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If you build, create, purchase or wear anything that contains scripts, you need the Rescale, a single-script tool for customizing no-modify attachments and other objects through menus.

Why one script?
Because of the new scripting tools in simulator 1.38, there is now a DRASTIC REDUCTION IN RESIZE TIME!
The entire goal of Rescale is to cut down on the amount of scripts that must be worn per attachment, thus preventing lag.
For very primmy objects, for example more than 128 prims, the simple method would be to keep a script in each prim.
This means 128 or more scripts just to resize such an object, which means 2MB or more of simulator memory will be in use (A LOT for one object).
Having several such objects worn or rezzed piles on yet more memory usage.
Not only does this degrade sim performance in general, it is particularly destructive during teleports.
Teleports must transfer each script’s state to another sim, and transferring all those scripts causes a large delay in some cases.
This delay is extremely noticeable, and often painfully so.
Avatars wearing hundreds of scripts can cause a sim to hang for even as much as 10 seconds when they teleport in or out of the sim.
To avoid all of this, Rescale can replace hundreds of resize scripts by having one per whole object rather than one per prim.
In other words, there is now absolutely no reason to accept anything but the best of both worlds.
The solution is finally here — no sim lag, and no minutes-long waits for resizes.

Resize a whole object
Resize a single prim on all axes at once, or in a single dimension
Move individual prims
Restore the whole object to its original state
Restore individual prims to their original state
Coordinate multiple, separate objects to resize or restore all prims simultaneously
One script
Highly reliable
Extremely sim-friendly
Free support and updates for life

You can get this in world here

and on marketplace here

All enquiries to Nicocci Denfu or Discrete Dreamscape in world.

Ok…so you’ve made the decision to venture into Inworldz, you’ve got your inventory already packed, you’ve logged into the new grid and found yourself as Ruth for the first time in years; you scan the classifieds and find a nice waterfront piece of land to rent at an astronomically low rate……but you need a store!

{AND} Absurdly Newfangled Designs

Large store with variuos modules, grand entrance

{AND} Absurdly Newfangled Designs

Also in black

{AND} Absurdly Newfangled Designs

Maybe this funky store is more your style – also come sin white

{AND} Absurdly Newfangled Designs

My personal favourite, has a nice beachy feel to it

{AND} Absurdly Newfangled Designs

Oh, and trees!

{AND} Absurdly Newfangled Designs

Also to be found at the Creators Fair Inworldz

{AND} Absurdly Newfangled Designs also creates some great residential builds as well.


All buildings shown are created Inworldz by {AND} Absurdly Newfangled Designs

Links provided can be accessed in Inworldz

My recent blog posts have focused upon the content of Inworldz, including an interview with one of the Founders, Elenia Llewellyn .

Today, I want to show you some advantages to moving your business into this exciting environment

An Open Letter to Creators & Designers

Typical Mall enviornment

– extended market to what you already have in SL

– easier to convert currency – 500 I’s = $US1

Free (yes, free) uploads

– 50 groups permitted

– sim cost of $US75 set up initially and $US75/m tier

– very cheap store rentals, I have seen starting prices as low as 100I’z per week

– 35,000 prims on the sim

– a client base well aware of the possibilities of designs, and with fashion taste already honed

– ability to buy/sell currency via Paypal

– a new physics engine due on January 2011 – Nvidia PhysX

– active user forums

– very approachable founders often seen in world and ready for a chat

– enormous potential for growth

– tattoo, alpha layers using Imprudence viewer

– your choice of avatar name

– the potential to do it right this time, having already learned by trial and error

An Open Letter to Creators & Designers

A new mall established in the past view days

Additionally, you will find

– an Active Arts community

– regular music events

– a diverse range of groups

– readily available help

An Open Letter to Creators & Designers

Mini Mall

I hope also that in the very near future we will have a feed set up for Inworldz blogs. More to come on this!

This is your opportunity to be part of a rapidly developing virtual environment. Free uploads allow you to keep your overheads lower with opportunity for scaled pricing and increased sales. Your presence in IW will increase registrations thereby increasing your customer numbers. Already a significant number of SL designers have made the leap to Inworldz.

An Open Letter to Creators & Designers

Create your InworldZ account here

Zaara has released beautiful clothing, available as singles, mini packs or fat packs. Each piece is colour coordinated to mix with the other new releases. I have played with the colours, as you can see…

Romance of India

Jewellery from Zaara, hair from Maitreya

Romance of India

Showing a mix of Syona kurta (shirt) and Churidar (pants)

Romance of India

With the addition of the Tanya Dupatta (scarf)

Romance of India

Perfectly paired with Shoelace shoes from Surf Co.

Romance of India

New hair, Sarah from Jade

Romance of India


All clothing from Zaara

Skin: Sophir from Ugly Duck

Short Hair: Sarah from Jade

Long Hair: Nimue from Maitreya

Shoes: Shoelace shoes from Surf Co.

Jewellery from Zaara

Poses: Del May

Recently, a movie has had world wide release, generating many dollars for the production company, Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation and the writer, James Cameron, who is also the Director.

Over the course of my time in world, a number of newly released movies have enjoyed their SL release, introduced here by their production companies. These include Die Hard, Beowulf, etc. A number of launches of movies took place in world, where free, fully kitted, licenced avatars were freely distributed in world. None seem to have generated such interest from in world residents as James Cameron’s Avatar ©. Why is this? Do people feel a kinship with the movie name? This is a Science Fiction movie, and although SF has a cult following across the globe and within virtual worlds, it is not an overwhelming following. Other SF movies have been recently made, with no such following. Is it because of the world wide popularity of the movie at cinemas? Possibly, although I still do not think this is the only reason.

