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One of the best things of any virtual world (well, not any) is the ability to create whimsical, fun pieces which would be entirely impractical in the physical world. One of my favourites is this cosy house, built by bebe mahogany of Mooville.

Make a little birdhouse in your soul

It comes with the wee fenced garden, and sits upon two sturdy bird legs

Make a little birdhouse in your soul

And also a homespun style chimney for a cosy look.


Birdhouse by Mooville

Accessories: pillows and rug from Boho Hobo

All items and links are Inworldz

Post title inspired by “Make a little birdhouse in your soul” by The Might Be Giants, enjoy the clip below 🙂

Wintery days have passed for the year, the southern summer is well on the way, 25 celsius forecast tomorrow 🙂

Southern Summer is Coming

This means beach picnics after work, summery nights star gazing

Southern Summer is Coming

Cool crisp clothing

The Southern Summer is Coming

Light feathery dresses

Southern Summer is Coming

And comfy exotic pants


Skin: Cool Gina by Pulse

Hair: knitted hat Sally by Emo-tions

Hair: scarf hair Freedom Emo-tions

White outfit: June dress by Durga Design

Jazzy pants: jeans by Boho Hobo

Shirt: Long sleeve white shirt by Sassy

Black skirt: Delicate in black by Chic Boutique

Little top: Cropped cardy by Cupcakes

Hair: Updo in black – Emma by Deviant Designs

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