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I found this amazing hat. So amazing in fact, that I modded my hair to fit the hat. If you want this, chances are you also will have to mod some hair to accommodate it. Remember to make a copy so you don’t wreck the original (of hat and hair)

The Hat & The Sea Hole

This amazing hat comes from Deviant Girls. It’s worth your while to pay a visit, as you will find an array of quirky clothing and accessories, from the talented Ruby69kill Moonites. Her sim is also a joy to visit.

The Hat & The Sea Hole

This dress I found to be refreshingly summery, and a little different from run of the mill. In fact, the entire store is not run of the mill. Another ‘must’ on your shopping expedition is The Sea Hole.

The Hat & The Sea Hole

And finally, this delightful summer romper, perfect for swanning around on Mars (That’s where I am for these photos), just as long as you have a good brolly, and some sturdy boots as the ground is rather rocky.


Clothing: All clothing from The Sea Hole

The Hat: Tartan Beret – available in various tartans, from Deviant Girls

Boots: from Reek

Hair: Yuka in orange from EHA

Brolly: Imported Parasol from The Sea Hole

Photographed at Mars on Insilico South

Both Hair Fair 2010 and Designers United 4 have provided a rich and varied rang of products from some of our broad range of designers. Today, I mix The Stringer Mausoleum at Hair Fair 2010 with :::LiNe::: at DU4 for an interesting look

Marooned on Mars

I’m also wearing Chiffon skirt from SMS and Schmidt Boots from Eshi

Marooned on Mars

Yummy Robobambie hair with robots from TSM, earrings from Mandala

Marooned on Mars

How to get off this planet?

Marooned on Mars

Bodysuit detail

Marooned on Mars

A zen moment


Hair: Robobambie from The Stringer Mausoleum at Hair Fair 2010

Bodysuit: Amyp in black by :::LiNe::: at DU4

Skirt: Chiffon skirt from SMS

Boots: Schmidt boots by Eshi

Jewellery: necklace and earrings from Mandala

Poses: Del May

Skin: Valentina by Ugly Duck

Photographed on Mars

I decided on a journey to my favourite planet, Mars. Here are a few happy snaps!

Let's go to Mars for The Holidays

The boardwalk is a little different, there is no water nearby

Let's go to Mars for The Holidays

The scenery is stark though breathtaking

Let's go to Mars for The Holidays

Very glad I had my nuclear-strength sunglasses

Let's go to Mars for The Holidays

Atmosphere is thin so quite exhausting

Let's go to Mars for The Holidays

Another 24h 39m 35.244s long Martian solar day draws to a close


Skin: Milk 2 by Ugly Duck

Hair: Sleepyhead by Lamb

Dress: Dawn by Bliss Couture – 50% off sale!

Shoes: Ballerina Swarovski by Baiastice

Glass: Voyager by Kalnins

Jewellery: Nicolette necklace and earrings (available seperately) by Anykey Munster for Lelutka

Photographed at Mars

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