Inworldz is undergoing huge development, and during the next two months or so, will see major improvements:

a) compatability enhancements for many avatars (now in beta)

b) script engine enhancements to support physics and better control over the scripts themselves to prevent resource hogging and other bad script behaviors

c) Nvidia physX engine – physics work to begin in January and hopefully be completed within 30 days

All this combined means that by early next year, Inworldz will be capable of supporting involved Role Playing sims, weaponry, Combat sims, spacecraft, majot art installations along with much more. Are you ready to move your business into Inworldz?

Pulse and Emo-tions have been Inworldz for some time now, both having released new RP themed products which I will showcase over the next week or so. These are high quality, sure to enhance any RP you can dream. If you are considering such a move, please feel free to contact me inworld or at for advice on developing and marketing your business.

Are You Ready?

Infinity outfit, Donna hair

Are You Ready?

Intricate detailing

Are You Ready?

Head piece included

Are You Ready?


Outfit shown is infinity from Emo-tions

Hair: Donna from Emo-tions

Skin: Rouge by Pulse

Poses: Luth Brodie at Crux and Fine Caliber

Photographed at JTL sim, Amethyst Isle

All products and landmarks are Inworldz