A perfect autumn day in my part of the world today, sunny, warm with just a gentle zephyr breeze…

One fine Day

Willow has a range of individual pieces, with high quality construction. This is the Floral Dress

One fine Day

Polka Dot Dress, with little shrug from Tiny Bird, belt from Leezu

One fine Day

And a really comfy Sheer Polka Dot Tunic, with jeans from Friday

One fine Day

And For dressing up! My old stand-by ballerina skirt from Nylon Outfitters, corset top from Deetalez, necklace from Tram and wing tip shoes from Willow


Clothing as indicated, from:



Nylon Outfitters


Socks: Cuffed socks from Boom

Tights: from MStyle

Earrings: from Crystal Line

Hair: LAE656 and seperate hair base from Boon

Skin: Swan, new from Ugly Duck, to be released this weekend