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Not a great fan of All Hallows Eve, however I did find a couple of really lovely gowns that could be in theme.

Bewitching Gowns

Le Noir Rose from Pulse

Bewitching Gowns

with hair from Emo-tions

Bewitching Gowns

Melusian Gown from Evie’s Closet, half price today!

Bewitching Gowns

With new hair Fable from Emo-tions

Bewitching Gowns


Le Noir Rose dress from Pulse

Melusian Dress on sale from Evie’s Closet

Skin: Life series Rouge from Pulse

Hair: All hair from Emo-tions

Jewellery from Alyssa Bijoux

All landmarks are Inworldz

Lorac Farella of Pulse has created the Winter line of beautiful skins, with the male companion line of Solstice. I will show you only the Winter line here – to see Solstice, go to her store in Inworldz

Winter From Pulse

This is the full range of Tone 1 Winter

Winter From Pulse

Dress is new from Evie’s Closet, hair by Emo-tions

Winter From Pulse

Wings included in dress outfit

Winter From Pulse


Dress + Wings: Will O The Wisp from Evie’s Closet

Skin: Winter series from Pulse

Hair: Dala from Emo-tions

Updo hair: from Deviant Designs

Poses: All poses from Luth at Crux

All designs shown are available Inworldz

I’ve been a bit fixated on white lately, not sure why. Anyway, here we go….

Whiter than White

This dress I have blogged previously, but its just so sweet I had to do it again.

Whiter than White

And the yummy boots, quite pleased to find them in white

Whiter than White

With a special hair decoration…


Dress: June dress from Durga Designs

Boots: Bliss boots in white from Deviant Designs

Jewellery: Deb pearls from Debutante

Skin: Gina from Pulse

Hair decoration: hmm I wonder who has a motif of a lotus…

Fake is a great little store in Inworldz, a clothing line created by Dream Resistance. Here are a few of her things:

It's Definitely Fake

Haida tank and purple cords

It's Definitely Fake

Sooshee top

It's Definitely Fake

Purple draped top

It's Definitely Fake

Dayz dress

It's Definitely Fake


All clothing from Fake – Eclectic Style for Women by Dream Resistance Inworldz

Skin: Gina range from Pulse

Hair: Belinda hair and hair base from Deviant Designs

Jewllery: from Earthstones

Poses from A Fine Line – coming soon to Inworldz

All landmarks shown refer to the Inworldz grid. You will need to go to Inworldz to make an account to log in.

Journeying across Inworldz today, i found a great store with great clothes – Sassy! Here’s a few of my finds…

Putting The Ass in Sassy

Hair and Booths from Adam n Eve, Wet n Wild tank from Sassy!

Putting The Ass in Sassy

Two variations, Dazzle

Putting The Ass in Sassy

A trio of one shouldered tops

Putting The Ass in Sassy

Lavender open heart sweat and pants set

Putting The Ass in Sassy

Closer view of the perfect hair from Adam n Eve to offset my skin from Pulse, Isabella II


All clothing from Sassy!

Skin: Isabella II from Pulse

Silver jewellery: from Pen’s Gems

Gold jewellery: from Durga Designs

Hair: Red – Cristina in Maple from Adam n Eve

Hair: Blonde – Leona II from Emo-tions

Boots: Tia in black from from Adam n Eve

Poses: All poses from Luth Brodie @ Crux

All iterms available INWORLDZ

Ayla is closing up her stores to focus in new ventures, in Inworldz. She has a variety of stores including swimwear, menswear, PJs and ladies wear. I’ll focus on the ladies wear 🙂

Ayla's Closing Sale

Babydoll dresses

Ayla's Closing Sale

Heather dress includes 3 lengths, two shown here

Ayla's Closing Sale

Jasmine formal gown


Ayla's Closing Sale

Clothing on sale from all Ayla’s stores in Inworldz, located on the Wisteria Falls sim

Shoes are Samara in black from Adam n Eve

Hairand tattoo base: Belinda from Deviant Designs

Jewellery: Diamond necklace and earrings from Pen’s Gems

Skin: Heather, new from Sun Made Fashions

My recent blog posts have focused upon the content of Inworldz, including an interview with one of the Founders, Elenia Llewellyn .

