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I dropped in to the Valentine’s Bazaar early this evening. You really must pay a visit – nothing is priced over $50L, and many things are under this. Quality is high, and everything is Valentine themed, however can be good for everyday wear as well. from dresses, tees, pants, shoes, hair, skin, jewellery – you will find it all!

Valentine's Bazaar

Hair and dress by Nushru, jewellry by Ripe

Valentine's Bazaar

Pants by Astraia, tops by Frop, glasses by Djinn & Tonic, shoes on the left by A-Bomb, others by Nushru, blonde hair by Iren, dark hair by Nushru. Poses by On The Cover


Rather than link you to stores, I will just let you know that all these items and many more are available from the Valentine’s Bazaar. You must go and see and pick up your bargains!

Valentine's Bazaar

Skin in these two larger photos is Bella Painted red lips from Ugly Duck

While I shiver in the bitterly cold winter evenings in the Southern Hemisphere winter, I dream of the coming spring and summer, and the thrill of being alive that always accompanies those seasons. My avatar enjoys the virtual summer for me 😉
Gentle summer days

This is such a pretty outfit, with delicately sculpted frills on the jacket, a pleasant accompaniment to the flouncy dress. Available in a variety of colours, made by the talented Nardya Rousselot from Nardcotix.
Gentle Summer days
Gentle Summer days


Dress: Colleen Sappy from Nardcotix found here
Hair: Mimi By Iren found here

I revisited the hauntingly beautiful creation of Alchemy Immortalis today.

If you go through the store and up a little rise, you will find a dance area with singles and couples dances loaded into a pillar. If you are dancing singly, select the dance ‘thunderstorm’ and have your media player set LOUD to play the music.
Whirling Dervish
Whirling dervish

The outfit is a combination of Digit Darkes, Nardcotix, Maitreya and Alchemy Immortalis. Here are some close ups of the exquisitely crafted brooch. It is set to place at the throat, however I have adjusted it somewhat
Whirling Dervish
Whirling dervish

And to the credits for the talented makers:-

Hair: Mimi blacks by Iren found here

Skin by the wonderful Gala Phoenix of Curio, in June Sundust Doe1 found here

Boots: Dune Red by Maitreya found here

Jacket: part of Serina dress purple by Digit Darkes, found here

Dress: Nardya Noir No.7 Skirt Ruby from Nardcotix found here

Exquisite brooch: “Ami Amet Deli Pencet” French Brooch by Alchemy Immortalis, found here

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