Policy.

The goals of the policy and program are to:

* Prevent Residents’ passwords from being stolen
* Protect Residents from griefing and other harmful conduct
* Guard against intellectual property infringement
* Preserve our ability to provide you with high-quality service
* Involve the community in evaluating third-party viewers
* Create a visible repository for alternative viewers with novel and interesting applications

Read it all here

The new viewer 2.0 is out now! As a beta release, you can get it here

Here’s a quick look:-

2.0 IS HERE!

Obviously I still have to tweak my settings somewhat. I am showing you the interface to give you an idea

2.0 IS HERE!

Best advice I can give – download it and play with it before jumping to conclusions. And enjoy!

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