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Everywhere I go, I see winter themes. I see themes for holidays unfamiliar to me that I do not celebrate. This is fine for those people that know it, but I do not.

I come from a different part of the world to many people – I live at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, here –

I Can't Do This Anymore..

It’s summer here in New Zealand, or almost. Yesterday was a balmy 28 degrees celsius. In 5 weeks time, I am moving back here –

I Can't Do This Anymore..

In this place I will enjoy scorching 38+ degrees celsius at high summer. There will be NO SNOW at Christmas. My family and I will gather for a picnic by the lake when the day cools down, for our Christmas dinner.

So, I cannot blog wintery clothes and wintery things. I’ve just come OUT of winter, and I have so been looking forward to summer. It is too depressing to venture back into a winter frame of mind so soon. New rule for me: Blog summer Stuff. So here we go

I Just Can't Do This Anymore..

Gorgeous littler summer dress from Durga Designs, teamed with Samars shoes from Adam n Eve, Candy Hair from Emo-tions, steam punk goggles (raised) from Brain Circuit (part of another outfit shown further down)

I Just Can't Do This Anymore..

Left, Steampunk Dolly outfit from Brain Circuit, and Bohemian in ivory from Snowpaw Designs

I Just Can't Do This Anymore..

Two flavours of Sundress from Mwah

I Just Can't Do This Anymore..

Left, Kitty vest from Adam n Eve, Ruffle Skirt from Fake, right – Cocktail dress from LMC

I Just Can't Do This Anymore..

Group gift dress from Calla, comes with a number of variations

I Just Can't Do This Anymore..

Lady Azure from Alafolie


Stores mentioned above:-

Adam n Eve


Brain Circuit

Snowpaw Designs

Durga Designs






Black Shoes: Samara from Adam n Eve

Blue shoes – part of outfit from Alafolie


Red hair from Adam n Eve

Emo-tions hair

Deviant Designs (updo in black)

As ever, my skin is from Rouge series from Pulse

Edit: Forgot to add, all of these are available Inworldz, and all links refer to that VW

I came across a new store in Inworldz – always a pleasant surprise. This one especially so, because the clothing was high quality and reasonably priced 🙂


Great textures on all the range from Mwuah


Summery splash


Casual chic pants teamed with top from Antibiotik




In between seasons



All clothing from Mwuah at Milan Centre and East End , except for:

White top – Marion top in Ivory from Antibiotik

Shoes are from Adam n Eve

Blonde hair from Chichickie

Dark hair from deviant Designs

Skin: Rouge series from Pulse

Jewellery from Debutante

Poses from Luth Brodie at Crux

All landmarks refer to places in Inworldz. It’s worth making an account and taking a look today 🙂

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