Its friday night in my part of the world. On the way home from work this evening, I stayed on my bus and finished up at New Brighton, so I hopped off and went for a walk along the boardwalk. Children, seagulls, skateboys, surfers, families – they were all there. I love this time of the evening in summer.

I came home and thought I would take some photos in world to try and capture the moment. I’ve played around with lighting and effects. All these photos taken at Juicy Boardwalk.

Along The Boardwalk

I’ve tried to capture the fading light at sunset.

Along The Boardwalk

Tufty clouds skittering, rich blue darkening to night, a hint of pink in the sunset

Along The Boardwalk

I think this one is where I was possessed by aliens


Shirt: Bologna by Crazy

Jeans: Rock n roll jeans by * RezIpsa Loc *

Hair: Anna 10am by * RezIpsa Loc *

Glasses: The Demolition Glasses by Shade Throne

Skin: Rachel by Ugly Duck