One of the first things I purchased Inworldz some months back was a dress by Carrie Snowpaw’s Snowpaw Fashions. Carrie’s dresses have as delicate, floaty look to them, and I will show you a few today:

Snowpaw Dresses

Tulip dress

Snowpaw Dresses

Left: Luscious Flower, Centre: Hush top and skirt, Right: Tulip dress

Snowpaw Dresses

It was pleasing to see that Idiosyncracy has ventured forth to Inworldz, and this morning offered a Black Friday sale, where I purchased this Ella skin set. I am also wearing Damiana hair from Chickie, also offered on sale today

Credits: Skin: Ella Black Friday Sale from Idiosyncracy

Hair: Damiana from Chichickie

Jewellery: Greenman necklace from AFantasy

Dresses: All dresses from Snowpaw Fasions

All stores and landmarks are Inworldz