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Some new release items, a dig through my inventory, a random notecard sent to me.. all add up to a pretty ensemble for the weekend

Pretties for the Weekend

A portrait for Mum! Showing new hair from I Love Olive, Doris in red

Pretties for the Weekend

My beautiful dress from Oyakin, shrug from Mischief (greedy packs are a bargain just waiting for you), shoes from Ingenue and my yummy necklace from Yummy

Pretties for the Weekend

A mixture of new and recent poses from DFO


Hair: Doris from I Love Olive

Dress: Vaudeville minidress from Oyakin

Shrug: Sweet Shreug from Mischief – grab the greedy pack!

Shoes: Lilium from Ingenue

Necklace: Found charms necklace by Yummy

Poses: DFO (Don’t Freak Out) and Del May

I’ve got this arrangement with a friend – she teaches me Photoshop techy thingies and I teach her wordpress bloggy thingies. Today, we spent 4 hours teaching me the PS bits and bobs. Here we go:


This is the basic image I started with. Set against a fullbright white background, a simple posed snapshot


Post processing – I won’t bore you with all the inbetween steps, but I can assure you it took about 4 hours.


And a wee frame. This photograph looks to me as if she is a painting on some recently excavated ruins. I had a terrific time learning this, thank goodness my teacher has the patience of a saint!


Clothing from Oyakin

Hair: Storm new from Detour

Skin: Bella Painted by Ugly Duck

One of the best things about going to collaborative events, is in the discoveries you make. New designers, designers new to you, ideas, concepts, the “oh wow I didn’t know you could do that!” moments, and of course the opportunity to meet new people.

I made a number of discoveries at DU 3 which quite thrilled me. Here we go with Oyakin:

Designers I Found From Going to DU3

Skirt and jacket sold seperately, and available in a range of colours.

Designers I Found From Going to DU3

Lots and lots and lots of shirts, all colours

Designers I Found From Going to DU3

And of course a vast range of skirts

Designers I Found From Going to DU3

And these dreamy tops….

Designers I Found From Going to DU3

A giftie for group members

Designers I Found From Going to DU3

Oh and these boots! I love them – not at DU 3, but fantastic too. From [ON] at Drowsy


All clothing from Oyakin

Skin: Lucy freckles from Ugly Duck

Hair: Jaiden from Maitreya

Boots: Wo boots from [ON]

Poses: All poses from Dismorph

Photographed at Patron Galleria and Emporium

And a song for you (yes its a kiwi singer):

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