I am involved with a test group for a viewer that WILL become the regular client viewer, sooner rather than later.

To my horror, the photograph above shows my eyes (without my glorious Cake Bedroom lashes) with the lovely crayon-style drawn lashes. You might well say to me “silly Arabella, set your lashes to zero in you appearance”. This I have done. I have tweaked settings galore, I have updates drivers. Nothing will change the ‘meaty’ look of my eyes.

To my further consternation, the jira raised on this issue seems to be a non event, and to quote Nyx Linden, this was intended:

While this is a change, this is actually expected.

It was necessary to re-order some of the layers on the avatars due to the fact that they were being rendered in different orders for different parts of the body. It is a change, but we decided it would be best to switch to the “correct” ordering of the layers now instead of later.

The negative side effects you will see should be contained to the head texture – some layers that were previously obscured by tattoo layers that overwrote the entire texture were moved above the tattoo layer. These effects (eyebrows, makeup, etc) can all be removed by tweaking the visual parameters in the appearance editor.

Of course this is incorrect, as the zero setting for eyelashes is not a true zero. I cannot mod my skins and even if I could, what do I adjust? Will skin makers have to remake all their skins to factor this in? What can we possibly do???

Well, all is not completely lost. Go to the jira here

log in, and vote for it. Believe me, you will not like what is coming otherwise.