This article is not really to discuss the popularity of a movie in the physical or virtual worlds, but one of the consequences. I have seen in recent weeks a scrambling rush of designers, bloggers, creators, fly-by-nighters and ordinary residents to recreate the main characters from the movie, with complete and total disregard for any copyright issues that may involve. I have thought quite a deal on my feelings towards this.

As a council member of Artist’s Voice, I have an obligation to uphold the standards and ideals of this organisation. This is not difficult for me, as I have had a life long passion for support of creativity and artists in all forms, part of which is the protection of their work. This applies to virtual and physical worlds.

As we are well on the way to hurtling into the 21st century, we are faced with an entirely different set of scenarios than those which prompted the formulation of copyright and intellectual property laws in many countries. Few have really useful legislation enacted to specifically cover electronic, digital and graphic copyright and IP rights of creators. I believe this has contributed to the flurry of copyright infringement we see recently with particular regard to James Cameron’s Avatar©.

Is it ok to rip a design from an artist? The short answer, no. If, by making a representation of a character from the movie Avatar © are you committing copyright theft and IP infringement? Short answer, yes. Of course, I may be ignorant of some enterprising person actually seeking permission from both James Cameron and 20th Century-Fox Film Corporation to use their creations and introduce them into Second Life, either as giveaways or as a money making venture. If this is the case, please let me know! It is also possible that permission has been given from 20th Century Fox and James Cameron to duplicate their work in Secondlife – again please let me know if this is so. So, basically if you do not have the written permission of the creator to use either their creations or elements of it, you are infringing upon their IP rights if you use it .

I read yesterday of a resident who thought she would compound her errors by making a James Cameron’s Avatar© skin by modifying a skin from a well known designer (who incidently, has been the victim of content theft). Problem is, the original skin was non modifiable – therefore was a ripped skin to begin with. Given the exposure of content theft issues in Secondlife, ignorance is not an excuse.

So why this article? A number of reasons, one of which is my own self examination of the personal standards that I use in my day to day lives (RL and SL). I do not accept that:
– theft is ok if it’s only a little bit
– if the owner does not know
– if the owner is rich and can afford it
– if the thief ‘just feels like it’
– if ‘everyone else is doing it’
– if it will distribute more of your in world magazines
– if your sponsor has insisted upon it
– If you personally consider you are not breaching copyright just because you choose to think that way
– If you felt ‘inspired’ to ‘pay a tribute’
– ‘this is a game, therefore it doesn’t count’
– if you justify your actions with the claim that you are generating free publicity for the movie

or a multitude of other reasons. I’ve seen too many good people left bitter, disillusioned, disappointed and friendships destroyed because of the rampant theft in world. I am firm in my mind of my own opinions regarding copyright, as are many others. It is a line you must not cross. If in doubt, contact a council member within the Artist’s Voice organisation for clarification.
We all need to make a decision: do we wholeheartedly support an artist’s right to protection of creativity, whether physical or virtual environment? If you choose yes, your decision must be unequivocal, otherwise you undermine entirely your stand. If you choose yes, we all need, as a community, to support artists by:
– refusing to purchase items which breach copyright
– standing up to those that claim it is ok, and insisting that it is not ok
– not supporting people who insist on blogging these items
– reporting those people who have knowingly breached Lindenlab TOS
– maintaining our own ethical standards in our purchasing power
– supporting entirely a creators right to protection, whether they are SL residents or not
– keep in mind that copyright and IP rights are NOT debateable in world. Law is very clear, and it is not a matter of arguing your way out of it with your friends opinions.
Artist’s voice is having a major event soon to support artists. This is an exciting event line up, and I encourage you to attend, enjoy the convivial company, spend some hard earned cash, and be aware that in doing so you are supporting creators rather than thieves.
“In our continued effort to combat content theft and to celebrate those designers who are producing original content to make our Second Life all that it can be, the Artist’s Voice is pleased to announce the:
I ❤ Originals Fair: February 8 – 14, 2010”
Put this date in your diary now, I’d love to see you there!

I know there will be many disagree with this article. This is not intended as laying down laws to anyone. It is intended to encourage you to examine your own ideas and thoughts on the issues discussed.

Just joking.

However, Linden Lab is in formal meetings with the Emerald Development team, in order to:-

– enhance communication channels to resolve issues

– bounce ideas

– work together to enhance your immersion experience

– share ideas and implementation strategies

News Flash!! Bolshie Emerald Dev Subjugating Lindenlab

A random selection of various Emerald Viewer developers, vigorously discussing the pros and cons of Very Important Things

As our virtual world develops, it is exciting to see different viewers created by many talented people. I encourage people to try the different viewers available. Some available are Kirstens viewer, Imprudence, Cool Viewer, and of course Emerald.

You can research 3rd party viewers yourself here

Linden Lab officially encourages and supports an open platform.

You can take a trip to Emerald Point to download Emerald Viewer yourself in world.

***additional info***

From Modular Systems:-

“Over the course of the last year or so, more and more people have chosen to use the Emerald Viewer; so many in fact, that it is now the most used third party viewer in Second Life. As a result, it is undeniable that even the most incidental of changes in Emerald, when multiplied by the sheer amount of users, can cause drastic effects on the grid. We thus felt it was necessary to work more closely with Linden Lab to prevent any serious issues from occurring.”

Read more here

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