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Creators Fair

November sees the launch of the Creators Fair in Inworldz. Here is some designers you will find:

Creators Fair

Left and right is Moonshine, centre is from Stellar

Creators Fair

NJ Designs, Alafolie, Durga Designs

Creators Fair

Sassy left and right, Stellar centre

Creators Fair

Eye tattoos and lashes: B[u]Y left and 2nd left, next Talon Faire, right is B[u]Y again

Creators Fair

Mer-Elf Creations

All these and more available from the Creators Fair, open from November 6th through to December 6th. A wide variety of clothing, skins, jewellery, furniture, landcaping materials, scripts, hair, accessories and much more has brought together to display some of the talent of Inworldz.

Hair worn: Duchess from Gurl 6

: Candy and Tina from Emo-tions

: Sunseeker by Ulrika

: Emma by Deviant Designs

Skin: Rough from Pulse

Boots: Adam n Eve

All links shown are found Inworldz

Journeying across Inworldz today, i found a great store with great clothes – Sassy! Here’s a few of my finds…

Putting The Ass in Sassy

Hair and Booths from Adam n Eve, Wet n Wild tank from Sassy!

Putting The Ass in Sassy

Two variations, Dazzle

Putting The Ass in Sassy

A trio of one shouldered tops

Putting The Ass in Sassy

Lavender open heart sweat and pants set

Putting The Ass in Sassy

Closer view of the perfect hair from Adam n Eve to offset my skin from Pulse, Isabella II


All clothing from Sassy!

Skin: Isabella II from Pulse

Silver jewellery: from Pen’s Gems

Gold jewellery: from Durga Designs

Hair: Red – Cristina in Maple from Adam n Eve

Hair: Blonde – Leona II from Emo-tions

Boots: Tia in black from from Adam n Eve

Poses: All poses from Luth Brodie @ Crux

All iterms available INWORLDZ

Wintery days have passed for the year, the southern summer is well on the way, 25 celsius forecast tomorrow 🙂

Southern Summer is Coming

This means beach picnics after work, summery nights star gazing

Southern Summer is Coming

Cool crisp clothing

The Southern Summer is Coming

Light feathery dresses

Southern Summer is Coming

And comfy exotic pants


Skin: Cool Gina by Pulse

Hair: knitted hat Sally by Emo-tions

Hair: scarf hair Freedom Emo-tions

White outfit: June dress by Durga Design

Jazzy pants: jeans by Boho Hobo

Shirt: Long sleeve white shirt by Sassy

Black skirt: Delicate in black by Chic Boutique

Little top: Cropped cardy by Cupcakes

Hair: Updo in black – Emma by Deviant Designs

Are you a designer/creator thinking of making the move into Inworldz? Sade Trafalgar has a sim full of stores waiting for you, with a rent-free introduction period of three months. Combine this with free uploads, and what have you got to lose?Make the journey across to Inworldz now, and drop an IM or notecard to Sade Trafalgar to get your rent-free store!


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