Over a period in world of almost 3 years, I have seen huge developments in skin design. The work involved in creation is beyond me, and all skin makers have my utmost admiration. I would like to show you some of my very recent acquisitions.

Skin Deep

Tess by Laqroki

Skin Deep

Another view of Tess

This skin is delicate and with a lovely natural glow to it, I have wornm it with the hair base to accommodate the Laqroki hair

Skin Deep

Dune by Dutch Touch

Skin Deep

I adore the heavier eyebrows shown here in the new Dune skins. Iki has taken a bold step in producing this skin, in my mind it is a very European skin.


1st two photos:

Skin: Tess 08 Peach hairbase skin by Laqroki

Hair: Tasha in blacxk by Laqroki

2nd two photos:

Skin: Dune in caramel Ruby by Dutch Touch

Hair: Piper II in ash blond by Maitreya

Gold jewelry: Dauphine necklace and earrings by Muse

Blue Jewelry: Peace necklace and earrings by Earthstones