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My friend Sasy Scarborough has just done a blog post as a tribute to the 80s, which I am sure many of us can relate to – here it is

I thought I would do a little tribute to the 1960s. This was a time of great social upheaval and turmoil for many young people, and also their parents who lived with still vivid memories of a major world conflict.

Make Your Own Kind Of Music


What has this got to do with anything today? Only as a reminder to ourselves that despite generations passing, people are still of the same variety. We suffer the same angst growing up as our parents did, we suffer the same hurts and pains as we journey through our lives. One major difference is however, that now we can endure this in both a physical and a virtual environment. My feeling is that in a virtual world, emotions are often heightened, both the good ones and the not so good, for many different reasons.

Make Your Own Kind Of Music

In this virtual world, we often strive to be the person we have always wanted to be but were never brave or strong enough to be. Or perhaps we want to be the person we believe our friends think we are. Sometimes, it all comes undone.

Make Your Own Kind Of Music

For me, my virtual life gives me many choices of how I present, who I want to be, how I choose to interact, how I deal with the usual social issues confronting all of us. The choices I make are for me, and each of us needs to make our own decisions on how to lead our virtual life. But you know, sometimes the easiest option and the best path is to be yourself. You’d be surprised how many people will love and respect you for that.

Make Your Own Kind Of Music

The song below is a tribute to all my friends – past present and future! The precious gems of my life 🙂 And also in gratitude to a generation of troubled people back in the 60s, who are the grandmas and grandpas of today.


Shirt: Hippie top from Ibizarre (hunt prize)

Pants: hippie jeans_green by *KUROTSUBAKI*

Belt: Hippie belt from *KUROTSUBAKI*

Shoes: !BF! Urban Bohemian Ankle Wrap Flats from Boing Fromage

Badge: Peace Badge from Panjen

Earrings: Peace Earring Chrysocolla by EarthStones

Skin: June sundust Daylily2 by Curio

Hair: Apple II – Caramel by the extremely talented and generous Maitreya

Late this evening my time, that is 5am SLT, the US President, Barack Obama, was streamed live into both Secondlife and Metaplace. Ths stream was his speech to the Ghanian parliament.

I was priveleged to be able to be at Annenberg in-world to see and hear this. Most of the audience were Americans, but there were many people from around the world. As an Australian, it was quite an experience to be there.


My apologies for the quality, it was very crashable.


We were awash with Lindens, as you can see if you peer closely.


Further large photos can be seen at my flickr page here

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