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Culture Shocked

“My idea was based around if aliens witnessed our world then this is how I imagine they’d react šŸ˜¦

Seeing wars, famine, Religion, destruction of the environment etc” – Fade Lei, creator and owner of Ugly Duck

Fade Lei has created these hauntingly beautiful skins as her contribution to Culture Shock. The first group in this post is the Lily Alien series, others will follow in later posts.

Culture Shocked

Lily Alien II

Culture Shocked

Lily Alien I closer view

Culture Shocked

Lily Alien II closer view


Skins: All skins are hand drawn by Fade Lei of Ugly Duck at Culture Shock 2011

Clothing: from Alpha Tribe

Poses: All poses by Del May

Hair: Zion

The Series 5 skins (non alien) are also available now at Ugly Duck

One of the great joys of travelling this marvellous environment, is the ability to transform ourselves, either by changing our avatar, changing our clothes, or do as I did, and discover a Place of Wearable Art. I was thrilled to stumble upon Alpha Tribe, the work of Alpha Auer and her Alts Grapho Fullstop, Xiamara Ugajin and Alpho Fullstop.

Wearable Art

This is the “Aqva” costume, it comes with all that you see plus a number of variations to the headress

Wearable Art

This one is entitled “Monsiuer Labisse” and is part of the Floral range

Wearable Art

This is titled Red Ammonite.

All costumes are available from Alpha Tribe at extremely reasonable prices

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