Gogo is running a campaign, Project Let’s Hug It Out, aimed at forgiving and forgiveness.

She has said:

“SL is like a small town, or a very large school. Everybody knows everybody, and unless you are completely saintly, you’ve probably Blogged, Plurked, or Tinypasted something that you shouldn’t have.”

So, in this spirit, I have done this photo:

The Saint

I should add, that it seems I am indeed saintly by the definition above!

When I went to Boom to make this purchase, a couple of things caught my eye

The Saint

This Argyle dress

The Saint

And this one too. Because I currently have a much diminished shape (officially A cup) I’ve added a bra also from Boom. All these garments are the same high standard we have come to know and love from Boom.


Clothing: All clothing shown is from Boom, including the socks!

Shoes: lo tops from Baby Monkey

Hair: Hye from Elikatira

Skin: As yet unreleased skin from Ugly Duck, but coming very soon!