Today, I want to show you some advantages to moving your business into this exciting environment

An Open Letter to Creators & Designers

Typical Mall enviornment

– extended market to what you already have in SL

– easier to convert currency – 500 I’s = $US1

Free (yes, free) uploads

– 50 groups permitted

– sim cost of $US75 set up initially and $US75/m tier

– very cheap store rentals, I have seen starting prices as low as 100I’z per week

– 35,000 prims on the sim

– a client base well aware of the possibilities of designs, and with fashion taste already honed

– ability to buy/sell currency via Paypal

– a new physics engine due on January 2011 – Nvidia PhysX

– active user forums

– very approachable founders often seen in world and ready for a chat

– enormous potential for growth

– tattoo, alpha layers using Imprudence viewer

– your choice of avatar name

– the potential to do it right this time, having already learned by trial and error

An Open Letter to Creators & Designers

A new mall established in the past view days

Additionally, you will find

– an Active Arts community

– regular music events

– a diverse range of groups

– readily available help

An Open Letter to Creators & Designers

Mini Mall

I hope also that in the very near future we will have a feed set up for Inworldz blogs. More to come on this!

This is your opportunity to be part of a rapidly developing virtual environment. Free uploads allow you to keep your overheads lower with opportunity for scaled pricing and increased sales. Your presence in IW will increase registrations thereby increasing your customer numbers. Already a significant number of SL designers have made the leap to Inworldz.

An Open Letter to Creators & Designers

Create your InworldZ account here

Ever in search of new builds and imaginative creations, I stumbled across the wicked sim in Inworldz. Perfect place to photgraph my new frock from Evie’s Closet!

Something Wicked

Dress by Evie, necklace by Alyssa, hair by Mirja, builder of this sim, Cog Collins stands behind me

Something Wicked

A leaf ride at dusk along a stream is always a relaxation

Something Wicked

Evie’s dress

Something Wicked

Life size chess!

Something Wicked

Space for solitude

Something Wicked

And my new skin from, coming soon to InworldZ


Dress: Nyria from Evie’s Closet

Hair: Candy from Emo-tions

Boots: Lady biker boots from Bobbysocks

Necklace: Alexandria diamond cross necklace from Alyssa Bijoux

Skin: new from, coming soon to Inworldz

Photographed at Wicked sim, found in Inworldz

Yesterday’s post mentioned a shopping sim with rentals available in Inworldz so I thought I’d pop along to see what’s there now:

See You at The East End

Lingerie store by Sade Trafalgar revealed some gorgeous undies, which I’ve teamed with the skirt from Chic Boutique

See You at The East End

Really easy to mix and match

See You at The East End

I’m wearing shoes from Adam n Eve

See You at The East End

The back of the corset is lovely detailed finish

See You at The East End

A recently added building, still a few finishing touches to go

See You at The East End


All lingerie corsets from Sade Trafalgar Lingerie

Skirt: Delicate in various colours from Chic Boutique

Shoes: Samara in black from Adam n Eve

Jewellery: All silver jewellery from Alyssa Bijoux

Red Jewellery from Earthstones

Hair: Emma from Deviant Designs

Skin: My skin as ever is from Pulse

Photographed at The East End in Inworldz

Wintery days have passed for the year, the southern summer is well on the way, 25 celsius forecast tomorrow 🙂

Southern Summer is Coming

This means beach picnics after work, summery nights star gazing

Southern Summer is Coming

Cool crisp clothing

The Southern Summer is Coming

Light feathery dresses

Southern Summer is Coming

And comfy exotic pants


Skin: Cool Gina by Pulse

Hair: knitted hat Sally by Emo-tions

Hair: scarf hair Freedom Emo-tions

White outfit: June dress by Durga Design

Jazzy pants: jeans by Boho Hobo

Shirt: Long sleeve white shirt by Sassy

Black skirt: Delicate in black by Chic Boutique

Little top: Cropped cardy by Cupcakes

Hair: Updo in black – Emma by Deviant Designs

Are you a designer/creator thinking of making the move into Inworldz? Sade Trafalgar has a sim full of stores waiting for you, with a rent-free introduction period of three months. Combine this with free uploads, and what have you got to lose?Make the journey across to Inworldz now, and drop an IM or notecard to Sade Trafalgar to get your rent-free store!


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