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In recent days following the disappearance of Woodbury’s sims, the decimation of the group and permabanning of estate owners, rumours have gained ground, simply by repeating false information. for example:

[16:59] Prokofy Neva: So, how did that work jcool, you found some dirt on the Woodburies and blew it in to the Lindens, or you made some crime of your own stick on them, or what was the deal exactly?

or this:

[2010/04/20 18:53] Anon Cocks: jcool
[2010/04/20 18:53] Anon Cocks: we were telling everyone that he was being allowed to evade bans and use a viewer that gives him powers even lindens don’t have
[2010/04/20 18:54] Anon Cocks: he has an exploit that can delete the entire asset server database
[2010/04/20 18:54] Anon Cocks: he has people on standby to use it if he disappears from being arrested
[2010/04/20 18:55] Anon Cocks: there’s no legally actionable proof
[2010/04/20 18:55] Anon Cocks: but he convinced someone at LL he has it

This of course is all nonsense: the true reason Woodbury has been eliminated is due to the groups own selfish greed, disregard for others, contempt for basic content theft law, a belief in their own ability as ‘really cool people’, and of course, proof of distribution of a viewer capable of wholesale theft of almost anything. Oh, at a cost of between 30000 and 50000 linden. Proof in the photo below.

This is the advertising photograph used to sell SLPE (Theft viewer) – note the capabilities it shows…oh by the way, that is a Woodbury Estate Manager Estate Owner posing in the photo, on woodbury premises

This Is Why Woodbury Were Banned

You may need to click the photo to get a clearer view

This group of people actively sold this viewer to facilitate theft on the broadest possible scale across the grid; a viewer developed by another former resident, now long banned (Day Oh). Probably quite a number of the woodbury group members were not ‘in the know’ about this, so their accounts have survived the cull.

Any and all that were involved in this, have been banned. You can see a self confessed list here

Of course there were other reasons too, for example stolen content distrbuted quite blatantly throughout woodbury group notices, and open and frank boasting of illegal plans. This is an excerpt of a woodbury conversation, with regards to CDS (Client Detection System):

[1:07:57 PM] Tizzy says:
[1:08:16 PM] Tizzy says: The idea of “appealing” to a bunch of cock loving furfaggots makes me ill.
[1:08:36 PM] Killua the Grouch says: (nod)
[1:13:37 PM] katiem1066 says: hai tizz 🙂
[1:14:27 PM] Tizzy says: CDS is just another “unmanned racism” machine as the PN once called Banlink. It’s a powermove to control the grid while getting a wink and nod from Linden Lab. I will personally give the person that takes down CDS permanently a full sim and a year of tier.
[1:14:38 PM] Tizzy says: (wave)
[1:20:34 PM] Tizzy says: This situation will just snowball until a good percentage of the grid is completely inaccessible by those using any other client besides Emerald / Gemini / LL Official.
[1:21:16 PM] Trip says: the percentage of the grid that full of fail anyway
[1:21:26 PM] Tizzy says: And in that regard, Prokofy is correct when she says “Open source is a closed society.”
[2:32:16 PM] At0m0 says: we placed 3rd
[2:32:28 PM] katiem1066 says: congrats
[2:33:16 PM] At0m0 says: ash qin is that furfaggot who ran the IRC relays
[2:33:19 PM] At0m0 says: which in turned
[2:33:22 PM] At0m0 says: turn*
[2:33:30 PM] At0m0 says: used them to spy on people on irc and in SL
[2:33:43 PM] katiem1066 says: yes, we are aware they are horrible people

Note the bolded type. You know what….promising reward for destruction of other people’s property is not a good thing to do, its illegal, even in a virtual environment. What you see above is the plaintive wailings and dire threats of thieves caught out.

Whether you agree or disagree with the concept CDS (Client Detection System).does not warrant a threat to destroy it. The only place I have heard complaints is from people caught by CDS and now have their shopping/RP/roaming activities severely curtailed. Creators and store owners love it. It reduces their theft levels significantly.

If you have the SLPE viewer on your machine, delete it now. If you have friends using it, suggest they stop, or they could have a similar fate to Woodbury. Do not purchase it if offered, or do so at your own risk of losing your SL account.

Or, all You Wanted To Know About Malicious Viewers

The Onyx Project exists to educate those people who care to know, of known malicious third party viewers that either have been, or are being used on a daily basis within the Secondlife environment. I am a firm believer in sharing knowledge – it is up to you the reader to determine what you can do with it. Please be aware that when these viewers are detected in world, the users are banned by CDS owners and often finish up with accounts terminated by Lindenlab. Please do not use this list as a reference to ‘try out’ a malicious viewer – this is not the intention of this post.

