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I am the Warrior

The Warrior

I am known by many names. I have no friends on my journey.

The Warrior

I command nought but my mind, my body, and my will. It is by those, and those alone, that I stand or fall.

The Warrior

My sole companion is my weapon. I must care for it better than any hunter has ever cared for his beast. I must master it more than any warlock has ever mastered his demon. Without me, it is useless. Without it, I am nothing.

The Warrior

I cannot heal. I cannot shield. I cannot call upon the gods and see my prayers answered. I call to the spirits of my ancestors in the heat of battle, and they are silent.

The Warrior

I come in all races, all sizes. I fight under a thousand flags, on a million battlefields.

The Warrior

The cry goes up…”Where, oh where, is the Warrior?” Pray to your gods that I continue to answer that call. I will be out there, on the battle lines. Fighting. Killing. Dying.


Skins: All skins from Equinox RP range by Pulse

Hair: All hair from Emo-tions

Clothing: Both kilts from Emo-tions

Boots: Remus boots from the Bobbysocks shop

Sword: Elven Leaf Sword from Heart Song

Accessories: Chest strap, collar and bag from Wayan Adventurer outfit by JTL Designs

Photographed at Amethyst Isle and Double M Winter Display

All items and links are Inworldz

Released today is a scrumptious dress from Evie’s CLoset, in time for Halloween. Comes with various skirt variations, as shown:

Evie's Halloween

Full gown skirt

Evie's Halloween

Short ballet length

Evie's Halloween

And a close up of the delicious hair from Emo-tions

Evie's Halloween


Dress: Fable – Halloween 2010 from Evie’s Closet

Hair: Candy from Emo-tions

Necklace: Black onyx pearl cross necklace from Alyssa Bijoux

Skin: Cool life Gina from Pulse

Photographed at JTL Designs Medieval Village


Out of this world indeed, and into Inworldz. If you have a pioneering spirit, not afraid of a challenge, keen to get at the early stages of growth, please with the idea of a rapidly growing market – this is worth a look. I’ve done a little browsing through stores, and i’m surprised at who I recognise:-

Out Of This World

A world awaits you, your plans can be realistically developed here

Out Of This World

As a medieval knight

Out Of This World

Or a refined medieval lady

Out Of This World

Or a funky follower of fashion

First Shopping

Or some summer bliss

First Shopping

Or perhaps the good fairy?

Whatever your choice, you really need to go see Inworldz. If you are a creator, builder, designer, DJ, consumer or shopaholic, you’ll be pleased at the exchange rate of 500I’z to the US$1. You’ll also be thrilled at these:

~ Private island purchases in InWorldz: $75 setup fee, $75 per month.

~ Support requests generally resolved within 24 hours, often faster.

~ Mega prim support, lots more prims per square meter, NO upload fees, are some of the advantages.

More information is here

Out Of This World


All clothing purchased at Inworldz

Knight Outfit: JTL Designs

Princess Outfit: Gift from Evie’s Closet at the Welcome Area

Kilted outfit: Top from Shelley Toonie at Crux, kilt from Emo-tions

Summer bliss outfit: Stripes dress from Adam n Eve

Hair: long hair from Emo-tions, short hair from Bryce Designs

Skin: All skins from Pulse

Fairy Outfit – gift from Simply Fae

Jewellery from Delicate and Durga

Funky outfits – pink from Jazmyn D, blue from Durg

Create you account and download Inworldz here

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