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[Emerald] 1626 Release Candidate

Emerald is, as of today, formally accepted into the Linden Lab Third Party Viewer directory. According to Linden Lab:-

“The Third-Party Viewer Directory
To be listed in the Viewer Directory, a software developer must self-certify that it complies with Linden Lab policies. Beware of third-party viewers that are not in the Viewer Directory – they have either declined to self-certify or been refused for noncompliance with our policies”

So, use the Emerald Viewer with absolute confidence.

More info here

Modular Systems here

Download Compliant 3rd party Emerald viewer here

From Lindenlab….

Today, in addition to the Viewer 2 Beta, we are announcing the launch of the Third-Party Viewer Directory and the Third Party Viewer Policy governing third-party viewers in general. Last year, we announced these efforts in blog posts on Our Content Management Road Map and Upcoming Third-Party Viewer Policy. Since then we have collected a great deal of important feedback from Residents, merchants, and third-party developers alike, all of which has helped guide our development and decisions on the new Third-Party Viewer Directory and Policy.

The goals of the policy and program are to:

* Prevent Residents’ passwords from being stolen
* Protect Residents from griefing and other harmful conduct
* Guard against intellectual property infringement
* Preserve our ability to provide you with high-quality service
* Involve the community in evaluating third-party viewers
* Create a visible repository for alternative viewers with novel and interesting applications

Read it all here

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