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Fade Lei of Ugly Duck has made a series of beautiful flower tattoo makeups. Romantic and delicate, these are wearable for a delightfully heavenly appearance, or a funky boho/hippie look

The Flower Girl

My wonderful hair is a group gift from BC322

The Flower Girl

Each makeup pack comes with both bright and faded colour, this is the pinks

The Flower Girl


The Flower Girl


The Flower Girl


The Flower Girl


The Flower Girl


The Flower Girl


The Flower Girl

Photographed at the beautiful World’s End Garden

The Flower Girl


Base Skin: Yasmin by Ugly Duck

Makeups: Summer of Love makeups by Ugly Duck

Hair: Rainbow Cotton group gift from BC322

Dress: Don’t Forget Ne in rose by LPD

Tights: Love x Love by Duboo

Shoes: Astra Wedges checkered by Tee*fy

Poses: Frozen Panty

Seeing as its so cold here today (it’s snowing!) I needed a little lift. I found this at LaGyo and Eclectica – thanks Lizzie!

A Garden Party on my Head

My snuggly fox fur is just the thing to spice up a dress. My shoes are also from Eclectica, and highlight my garden mood

A Garden Party on my Head

Definitely a bit of a giggle

A Garden Party on my Head

Add this spectacular hat

A Garden Party on my Head

And scrumptious shoes


Dress: Simple Cream dress from Tee*fy

Hat: Floral Napoleon from LaGyo

Stole: Feral Foxfur from Eclectica

Necklace and Bracelet: Spring pearls from Eclectica

Shoes: Garden Party from Eclectica

Poses: LAP

Hair: On Sale!!! at Clawtooth, finishes today I think

Stockings: Dotz tights from Mstyle

Skin: My beautiful hand drawn skin is Emily – Reds – from Ugly Duck – one of the few genuinely hand drawn skins available in world

I felt a bit dotty, so put these together:

The Dot Girls

I made this based around the Duboo hair, which I just love to bits!

The Dot Girls

And this was based around the orange socks, a gift from LaViere

The Dot Girls

Some new and older from the irrepressible Jane!


1st Look:

Hair: Myogsil pyorong from Duboo

Dress: Fleur de Sakura dress from Manna

Shoes: Dolled Up from Atomic

Specs: Brenda from Donna Flora

Tights: Dotz tights from Mstyle

Necklace: Gouache necklace from Manna

2nd Look

Skirt: Chase skirt in navy from Jane

Belt: Glam belt from Garage

Shirt: Layering tee from Jane

Jacket: Chase sweater in Lilac from Jane

Necklace: Gouache necklace from Manna

Shoes: Callia flats from Tee*fy

Specs: Brenda from Brenda from Donna Flora

Hair: Myongsil Toki from Myogsil pyorong from Duboo

Tights: Laundry Leggings from Duboo

Socks: Gift from LaViere

3rd Look

Dresses and Jackets: All from Jane

Tights: All from Mstyle

Hair: From SFBH, CriCri at KDC Mall, Love Soul

Socks: Cuffed socks from Boom

Shoes: from Mon Tissu and G Field

Rummaging through my inventory, I found a dress I purchased a wee while back but had not had the chance to wear. This dress comes in a few different shades, and evokes late 1950s and early 1960s, so I have styled it to match.


The dress is My Vintage Dressie in Dust Rose from Tee*fy. The bag is just wonderful, and comes from the current Seasons Hunt, a gift from TokiD, the bunny bag.


The print of the dress is quite fine, the texture reminiscent of crepe de chine


The glasses are from Donna Flora, as is the jewellery


Dress: My Vintage Dressie from Tee*fy

Bag: Seasons Hunt gift from TokiD

Glasses: Brenda from Donna Flora

Jewellery: Isbiscus set from Donna Flora

Shoes: Montsegur in black from Mon Tissu

Hair: Orchid from SFBH at KDC Mall

Poses: Amacci

Time to prepare for Summer shopping; lazy hazy days, blissfully browsing stores with friends and finding bargains along the way

Summer Shopping

One of a series of Soft Pastel shirts from Ohmai for the opening of Pookie’s, paired with the new denim skirt from Pixeldolls, shoes from Truth

Summer Shopping

Top from Cockles, Featherprint dress from Tee*fy with cropped cardy from UFO, Spring Green dress from UFO

Summer Shopping

Chalk Dress from Tee*fy, Vintage Flower in pink from UFO

Summer Shopping

Tess from UFO

Summer Shopping

Pastel tops from Ohmai – paired with new denim skirt from Pixeldolls

Summer Shopping


UFO available here

Cockles available here

Tee*fy available here

Ohmai available here

Oh my Mohawk hair available here

Cherry C.Edo shoes from Truth here

Rose Dianthus shoes from Ingenue here

Laura skin from Ugly Duck available here

Poses from Fine Line here

Poses from my AO from SLC available here

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