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I think that for many of us, we have had the yearning, especially when we were children, to dress up as a fairy princess. Well, have I found the store for you!

Last night whilst participating in the Magic & Romance hunt, my attention was diverted to beautiful gowns on the wall at Deviance

The Fairy Princess

The dress includes two lengths of sleeves, two different head wreaths and wings. The wand comes from another outfit available at the same store.

The Fairy Princess

This is a really beautiful gown, with excellent detailing on it

The Fairy Princess

I chose the Lucy – Blue doll lips skin from Ugly Duck to set this whimisical outfit

The Fairy Princess

These dresses are available in various beautiful colours. the store itself is full of amazing costumes, clothing and the best leather pants I have seen


Dress and accessories: Fairy Princess in Icey Blue from Deviance

Skin: Lucy – blue doll lips – from Ugly Duck

Hair: Juliette from Exile

The Magic & Romance hunt is one of the smaller ones, with less the 30 participants, and the object is to find the rose in each store which contains the prize. For further info, you can go here.

Starting point is here

I visited Deviance
last night as part of the hunt, and this is the prize available:

Magic & Romance Hunt

This lovely romantic dress comes with all the trimmings including flower basket and hair accessory

Magic & Romance hunt

There is a variety of dress lengths included in the prize, and even a variety of flower baskets!

Magic & Romance Hunt

This is a worthwhile hunt for you, it will bring out your inner Romantic 🙂


Dress: Prize # 18 from Deviance

Hair: Juliette from Exile

Skin: Bella Painted – red lips from Ugly Duck

I bought a lovely princess dress from Deviance a few days ago, whilst on one of those fun shopping trips with some girlfriends. Justice Infinity was wearing new leather pants, totally awesome, so she TPed me and Sasy Scarborough to the store. Well, what a find this was – incredible textures on a fairly small collection. Lovely gowns and fairy/elf costumes, the amazing leather pants, and some other delicacies.

I photographed this at the home of The Dream Merchants, and became immediately surrounded by sheep, hence the title of the post 🙂

Meet The Sheep

I get the feeling I’m being lectured by a sheep

Meet The Sheep

I made the mistake of labelling the sheep as Suffolk, rather than Swaledale cross. For my error I have my ear chewed out.

Meet The Sheep

I promise not to do it again, and make my excuses to run off.

Meet The Sheep

Just in time to change clothes and accept a lovely fresh apple that a kindly old lady brought to my door 🙂

Only For Sheep from The Bureau. I could not resist adding this, it charted at number 6 in Australia back in the 80s and I loved it. A british band consisting of ex-Dexys, I don’t think it charted there. Says something about Australians, maybe 😉


Ist Photos:

Dress: EveningMajesty in Blue by Deviance

Jewelry: Earrings and Necklace “Ami amet deli pencet” by AlchemyImmortalis

Hair: Darci in Brown by Adam n Eve

Skin: Suntan Misty in Silver by League

2nd Costume photo:

Dress: Snow White by Deviance

Hair: Linda in Treacle by Truth

Photographed in the ever growing sims of Alchemy Immortalis and Empress and Hireophant. You should pay a visit, it’s simply stunning and very inspirational to watch these talented makers at work! Find it here

p.s. If you’re in the subscribe-o group, you can get your very own sheep avatar 🙂

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