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A perfect autumn day in my part of the world today, sunny, warm with just a gentle zephyr breeze…

One fine Day

Willow has a range of individual pieces, with high quality construction. This is the Floral Dress

One fine Day

Polka Dot Dress, with little shrug from Tiny Bird, belt from Leezu

One fine Day

And a really comfy Sheer Polka Dot Tunic, with jeans from Friday

One fine Day

And For dressing up! My old stand-by ballerina skirt from Nylon Outfitters, corset top from Deetalez, necklace from Tram and wing tip shoes from Willow


Clothing as indicated, from:



Nylon Outfitters


Socks: Cuffed socks from Boom

Tights: from MStyle

Earrings: from Crystal Line

Hair: LAE656 and seperate hair base from Boon

Skin: Swan, new from Ugly Duck, to be released this weekend

One of the best parts of blogging, is making up a mish mash out various items to make a unique look. It’s something I haven’t done much lately, so I thought a lazy, quiet sunday afternoon (in my world) was a perfect opportunity 🙂

So Very Many Styles

I’ve become awfully fond of the hair from I Love Olive. Its really well made, easy to adjust and yummy textures. This is where today’s mishmash begins

So Very Many Styles

I was steaming along happily with a blues theme, and suddenly realised it needed a highlight, so we also have crimson tights!

So Very Many Styles

This is a group gift skirt from So Many Styles

So Very Many Styles

New skirt, new hair, the rest hibernating in my inventory

So Very Many Styles

Walking on sunshine

So Very Many Styles


Skin: Laura by Ugly Duck

Hair: All hair from I Love Olive , except where stipulated

Poses: All poses from Del May

1st Look in blues

Skirt: Layered skirt blue from SMS

Top: blouse portion of Evening Top blue from SMS

Cardy: Open Cardigan blue from SMS

Tights: Ohmai Basic sheer leggings in Maroon from Ohmai

Shoes: Chunky Maryjanes in black from Evoke

Glasses: Demolition sunglasses from Shade Throne

Jewellery: Necklace and hairpiece from A&A

2nd Look

Skirt: Layered skirt blue from SMS – group gift

Tank – blouse part of Inner Ballerina from Nylon Outfitters

Socks: Dot socks in salmon by SMS

Glasses: Steampunk XTX goggles by A&U – no longer in world or xstreeetsl

3rd Look

Skirt: Chiffon skirt red-blue from SMS

Blouse: blouse part from Fishy glitter dress from SMS

Jacket: Open Cardigan blue from SMS

Tights: Cotton border tights from BP*

Shoes: from Zero Number – now closed

Hair: Wonderfully whimsical hair from Clawtooth as part of Stumblebum – Shaken Not Birds

Jewellery: Long Beaded Bow necklace from Paper Couture

4th Look

Dress: Neon Babydoll from SMS

Tights: Pink seamed tights from Khush

Socks: Floppy Bow tights from Scribble

gloves: White fishnet gloves from A&A

Jewellery: from A&A

Shoes: Chunky Maryjanes from Evoke

Roaming through The Metro, discovering long forgotten tunnels and corridors:

In The Metro

Tank by Nylon Outfitters, hair by Maitreya, skin by Ugly Duck

In The Metro

This skin is from the new Gacha 2 range, shoes by 2Real

In The Metro

Raven skin

In The Metro


Skin: Raven from Gacha 2 at Ugly Duck

Hair: Alexa II by Maitreya

Shirt: Spaghetti tank – Palm Trees by Nylon Outfitters

Pants: Boyfriend jeans from Maitreya

Shoes: Pure by 2Real

This past weekend was a great time for wandering lazily around stores, peeking into sales, meeting new people and playing UNA. I also managed to spend some time at Tableau, and here’s what I found:

Our Inner Ballerina

Inner Ballerina and Crochet lacey Jacket from Nylon Outfitters.

Our Inner Ballerina

The Found Charms necklace and the Rad glasses provided me with an interesting contrast, so I thought why not throw them together?

Our Inner Ballerina

So off I went, ballerina-twirling across the sandbox

Our Inner Ballerina


Dress: Inner Ballerina from Nylon Outfitters

Jacket: Crochet Lacey Jacket from Nylon Outfitters

Necklace: Found Charms necklace from Yummy Jewellery & Accessories

Specs: Totaly Rad Glasses from Yummy Jewellery & Accessories

Blonde hair: Nicole2 new from

Green hair: Amelia new from Exile

Skin: Lucy from Ugly Duck

Stockings: Pia, gift from Michami

Boots: Layers boots from SEY

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