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The much anticipated new series from Fade Lei of Ugly Duck has arrived, the Swan series. Below you can see Emily in neutral tone with makeup

Emily The Swan

The exquisite features and delicate hand painting that has created this skin show the true talent of an artist

Emily The Swan

The body of the skin has new shading to give a more lifelike look. The shape I am wearing is Sophie, also from Ugly Duck and available separately

Emily The Swan

These skins are not cheaply made template skins; many hours of painstaking pixel-by-pixel work has gone into them. I urge you to try demos at Fade’s store.


Skin: Swan series – Emily – neutral by Ugly Duck

Shape: Sophie Ugly Duck

Hair: YNO421 from Boon, as is hairbase

Clothing: Bikini top and bottom available separately from Reale at Culture Shock

Poses: all from Behavior Body

*Wanted for questioning on SWF activities*

Keep your eyes open, and look out for this avatar – last seen in the snapshots captured here:

Last Seen..

Seen lurking around the Metro Club

Last Seen..

A shot from a securitycam, about 4am SLT

Last Seen..

Closer view of the suspect.

Last Seen..

The premises where the suspect was last seen


Dress: Reale


Jewellery: Dark Mouse

Skin: Ugly Duck

Photographed at Dirty Cute

Tonight when I logged in, aside from the usual notecards, textures, offlines, I had a DSN sample box to unpack. I was most pleasantly surprised to receive a new release dress from Reale. This dress shown here is a sample, so if you are subscribed to the fashion category of DSN, you will receive it. Believe me, it is well worth while unpacking.

I also took the opportunity to show another recent release from Reale.

The Reale Thing

Pink and stylish and pretty with uncluttered lines

The Reale Thing

And moves very well

The Reale Thing

Perfect for a careful walk across a bridge

The Reale Thing

or strolling at sunset

This post is especially for Lolita Oleander, who missed my dark hair, so I especially wore it tonight!


All dresses from Reale

Jewellery: NY earrings from Glow Studio

Skin: Beach 2 from Curio

Shoes: Mahealani in pink and purple from R2

Hair: Oh my TOCHIGI JAPAN from [OH] – free this week!!!

I stumbled upon a great store, Reale, some time back and it’s now a firm favourite.

Mallu Mayo is the creator behind this Label – her designs are detailed, lavish, high quality textures and piecing, as well as cute! Here is her latest release, in sky blue.

New At Reale

This is a perfect combination for fine country walks, or city shopping.

I’ve teamed the new Reale blouse with crisp white pants from Mimikri

New At Reale

Closer viewing shows you the delicate crochet work at the throat also

New At Reale

And of course, come in a full range of summery colours.

New At Reale


Blouse: Crochet Ruffle Top in Lilac from Reale

Pants: Zoe pants in white by Mimikri

Shoes: Malama in blue by R2

Hair: Twiggy in Treacle by Truth

Skin: June in Sundust Allium2 by Curio (I think I have every skin that Gala Phoenix ever made)

Two of my favourite dresses of the moment are dimensions apart in style. The First is Merletto from Reale:

Snapshot black_010

The Second is Payton’s Victory from Phoenix Rising:

Snapshot black_013

Available from Reale

Phoenix Rising

August 2020



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