To this end, a comprehensive list has been compiled to show you the commonly used name of these viewers and their various capabilities. To quote the project developers:

Various recent events have stirred up yet another storm of misinformation and rumor about certain third party viewers; this has once again brought to light the fact that most people know little about most of the harmful viewers in circulation; the viewers that violate licensing agreements to stay closed source, the ones equipped with content theft tools and weapons designed to intentionally crash other viewers and sims, or otherwise ruin Second Life for others. These viewers generally remain private, closely guarded and shared either with close friends or for a significant fee, the reason being that exploits are quickly identified and neutralized when released in a public manner.
The result of this is that nobody can be sure of the capabilities of these viewers, information posted on blogs and forums is woefully inaccurate at the best of times, and even more often misinformation spread by those who want the public to remain in the dark. We spent a long time discussing this, and we’ve come to the conclusion that sharing the information that we’ve gathered and independently confirmed about these viewers is the right decision, as it will give people the answers they need to make informed decisions on how to protect their content.
This is why we have chosen to make public the Onyx project here at Modular Systems.

Further reading can be found at Modular Systems

or go directly to The List . I suggest you bookmark it to check back on updates.

Just joking.

However, Linden Lab is in formal meetings with the Emerald Development team, in order to:-

– enhance communication channels to resolve issues

– bounce ideas

– work together to enhance your immersion experience

– share ideas and implementation strategies

News Flash!! Bolshie Emerald Dev Subjugating Lindenlab

A random selection of various Emerald Viewer developers, vigorously discussing the pros and cons of Very Important Things

As our virtual world develops, it is exciting to see different viewers created by many talented people. I encourage people to try the different viewers available. Some available are Kirstens viewer, Imprudence, Cool Viewer, and of course Emerald.

You can research 3rd party viewers yourself here

Linden Lab officially encourages and supports an open platform.

You can take a trip to Emerald Point to download Emerald Viewer yourself in world.

***additional info***

From Modular Systems:-

“Over the course of the last year or so, more and more people have chosen to use the Emerald Viewer; so many in fact, that it is now the most used third party viewer in Second Life. As a result, it is undeniable that even the most incidental of changes in Emerald, when multiplied by the sheer amount of users, can cause drastic effects on the grid. We thus felt it was necessary to work more closely with Linden Lab to prevent any serious issues from occurring.”

Read more here

I have spent the past week or so arranging a podcast with Rezzed.TV. Stuart Warf has kindly assisted to plan this event. This is a perfect opportunity to ask Emerald Developers their perspective on this topic. Also, Tenshi Vielle and Rebel hope give their views and experience

*** When: – friday 30th October 3pm SLT ***

Where: Rezzed.TV Amphitheatre

This Panel has been convened so that you the user have the opportunity to learn and educate yourself to make an informed decision on whether 3rd party viewers are right for you. The panel will field audience questions as well as Questions on Notice.
We are fortunate to have two of the Emerald Development team to answer questions. Also on the panel is Tenshi Vielle, Spokesperson for Artist’s Voice, an educative and information resource for content creators and users. Tenshi will advise on where you can seek information to ensure you are not trapped in a compromising situation. She will also give her perspective on the realities of content theft. Rebel Hope will be here to give her experiences with content theft and the ensuing issues.

” Asked and Answered – All You Wanted To Know about 3rd Party Viewers and Content Theft”

Panel members

– Fractured Crystal – Emerald Devlopment

– Lonely Bluebird – Emerald Development

– Tenshi Vielle – Council, Artist’s Voice

– Rebel Hope, Owner, Rebel Hope Designs, Inc.® and Council member, Artist’s Voice

This Podcast Panel will operate in voice, moderated by Stuart Warf. Questions will also be quite acceptable in text chat on the day. Please come prepared for interesting discussion!

Stream: Live stream here (thank you Malburns Writer)

Questions on Notice: go here

Yesterday, I attended a Lindenlab Brown Bag event hosted by Blondin Linden. This was an informative Q & A whereby invited attendees could ask Lindens first hand of their issues and concerns.

All You Wanted To Know about 3rd Party Viewers and Content Theft

The audio and local text transcripts can be found here as well as on the original blog.

I suggest you read and listen to this.

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