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Trilogy: Shelter has opened today, themed with a nod to the 1940s. All creators will be featuring new items inspired by this era and all these creations (and more) will be available at Trilogy for the duration of the theme.

Ingenue of course, excels in this time period, as you can see:

Ingenue for Trilogy

Wearing Lucy dress and coordinating Hedda hat in mushy peas tone

Ingenue for Trilogy

Closer view, showing also Memories necklace from Deco, hair from Ingenue

Ingenue for Trilogy

And the Blackout version, jewellery by Dark Mouse


Clothing and shoes available from Ingenue for Trilogy: Shelter

Skin: Lisa by Ugly Duck

Necklace: Memories necklace from Deco at Trilogy

Pearls: Stacked pearls from Dark Mouse

Stockings: Black fishnet from Shop Toshy

Polaire Aeghin has released the first Prelude gift, it is available in store by clicking the photograph at the front desk.

The Gift

Comme au Cinema Noir

The Gift

The Gift


Clothing from Prelude

Hair: Juliette by Exile

Skin: Laura by Ugly Duck

Shoes: Silvera by DeLa

Stockings: Shop Toshy

Jewellery: Victorian Locket and earrings from Dark Mouse

Poses: Adorkable

After an enjoyable evening out dining with friends, I returned to find my desktop and monitor had cooled somewhat after having taken quite a beating the past few days. Cruising the feeds, Icame across the name of a store new to me posted by Suri Christen over at Free*Style. The store is named R.icielli, and its full of delicious seperates and dresses, realistically drawn and richly coloured.


Crimson long top and Anto high waist skirt


and with Shiny Minitop


All these photographs taken at Rustica


Helda minidress in Hotpink, with *Ordinary* boots


And these amazing *ordinary* Acinonyx boots, both boot and ribbons are colour changeable


Close up of Twisted jewellery by Dark Mouse


All clothing from R.icielli

Pink dress accessorised by jewellery from FabulouS

All other jewellery from Twisted series from Dark Mouse

Long boots from *Ordinary*

Short boots from Kalnins Footwear

Blonde hair from Exile

Dark hair from Mr Sigmund

Stockings from Shop Toshy

Skin: Lucy from Ugly Duck

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