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Away in the hills of Inis Caiseal roams a witch lost out of time


Good witch, bad witch…who knows?


Truth be known, she is not a very good witch. Try as she might, she can cast few spells


Her most treasured possession, The Alchemists Tome, never leaves her side. She has managed to achieve a degree of success from it with the Soul Catcher spell


She follows the text by moonlight


And captures the souls of those who cross her, locking them away in her Book for safekeeping



Skin: Chani in Henna by Ugly Duck

Nosering: Nizam mughal nosering by Zaara

Earrings: KOS by Glow Studios

Hair: Thursday by Gritty Kitty, with colour changing hat

Shirt: “Leanan-Sidhe” Bra by Chaospire

Jacket: Nightlove by Leezu

Skirt: Highland Warrior kilt by Emo-tions

Book: Illusions for the Alchemist tome from Morior Galea – this is a unique typing overrider with particle effects (you can switch them off) and the ability to catch souls. A truly great piece, well worth your while to visit the store to see!

Poses: All poses from High Fidelity

My usual weekend roaming and stumbling across the grid produced many nifty finds. Alas I have had a migraine and been unable to post, so these are a little later than I would have liked.

Mixed and Matched

I particularly like this new skirt from Ibizarre because it coordinates with so much. I have teamed it with AYO sheer shirt from new store Niavi – I’m very pleased with the look

Mixed and Matched

Here you can see the detailing on the back as well

I then popped over to Dernier Cri, and to my surprise found some really sweet clothing

Mixed and Matched

Very casual but very well made

Mixed and Matched

Again, a lovely scoopy back


Black skirt: Anjuli from Ibizarre

Red Shirt: AYO from Niavi

Blue jeans: Classic jeans from Zaara

All other tops: Alaina Blazer, Bermuda tie up and Glitz Tank from Dernier Cri

Skin: Lucy from Ugly Duck

Hair: Nicole 2 from

Jewellery: Found Charms Necklace from Yummy

Poses: from Hi-Fi

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